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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elsie Mary Weber: Birth: 22 NOV 1900 in Salem, South Dakota. Death: 28 AUG 1997 in Colonial Manor, Salem, South Dakota

  2. Frances Marie Weber: Birth: 28 MAY 1902 in Mc Cook County, SD. Death: 4 DEC 2002 in Salem, SD

  3. Mary Weber: Birth: 11 DEC 1905 in McCook County, South Dakota. Death: 1965

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Marriage: Children:
  1. Joseph B. Weber: Birth: 19 SEP 1910 in McCook County, SD. Death: 1980

  2. Herman S. Weber: Birth: 8 JAN 1918 in Salem, SD. Death: 31 MAY 2005 in Salem, SD

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a. Note:   ARTICLE TAKEN FROM "100 YEARS OF FAITH 1885-1985" PUBLISHED BY ST MARY'S CATHOLIC CHURCH, SALEM, SOUTH DAKOTA IN 1985. JOSEPH WEBER, BROTHER OF MSGR. BERNARD WEBER, CAME TO AMERICA FROM GERMANY IN 1893. HE SETTLED IN LEAD, S.D. WHERE FATHER WEBER PASTORED AT ST PATRICK'S CHURCH FOR THREE YEARS. WHEN FR. WEBER WAS MADE PASTOR OF ST MARYS IN SALEM, S.D. JOE FOLLOWED HIM TO SALEM. HIS WIFE, WILHELMINA FELTHOUSE, CAME TO AMERICA IN 1890 AS A YOUNG WOMAN AND LIVED WITH AN UNCLE IN DYERSVILLE, IOWA. SHE AND JOE MARRIED IN DYERSVILLE, IOWA IN 1900. SHE DIED IN 1907. JOE WEBER THEN MARRIED MARY SCHOEBERL IN 1909. MARY CAME TO AMERICA IN 1883. LIKE MANY OTHER PARISHIONERS, JOSEPH WEBER HELPED HIS BROTHER BUILD ST MARYS CHURCH, SERVING AS A VOLUNTEER WORKER. HE CARRIED HIS LUNCH PAIL DAILY TO THE SIGHT OF HIS LABORS. JOE REMEMBERED WELL THE MANY NIGHTS FR WEBER LAY ON THE COLD FLOORS DESIGNING THE PLANS FOR HIS CHURCH. JOE FATHERED SEVEN CHILDREN, THREE DAUGHTERS: ELSIE, FRANCES, AND SR BERNETTE, AND ONE SON BERNARD, WHO DIED IN INFANCY, BORN OF HIS FIRST WIFE. THREE SONS: JOE, BERNARD, AND HERMAN, WERE BORN OF HIS SECOND MARRIAGE. HERMAN AND BERNARD ARE STILL MEMBERS OF THIS PARISH AS WELL AS ELSIE FETERL, AND FRANCES WEBER. JOE DIED JUNE 29, 1940 AND IS BURIED IN ST MARYS CEMETERY. Salem Special, Salem, South Dakota July 6, 1939 Funeral services for Joseph Weber, Sr., who died at the family home east of town last Thursday morning, were conducted at St. Mary�s Catholic church Saturday morning at nine o�clock. The solemn requiem mass was sung by Rt. Rev. B. Weber, a brother of the deceased, assisted by Rev. U.J. Rodenbur of Webster, Rev. James Goggin of Montrose, and Rev. T.J. Manning of Humboldt. Interment was made in St. Mary�s cemetery. William Westhoff, Sr., William Werner, Anton Bartman, Frank Olinger, Barney Rotert and Joe P. Weber served as pall bearers. Joseph Weber was born in Westphalia, Germany on July 9, 1867. His boyhood and the early years of adult life were spent in the neighborhood of his birthplace, but in 1895 he came to the United States, settling first at Deadwood, SD where his brother was already established as pastor for a number of outlying missions. In 1897 he came to Salem and after working on a farm for a year or so he engaged in farming for himself, continuing to do so until failing health a few years ago occasioned his retirement. In 1899 he was married at Dyersville, Iowa to Miss Wilhelmina Kerkhoff, and from that time he made his home one mile north of Salem, until he sold the place in the early �20s and moved onto the half section two miles east of town which was still his home when he died. Four children were born to this marriage, three daughters and a son, the latter dying in infancy. Mrs. Weber passed away February 4, 1907. On November 9, 1909 Mr. Weber married Miss Mary Schoeberl. To this union three sons were born, all of whom survive their parents. The second Mrs. Weber died on December 3, 1931. Mr. Weber had been in failing health for several years but it was not until about six weeks before the end that his condition was regarded as critical. At that time he suffered a severe heart attack and never fully recovered from its effects. At the time of his death he lacked 11 days of being 72 years old. He was a kind hearted, friendly gentleman, with whom all who came to know him grew to be good friends. He was an indulgent father and husband, a good neighbor and a true friend. Quiet and retiring in his ways, his integrity and gentle dignity gave him a high standing among his fellowmen. He is survived by six children, Mrs. Steve Weber of Salem; Mrs. John Feterl of Wessington; Sister Bernette of Wesley, Iowa; Joseph Weber, of Alexandria, SD; Bernard and Herman of Salem; one sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Vichlacz, of Colorado; two brothers, Rt. Rev. B. Weber of Salem; and Herman Weber, still residing in Germany. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.