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Marriage: Children:
  1. Josephine Schroeder: Birth: NOV 1874 in New Vienna, Iowa. Death: 1953

  2. Henry Anton Schroeder: Birth: 22 DEC 1876 in Luxemburg, Iowa. Death: BEF. MAR 1981

  3. Anton Bernard Schroeder: Birth: 5 DEC 1878 in Luxemburg, Iowa. Death: 16 JUL 1963 in Los Angeles, California

  4. John Schroeder Schroeder: Birth: 1880. Death: 1882 in Luxemburg, Iowa

  5. John Bernard Schroeder: Birth: 17 JAN 1883 in Breda, Iowa. Death: 2 APR 1966 in Wilmar, Minnesota

  6. Clemens Joseph Schroeder: Birth: 5 MAR 1886 in Breda, Iowa. Death: BEF. MAR 1981

  7. Anna Marie Schroeder: Birth: 3 JAN 1891 in Breda, Iowa. Death: AFT. MAR 1981

  8. Mary Agnes Schroeder: Birth: 2 APR 1894 in Breda, Iowa.

  9. Bernadine Schroeder: Birth: 1899 in Breda, Iowa. Death: AFT. MAR 1981

  10. Joseph Henry Schroeder: Birth: 12 MAR 1899 in Breda, Iowa. Death: 13 FEB 1920 in St. Leo, Minnesota

a. Note:   Frederick Klement Schroeder, son of Karl Anton Schroeder and Catherina Josephine Niberding, was born in the city of Steinfeld, Oldenburg Germany. Born Feb. 27, 1847--------------------------------Baptized March 1, 1847 When he was 14 years of age, he went to work for his brother Anton, who had a store in Utrecht, Holland. The climate of Holland was too damp for him, so he returned home, from that time on he took up the line of carpenter work. When Frederick was 21, he came to the United States, landed at Ellis Island at New York. He was met by friends, and then came to Dubuque, Iowa. He may have gone to New Vienna or Luxemburg as they are both in Dubuque County. He worked there for three years, and then took out his Citizen Papers at Dubuque on Jan. 9, 1874. P.J. Quily, Clerk of the Court. At the age of 25 years, he married Mary Agnes Sophia Heying, who was 17 years of age. They lived at Luxemburg, Iowa up to the time of Feb. 25, 1882, when they moved to Breda, Iowa in Carroll County. They were the parents of four girls and six sons. In 1902 they left Breda and moved to Marshall, Minnesota and went into farming. The two younger boys, John and Clemens, did most of the farm work. Frederick was busy with carpenter work. The family lived near Marshall up to 1915, when he then bought a farm near St.Leo, Minnesota. He lived there up to the time of his death, June 10, 1942. Buried in St. Leo Catholic Cemetery, beside his wife Mary Agnes Sophia. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.