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Marriage: Children:
  1. Joseph Heying: Birth: 1877 in Iowa. Death: 18 JAN 1957

Marriage: Children:
  1. Nicholas Heying: Birth: ABT. 1878 in Iowa.

  2. Tresa Heying: Birth: ABT. 1880 in Iowa.

  3. Matthew Heying: Birth: 1883 in Iowa.

  4. Henry Heying: Birth: 1895 in Oklahoma.

  5. Anthony Heying: Birth: 1902 in Oklahoma.

1. Title:   South Dakota Online Birth Information for births over 100 years ago
2. Source:   This information found in homestead papers for a quarter of land in McCook County, SD for which Barney filed in 1887/1888.

a. Note:   The following information was obtained from the Homestead papers filed by Barney Heying for the southeast � of section 32, township 103 (later changed to Salem Township), McCook County, Dakota Territory (later South Dakota). This land is physically located on the northwest corner of an intersection located 3 miles west of Salem, South Dakota on Highway 38 and three miles south on road 438 (intersection of 438 and 256). It appears that Barney attempted to obtain the land via a Timber Culture but later changed this to a homestead application for the same quarter of land. March 21, 1884 -- Barney Heying makes application No. 11876 for a Timber Culture on the south east quarter of section 32, in township 103N of range 55. He pays $14 to make the application. Barney indicates that he is a native born citizen of the United States and signs his own name to the documents. December 21, 1887 -- Barney Heying, and his wife Mary, sign a Relinquishment stating "I Barney Heying, and Mary Heying, his wife, do hereby grant, remise and relinquish all our right, title and interest in and to the land described in the Receiver's Receipt No. 11876 hereunto attached, to the United States, to-wit: the south east quarter of Section 32, Township 103N of Range 56, and ask that the same shall be canceled." -- No reason for the relinquishment was given in the Homestead papers. November 21, 1887 -- Barney Heying makes application #28535 for a Homestead on the south east quarter of section 32, in township 103N of range 55. He pays $14 to make the application. Barney indicates that he is a native born citizen of the United States and that he was "born in the County of Dubuque, State of Iowa, in the year 1857, on or about the 15th day of June of said year". November 21, 1887 -- Barney Heying signs an affidavit stating that he commenced living on the quarter of land on April 1, 1885, that his improvements consist of a frame house 16 x 24, a stable 60 x 24, a granary 10 x 20, 2 wells of water, a stock yard, 4 acres of trees, and has 85 acres under cultivation. He estimates the value of his land and improvements to be $1200.00. December 18, 1890 --T. J. Ryan, publisher of The Dakota Journal, a weekly newspaper, published at Salem, McCook County, South Dakota, published the notice of final Homestead Proof for six consecutive weeks. The notice reads: Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim and that said proof will be made before the judge of County Court in and for McCook County, South Dakota on January 24, 1891, viz: Barney Heying, for the S. W. 1/4 of section 32, Township 103N of Range 56 W. (H.A.#28535). He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of his land, viz: Peter Weber, Francis Herreth, John B. Tacke and Henry Althoff all of Salem, SD. January 24, 1891 -- Barney Heying makes final proof of his Homestead application and indicates that he is 32 years old and lives on said land with his wife and five children. John B. Tacke, age 32, and Francis Herreth, age 48, give testimony and act as a witnesses to the fact that Heying is in compliance with the Homestead Act. The 1910 census shows Barney and Mary Heying farming in Bradley Township, Grady County, Oklahoma. Living with Barney and Mary are two sons, Henry and Toney. Barney and Mary indicate that they have been married for 33 years, have had nine children of whom only three are still living. The census indicates that this is Barney's 2nd marriage while it is the first for Mary. 1910 Census -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date Of Census: 30 APR 1910 Location: BRADLEY TOWNSHIP, GRADY COUNTY, OKLAHOMA Occupation of head of household: FARMER Location of census data: T624#1252, ED 91, PAGE 9, LINE 41 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Relation Years Children Name: To Head Age..Married Total...Living -------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEYING, BARNEY HEAD 53 MARRIED(2) 33 HEYING, MARY WIFE 52 MARRIED(1) 33 9 3 HEYING, HENRY SON 15 SINGLE HEYING, TONEY SON 9 SINGLE -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Place Father Mother Year Name: Of Birth P.O.B. P.O.B. To US -------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEYING, BARNEY IOWA GERMANY GERMANY HEYING, MARY IOWA GERMANY GERMANY HEYING, HENRY OKLAHOMA IOWA IOWA HEYING, TONEY OKLAHOMA IOWA IOWA -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 1920 census shows Barney and Mary Heying living in the town of Cyril, Oklahoma. Barney lists his profession as a carpenter. 1920 Census -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date Of Census: 2 FEB 1920 Location: CYRIL TOWN, CADDO COUNTY, OKLAHOMA Occupation of head of household: CARPENTRY Location of census data: T625#1453, ED 51, PAGE 3, LINE 41 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Relation Home Name: To Head Age..Married Own\Rent -------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEYING, BARNEY HEAD 63 MARRIED OWN HEYING, MARY WIFE 61 MARRIED -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Place Father Mother Year Name: Of Birth P.O.B. P.O.B. To US -------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEYING, BARNEY IOWA GERMANY GERMANY HEYING, MARY IOWA LUXEMBOURG LUXEMBOURG -------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Jan. 1924 Barney's sister, Catharine Heying Goebel, died. Her obituary does not mention Barney as being a surviving brother. It can be assumed that Barney died between the time of the 1920 census and Jan. 1924. Information regarding the names of children obtained from letter from Marie Wernke Hoeger received 2-9-1983. Also mentioned that they moved to Oklahoma. Joseph Heying was from Barney Heying's first marriage to Elizabeth Meis. Joseph died 1-18-1957 and was single at the time. Per Ray Reif -- a Barney Heying, brother of Henry Heying lived in Salem Township , Mc Cook County, S.D. He lived on the place Ray Reif farmed south west of Salem, S.D. (3 miles west, 3 miles south on the west side of the road) his name, Barney, and that of his wife, Mary, were found on Ray Reif's deed to the farm. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.