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a. Note:   Lyle Spaulding and his wife were killed in a hotel fire in the San Francisco, CA area prior to 1941. San Francisco Newspaper, Tuesday, April 11, 1933 FIVE BURNED TO DEATH, FIVE INJURED Blast Blamed for Tragedy in Apartment Five persons are dead and five others injured as the result of two fires in San Francisco yesterday. Both were in dwelling houses. One boy and his sister suffered fatal burns at 1337 Ninth Avenue, and the others died in a four-story apartment house fire at 351 Grove Street. Both houses were destroyed. The dead in the Grove Street fire: Lyle E. Spaulding, 29, employee of a motion picture firm. Mrs. Mary Duncan Spaulding, 28, his wife; and George Millymaki, 42, manager of the apartment house. In the Nineth Avenue fire; Eugene Ottnat, 15 and Miss Anna Ottnat, 27, his sister. The injured are: Mrs. Jennie Millymaki, wife of the manager at the Grove Street house; Edward Smith, fireman, Truck 7, eye injuries; Edward Demo, fireman, Truck 13, leg injuries; Joseph Davis, 349 Herman Street, injured foot; Virgil L. Seibold, fireman, Truck 12, cut by glass. The fire in the Ninth Avenue house was spectacular to a degree and was marked by heroism on the part of Fireman Siebold, Robert Ceiley and Thomas Parmenk, who unflinchingly risked their lives in an effort to save the trapped girl and her brother. The fire is believed by officials to have started from a defective fireplace. Ottnat and his sister were unaware of the blaze until the building was a mass of flames and the fire department had been called by a neighbor. The boy and girl were seen, completely surrounded by flames, at a third floor window. "Oh, God, help us, help us," the girl was screaming. The girl was carried down a ladder by Siebold and Parmenk, but the boy was so large that Ceiley was unable to get him past a maze of light wires. Ceiley, choking with smoke, shouted to his comrades below to spread a life net. Then he hurled the lad's burning body from the window into the net. Both were taken to Park Emergency Hospital, but they died within five minutes of each other. The Grove Street fire, according to Fire Marshal Frank Kelly, is believed to have started in the basement when a spark from an electric "Whisky Ager" set afire to escaping gas and caused a terrific explosion. He and police are investigating and they assert that manslaughter charges will be lodged against those responsible if sufficient evidence is uncovered. The explosion rocked the entire neighborhood, and the building was quickly a roaring inferno. Millymaki fled from the basement a mass of flames, and died some time later. Spaulding and his wife were trapped on the top floor and died there. Other tenants fled screaming from the building or were rescued by firemen. Services for Spaulding and his wife will be held at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at Anderson's Undertaking parlors, Valencia and Twenty-fifth street. Burial will be in Cypress Lawn Memorial Park. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.