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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Sherman: Birth: 1639 in Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Death: NOV 1680 in Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts

  2. Samuel Sherman: Birth: BET. 1641 - 1642 in Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Death: APR 1718 in Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts

  3. John Sherman: Birth: 23 FEB 1645/46 in Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Death: 5 NOV 1723 in Marshfield, Plymouth County, Massachusetts

1. Source:   Information on this family obtained from Sally Tucek.
2. Source:   Information received in email from Art Cohan regarding his research into the Sherman family.

a. Note:   The following is an email received from Art Cohan regarding William Sherman: Subj: William "The Pilgrim" Date: 4/19/2001 1:17:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time From: ArtCohan To: ArtCohan BCC: Mlan Greetings, all - I'm mailing this to the 33 friends I have met, who descend from various lines from William. We spent the last few days in the San Antonio library, working on numerous tidbits for the SOY website. When I get tired of census films, I spend an hour or so just browsing in book indexes, looking for anything Sherman. In a book titled "Genealogies and Family Histories of Maine", pub. in 1909 by the Lewis Historical Publishing Co. - I found a writeup about one line from William. (William > William > Eleazer > Aaron > Aaron > Albion > William Henry.) The author of this section is not specified, but the book seems extremely well researched, and the following info appears about "our" William: "William (1) Sherman was in Plymouth, Mass. in 1632, but probably came in 1629, and died there October 25, 1679. The governor and company of London gave him liberty to bring his kin from Northampton, and he embarked in the fleet with Higginson. At Green Harbor (Marshfield) land was granted him in 1640. He was honorable and upright and secured a comfortable competency to hand down to his children. He married Prudence Hill, at Marshfield, and there he continued to reside and reared up a family, among whom were John and William." This information fits what Thomas Townsend Sherman wrote in his 1920 "Sherman Genealogy" --- to wit: "His place of origin is as yet unknown, but is (sic) was probably Northamptonshire." I have not yet begun to research this new item, but I have some information which says that "Higginson" owned a fleet of ships traveling to the colonies, and mostly entered Virginia ports. Could William have entered the colonies in Virginia, and traveled to Plymouth via one of the sloops beginning to ply the coastline?? Perhaps that is why no previous evidence of his passage from England has been found. I'm really curious if you have anything to add to this, or any comments. Has anyone ever heard of "Higginson" before? I wonder who William's "kin" were, who he received permission to bring with him from Northampton? Comments? Hope ya'll are well.. Art is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.