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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sarah Daniell: Birth: 1762.

  2. John Daniell: Birth: 1762.

  3. James Daniell: Birth: 1763.

  4. Thomas Daniell: Birth: 1765.

  5. William Jr. Daniell: Birth: 22 SEP 1767.

  6. Elizabeth Daniell: Birth: 16 MAR 1769.

  7. Mary Daniell: Birth: 22 FEB 1772.

  8. Nathaniel Daniell: Birth: 18 MAR 1774.

  9. Rebeca Daniell: Birth: 1779.

  10. Isaac Daniell: Birth: 1781.

  11. George Daniell: Birth: 1783.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Rachel Daniell: Birth: 31 JUL 1789 in Clarke County, GA.

  2. Josiah Daniell: Birth: 26 FEB 1792 in Clarke County, GA. Death: 22 JUN 1845

  3. Susannah Daniell: Birth: 8 JUN 1794 in Clarke County GA. Death: 4 SEP 1826

  4. Jeremiah Melton Daniell: Birth: 18 JAN 1797 in Clarke County GA. Death: 1874

  5. Eleanor Daniell: Birth: 19 FEB 1799 in Clarke County GA.

  6. Beadon (Beton) Daniell: Birth: 8 MAR 1801 in Clarke County GA. Death: 1872 in Cobb County GA

  7. Masters H. Daniell: Birth: 27 DEC 1802 in Clarke County GA. Death: 1844 in Died at sea

  8. Clarissa Daniell: Birth: 29 DEC 1804 in Clarke County GA. Death: 15 FEB 1857

  9. Alfred Daniell: Birth: 17 FEB 1807 in Clarke County GA. Death: 22 MAR 1897 in Probably AL

  10. Stephen Daniell: Birth: 2 FEB 1809 in Clarke County GA. Death: 1858

  11. Moses Daniell: Birth: 4 MAY 1811 in Clarke County GA. Death: 3 AUG 1892

  12. Robert Daniell: Birth: 2 FEB 1813 in Clarke County GA. Death: 21 JUN 1881 in Probably Cobb County GA.

  13. Olive Daniell: Birth: 15 FEB 1815 in Clarke County GA. Death: 27 AUG 1859

a. Note:   Skippy Davis of <> states that she is a descendant of this William Daniell and that William is from Clarke County GA. Clarke County GA is now Oconee Co. and New Hanover Co. is now Brunswick Co.[6]
  * Notes on William Daniell Revolutionary War soldier. He moved his family back home on Little River in Burke County, Ga., in 1786. They had been sent to refugee with his brother during the Revolutionary War. (see statement of his son George in the pension application for his sister Elizabeth, on file in Walton County, Ga. On 26 August 1795 William made a deed transferring a slave girl to his daughter Elizabeth, who lived in Elbert County, GA. A government marker is on William's grave in Mars Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Oconee County, Ga. [6]
  William Daniell born November 25,1743 in Hanover County, North Carolina (now Brunswick County, NC). Little is recorded of his childhood, other than already seen in his father John Daniell. In John's will (dated Dec. 23,1763), giving William 549 -acre plantation called Tom Bells" where he lived, located on the west side of Lockwood's Folly River in Hanover Co., NC (now Brunswick County - Supply, NC) William had married Rachel Howe, late 1760 or early 1761. Their first six children (first two as twins) born in NC. In 1771 shows William Daniell, wife, 4 sons, 2 daughters; ranging in age from 12 to 2, came on passport from SC into Wilkes Co., Ga. King George 11 had granted a 21-year charter to Trustee to settle the new colony of Georgia (named for him) but by 1754 the King organized the colony as a Royal Province and was granting "Head Rights" to each new settler of the Georgia Territory. William waiting for land ceded in Wilkes County, on October 13, 1773,"prayed" for 200 acres in Wilkes County, Ga. (deeded quickly, record dated November 1773) - March 7, 1775 granted 300 acres on Little River in St. Paul's Parrish, called Wrightboro, Ga. (Source: Augusta Land Courts Journal Book M page 1070)
  Also 1775 show William Daniell signed the Wrightsboro protest, he still supported the King and Mother Country. However, later when the King actually invaded the Colonies, these same signers realized the necessity to resist the harsh rule of England to protect the American way of freedom. These men were called "Minute Men" and "Refugee Soldiers". They left their homes to fight for their freedom for the United States. William Daniell served under General Elijah Clarke. From the Roster of Revolution by Knight and the Georgia State Archives records the Certificate of Service; thus saying: "State of Georgia: These are to certify that William Daniell was an inhabitant of the State, prior to the reduction there of, by the British arms, and was a refugee soldier, from the same during which time he cheerfully did his duty as a soldier and as a friend to this and the United States. Given under my hand this 2nd day of February, 1784 ELIJAH CLARKE - COL. William Daniell certificate of service 791 under Elijah Clarke for service as a refugee soldier in the battle of Kettle Creek, the battle of King's Mountain and minor engagements. Feb. 2,1784. He is mentioned twice in "Hero of Hornet's Nest" a biography of Elijah Clarke by Louise F. Hayes in 1946.
  During this time from 1771 in Ga., William & Rachel have 5 more children, 2 girls - 3 boys. The birth of George Daniel Sept.17, 1783; and the death of Rachel. Records show William started selling the Wilkes Co land about this same time. Some county boundaries have been moved and I have not been able to establish exact location of "Wrightboro". With the Revolutionary War and William's involvement, it is now believed he sent his wife and small children to the home of his brother, George living at Chatham County, NC. Because it was a safer distance from the fighting. William & Rachel's youngest son George was born there; therefore Rachel is buried in Chatham County, NC. As soon as the war ended, William did bring his children back to the Ga. home on Little River. (See records in William's daughter, Elizabeth Daniell Davis.) The records show that two of William Daniell's sons; James and Thomas served in the Revolution. Recorded in 1784; William Daniell acted as attorney for Benjamin Davis of Burke County, Ga. Receiving in his behalf, Bounty grant of land for Revolutionary Service. (Son-in-law) Also in 1784, William Daniell received 287 1/2 acres in Franklin County, Ga. Military Bounty Grant; Roster of the Revolution, certified list of Georgia Troops, page 374. (Franklin Co. created on Feb. 25,1784 from Cherokee cession of May 31,1783 and Creek cession of November 1,1783; Elbert County was created December 10,1790 from Wilkes County) Land deeds record William Daniell bought and sold many different locations, as well as lands he owned converted to create a new county. As was his father, John Daniell and his grandfather, Gov. Robert Daniell; William Daniell was very concerned in the affairs of this new State of Georgia. When the Constitution of the State was ratified in 1786, he was a representative from Washington, Wilkes Co, Ga. Many records show involvement in political affairs. William Daniell married 2 June 11, 1787 Mary (called Polly) Melton. She was the daughter of MOSES MELTON & Nancy Keen Melton (source: Bible of Moses Melton; Roster of Revolution; Ga. State Archives; Melton Family records) Mary (Polly) Melton was born March 1, 1770. She was 17 years old; William was 43 at the time of their marriage in June. He built a new home for his bride in 1790 on Barber Creek, Jackson Co., land included when Clarke County was created Dec 5, 1801, and original land ceded by Indians. In this home was born to William and Polly - 13 children as recorded in Bible. With children of first marriage recorded 11 names; gives William Daniell as the father of 24 children. Some theories say others born & died but these are children named in Bible records. This house stands today exactly as it was originally built; I have visited there many times. The present owner, Mrs. Kinne has it registered on the National Historical Register. This land was in Clarke County until the Oconee County was created on February 25,1875. The Mars Hill Church was organized in 1799, located across Barber Creek (south) and a short distance in front of William Daniell home (lay of the land). William joined Mars Hill church by letter in 1802; minutes show him as Deacon Jan.16, 1824. Early church minutes have many entries for these family members; are noted in each individual record. All records prove William Daniell to be a devout Christian, very wise in making decisions that made him very influential in the pioneer day of forming our great State of Georgia. His strong character reflects in the many descendents, even down in the 4th generation, I know of many in the family, as was with my father, had people say, " A Daniell's word was as good as his Bond". They were known to be honest and truthful. Seven of Williams' son became Baptist ministers. Many descendents became ministers, organizing churches, missionaries, teachers, attorneys, leaders in various political area, business executives engineers, builders, aptitude in mechanics, doctors, excellent record of military service, - but first and foremost as a general rule, these persons were and are -- men and women of professed Faith in God, members of various Church denominations. Most have the ability to face reality and deal with problems wisely. "Just Good Citizens" This story was told to me by my father and found in other record: "When William was 90 years old, he called in all his children and their families to spend two weeks with him. They came in covered wagons with their bedding. Each day they had beef, hogs, and turkeys. He had a large playground on the creek bottoms, which was under fence. He would lay down one corner of the fence for the children to pass thru; then he would put up the fence and then jump over like a young buck". On my visits to the old home place, looking around the front yard, I vision how it must have been; seeing all the many children's covered wagons. What a wonderful reunion. William Daniell died Sept. 5, 1840 - almost 97 years old H His will is on record at Athens, Ga. William Daniell Sr. Clarke Co. Ga. made will Nov. 7, 1837 -- Codicil added Jan. 27, 1839. Probated Oct. 5, 1840. Josiah and Jeremiah named as Executors. The Will names his wife Mary and their children; but of his first children; only the youngest, George is mentioned. Possibility he had given to them already as is indicated in record dated April 1789 "he gave his son Thomas power of Attorney to sell the land in Naptha District, which had been granted him in 1777". Copies of will, inventory and distribution are available, but space does not grant printing the complete data. Mary "Polly" Melton Daniell died Oct. 3, 1843. William & Polly are buried Mars Hill Church Cemetery. The DAR erected a tombstone as American Revolution Soldier. The Memorial service and unveiling was held on Sunday Sept.19, 1937 Mrs Leslie Battle Clark of Dallas, TX. was chosen to unveil the marker and to give a brief biography of William Daniell. (She was Lula Elizabeth McIntyre; Dau. of Missie Carmela Burnett & William Randolph McEntire; Missie was only Dau. of Elizabeth Daniell & Little Berry Burnett; Elizabeth was Dau. of Josiah Daniell, first son of William & "Polly") This 3rd Sunday was chosen because it was already annual reunion date since 1929. Many descendents attended this reunion, and after the memorial service, we went to the old home place where William raised second family children.
  The Oconee Enterprise
  By Vinnie Williams 09 Mar.2000
  For years, the historic Daniell house stood in an open field just off Daniell's Bridge Road, neglected and open to vandals. When the house was put on the market a couple of years ago, it was as though people were only just realizing that the treasure in their backyards might be lost., That's all changed now, thanks to the Goffs. The house, circa 1790, is coming alive under the caring hand of Stephanie Goff. The Wife of Ray Goff, who bought the house last summer, says, "It will take at least six months to restore and make it a multi-purpose facility." This means not only tearing off later additions, such as back rooms, but removing stairs ("A later addition also," says Mrs. Goff) and replacing them with the original stairs. Museum and educational facilities also are planned. "Our aim is to maintain the historic character of the Daniell house and make it usable," Mrs. Goff said. "It is Plantation Plain, extremely rare in our area. Plantation Plain means two rooms upstairs two down and four fireplaces." Mrs. Goff is working with historical restoration experts to bring Oconee's past alive. In the case of the Daniell house it involves removing dryboards, sanding floors and under pinning the pine foundations. The house rests on fieldstone columns. Visitors familiar with the house will have another surprise. The front of the house will become the back. "Once a road ran in front of it," Mrs. Goff said. "When the road was abandoned, the front entrance became the back." On an icy Friday morning. Mrs. Goff met with Oconee County Commission Chairman Wendell Dawson on the lawn of the Daniell house and updated him on the progress of the work. Dawson was especially interested for several reasons: he had worked hard keeping the house for the county and he is a descendent of one of William Daniell's 12 children. Keeping the old home off Daniell's Bridge Road near GA 316 was especially difficult. It is in Oconee County's prime growth node. The 72.8 acres on which the house sat was bought by developers Mike Thornton and Darrell Sosbee. The developers are building a large residential subdivision, Founder's Grove, along with an office park near the Daniell house fronting Daniell's Bridge Road When their request for a rezone for the subdivision was approved, it was stipulated that the Daniell house remain. After buying the property and realizing the historic value of the Daniell house, the developers offered to sell the house and 5 acres to the county for $150.000. Dawson, however, was hesitant to use tax dollars to buy even a unique piece of Oconee County history when the county had more pressing needs Then Ray Goff, the former university of Georgia football coach stepped in and offered to buy the house and restore it at an estimated cost of $264,000 Goff and Oconee County entered into a lease-purchase agreement j that allows the county to buy back the house for $2,200 a month after it's restored. "My husband and I live in Oconee County," Mrs. Goff said. "It's been kind to us. Ray loves it. He told me, `I want to do something for the county." As for her involvement, Mrs. Goff, who admits she is at the Daniell house "all the time," says the challenge of restoration fascinates her." To bring it back to life, to make it warm and beautiful and livable ...I just want to do this," she said. The Daniell house has always tugged at the heart of Oconee. especially those descended from William Daniell. Longtime owner Mary Kinne, a realtor, died several years ago and her daughter Kay Beat inherited the house. Local interest increased when Beal put it on the market. The board of commissioners, developers and The Oconee Enterprise all received anxious queries about the fate of the house, and it's background. William Daniell was 97 when he died in 1840. He was born in North Carolina, but moved to Georgia with his family in late 1760, where he was granted 500 acres on Little River. He fought in the Revolution under Gen. Elijah Clarke and after his wife Rachel, who bore him 11 children, died, he married again and had 13 children by his second wife. During this time, he bought and sold land and became a mainstay. of Mars Hill Baptist Church. It was for his second wife that he built the Daniell house on Barber Creek. When he died, his estate was valued at $5,792, a considerable sum in those days. This did not include the house and land, only livestock, slaves, farm and household goods. These ranged from a flex hackle valued at 50 cents to a "Negro woman Ann and her two children. Phebe and Adaline," valued at $800. The home passed through various hands, many of them descendants, until Mrs. Kinne bought it and had It is registered on the National THE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE OF MY FAMILY HAS BEEN OBTAINED FROM MANY SOURCES. SOME OF IT VERIFIED IN THE "DANIELL FAMILY HISTORY BOOK TWO". A COPYRIGHTED BOOK BY CLARA DANIELL WILLIAMS. OTHER INFORMATION ON THIS LINE HAS BEEN VERIFIED BY OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS AND BY MY PERSONAL RESEARCH.
  Register of Historic Places. A few days before Goff's purchase was announced. Burke Walker, a historic preservation planner with the Northeast Georgia Regional Development Center, told the county that over the years the ,house had lost some of its historic integrity, mainly on the exterior. Walker said a restoration project would not only increase the building's overall historic integrity, but would make it appear more as an early frontier home, "something extremely rare in our region." [34]
  A chart prepared by Miss Helen Prescott, genealogist, in 1912 for James J. Daniell. Marietta, GA does not list: Sarah,b.1762, John,b. 1762, James, b.1763 or Thomas,b.1765 as children of William Daniell.[33]
  From Athens go west on the Atlanta highway [78 & 10] Turn left on 319 [Tall Tree Rd] go � mile,Turn Left on Mars Hill Rd @@ Oconee State Bank ,cont. on several miles, Moss Hill Baptist Church will be on the Right. To get to the William Daniell House continue past the church, about � mile you will cross the Oconee Connector. Moss hill road becomes Daniell Bridge road at this point.Turn to right at Founders Blvd. [Founders Grove Development] The house is on the right about 100 yards from the entrance to founders Grove on the right. Most maps of this area are not correct. [3]
  I have more photos on file in my personal photo file [3]
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