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Antoine D' OISELET: Birth: 1392. Death: 25 Jul 1472
Jean D' OISELET: Birth: 1372. Death: 19 May 1442
Jeanne D' OISELET: Birth: 1440. Death: 26 Feb 1532
Catherine D' ORLEANS: Birth: Abt 1449. Death: Abt 1501
D' ORL ANS: Birth: Abt 827.
Agnes D' POINTOU: Birth: 1052. Death: Abt 7 Jun 1078
Marie D' UZES: Birth: Abt 1085 in Uz�s, Languedoc-Roussillon, France.
William D'ABERNON: Birth: Abt 1309 in Stoke D'abernon, Surrey, England.
Ruard D'ABOUBE MUSARD: Birth: Abt 1040 in Normandy, France.
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Andre D'ACQUAVIVA: Death: Abt 1220
Bernardo D'ACQUAVIVA: Death: Abt 1245
Gualtieri D'ACQUAVIVA: Birth: 1207. Death: 1289
Matteo D'ACQUAVIVA: Birth: 1232. Death: 1303
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Imperatrice D'ACRE: Death: Aft 1309
John D'ACTON: Birth: Abt 1278 in Iron Acton, Gloucestershire, England. Death: 1311
Lawrence D'ACTON: Birth: 1352 in Acton, Northumberland, England.
Matilda Maud D'ACTON: Birth: Abt 1295 in Iron Acton, Gloucestershire, England. Death: 15 Aug 1361
Richard D'ACTON: Birth: 1377 in Acton, Northumberland, England.
Richard D'ACTON: Birth: 1330 in Acton, Northumberland, England.
Richard D'ACTON: Birth: 1306 in Acton, Northumberland, England.
Alice D'ADELEIGH: Death: Bef Aug 1398
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D'AGILOLFINGES: Birth: Abt 580 in Bavaria, Germany.
Gondoald D'AGILOLFINGES: Birth: Abt 524 in Bavaria, Germany. Death: in Meaux, France
Otta D'AGLIE: Birth: Abt 1037 in Of Normandy, France.
Cecile D'AGOULT: Birth: Abt 1244.
Isnard II D'AGOULT: Death: Aft 1220
Isnard III D'AGOULT: Birth: Abt 1220. Death: Aft 1277
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Juliana D'AISNEL \ DOISNEL: Birth: Abt 1157 in Norfolk, England.
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Malberjone D'AIX: Birth: 1198-1218. Death: 1223-1302
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Elinas D'ALBHA: Birth: 704 in Albha, France.
Bernard D'ALBI: Death: 974
Ton D'ALBI: Death: 1032
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Aissena D'ALBIGEOIS: Death: 898
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Audelia D'ALBINI: Birth: Abt 1200 in In <Lightfield, Shropshire, England>.
Gruffith D'ALBINI: Birth: Bef 1158 in In <Lightfield, Shropshire, England>.
Amedee D'ALBON: Birth: Abt 1386 in France. Death: 25 Oct 1415 in France
Andre D'ALBON: Birth: Abt 1186 in France. Death: 1233 in France
Anne D'ALBON: Birth: 1200 in Savoie, Rhone-Alpes, France. Death: 27 Sep 1301 in Galette, Ouest, France
Antoine D'ALBON: Birth: Abt 1416 in France. Death: 1453 in France
Beatrice D'ALBON: Birth: 1161 in Vienne, Isere, Rhone-Alpes, France. Death: 15 Dec 1228 in Chateau De Vizilles, Vizille, Isere, Rhone-Alpes, France
Etienne D'ALBON: Birth: Abt 1296 in France. Death: 1332 in France
Guiges IV D'ALBON: Birth: Abt 950 in Vion, Ardeche, Rhone Alpes, France. Death: Bef Oct 996 in Albon, France
Guigues Andr D'ALBON: Birth: 1184 in Bourgogne, France. Death: 14 Mar 1237 in Vienne, Isere, Rhone-Alpes, France
Guigues "Le Gros" D'ALBON: Birth: Abt 1051. Death: 21 Dec 1125
Guigues D'ALBON: Birth: 1225 in France. Death: 1269 in Mauerbach, Wien-Umgebung, Lower Austria, Austria
Guigues D'ALBON: Birth: 1098. Death: 28 Jul 1142
Guigues D'ALBON: Birth: Abt 1068. Death: 21 Dec 1133
Guillaume D'ALBON: Birth: Abt 1266 in France. Death: 1333 in France
Jeanne D'ALBON: Birth: Abt 1446 in France.
Marquise D'ALBON: Birth: Abt 1125. Death: Jul 1196
Matila \ Maud D'ALBON: Birth: Abt 1120 in Of, Albon, , France. Death: 1145
Thibalt D'ALBON: Birth: Abt 1356 in France. Death: 1416 in France
Thibalt D'ALBON: Birth: Abt 1326 in France. Death: 1399 in France
Amanieu D'ALBRET: Birth: Abt 1215 in France. Death: Abt 1270 in France
Amanieu D'ALBRET: Birth: Abt 1192 in France. Death: Abt 1215 in France
Amanieu D'ALBRET: Birth: Abt 1153 in France. Death: in France
Bernard Aziz D'ALBRET: Birth: 1115 in France. Death: 1154 in France
Bernard-Aziz D'ALBRET: Birth: Abt 1250 in France. Death: 24 Dec 1280 in France
Pincella D'ALBRET: Birth: Abt 1231 in France.
Varie D'ALBRET: Birth: Abt 1280 in France.
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Amelia D'ALBY: Birth: Abt 1036.
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Adela D'ALCESTER: Birth: Abt 1056 in Alcester, Warwickshire, England.
Leutharius D'ALEMANIA: Birth: 520. Death: 553
Luitfrid D'ALEMANIA: Birth: 545. Death: 587
Unzelinus \ Cuno D'ALEMANIA: Birth: 570. Death: 607
Blesinde D'ALEMANIE: Birth: Abt 350. Death: 403
Chlodomer D'ALEMANIE: Birth: Abt 320. Death: 358
Guindomar D'ALEMANIE: Birth: Abt 295. Death: 356
Wadomaire D'ALEMANIE: Birth: Abt 270. Death: 342
Hele D'ALENCON: Birth: Abt 1180 in France.
Marie D'ALLON: Birth: 1646 in St Pierre d Oleron, Saintes, Aunis, France. Death: 7 Jul 1716 in St Michel, Bellechasse, Quebec
Michel D'ALLON: Birth: Abt 1600 in St Pierre, Oleron, Aunis, France.
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Berswinde D'ALSACE (D'AUTUN): Birth: 650 in Metz, Austrasia, FRANCE.
Dietrich II Thierry II D'ALSACE: Birth: Abt 1101 in Alsace, France. Death: Jan 1168
Everhard D'ALSACE: Birth: 705 in Alsace, France.
Gerlinde D'ALSACE: Birth: 679 in Alsace, Lorraine, France. Death: 707 in Alsace, Lorraine, France
Thierry I (Dietricht I) D'ALSACE: Birth: 1060 in Lorraine, France. Death: 23 Jan 1115 in Chatenois
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Ruggero (Roger) D'ALTAVILLA: Birth: Abt 1031. Death: 22 Jun 1101
Ruggero II D'ALTAVILLA: Birth: Abt 1097 in <Of, Toledo, Toledo, Spain>. Death: 26 Feb 1154
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