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1. Title:   Descendants of James Barnett
Publication:   descendency chart
Author:   Frances O. Maynard
Name:   Frances O. Maynard
Givenname:   Frances O. Maynard
RepositoryId:   REPO392
Address:   2821 West Boyce Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76133-1503 e-mail: Lawrence Maynard<
2. Title:   History of Freestone County, Texas
Page:   pp. 242-245
Note:   Barnett family histories by Mrs. E.F. McEntire (Juanita)
Publication:   book
Author:   Freestone County Historical Commission
Name:   Sutro Library
Givenname:   Sutro Library
RepositoryId:   REPO388
Address:   Winston Dr. San Francisco, CA
Phone:   415-731-4477
3. Title:   Hemphill Family History
Note:   wysiwyg://62/
Publication:   Descendancy chart - internet
Author:   Jerald L. Hemphill
RepositoryId:   REPO387
4. Title:   Jobe Legacy
Note:   World Connect
Publication:   family group sheets
Author:   Ann (Jobe) Brown
RepositoryId:   REPO385

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