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a. Note:   . Charleston, SC Public Library. Cites: (a) Motte Alston Read Collection. SC Historical Soc. file 12/281, Branford & Bower families; file 12/298/8, Hayne; 12/284/2, Deane, Ladson, DuPont. (b) "The Hayne Family," by Theodore D. Jervey, "SC Historical Magazine," Vol. V, p.168. (c) SC Historical Soc. Chart GC-136. ! Birth: (1) d/o John WILLIAMSON/Mary BOWER. ca. 1723. Marriage to Isaac HAYNE: (1) ca. 1742. Death: (1) 1747. Probably in childbirth with her third child. (1) 1766, 14 May: Mary BRYAN of Savannah made her will. Left 20 pounds sterling to each of her grandchildren, Mary PILLANT [PELLAN] and Isaac HAYNE.
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