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  1. Amarinthia Elliott: Birth: 10 Aug 1731 in Charleston Co., S.C.. Death: 22 Sep 1822 in Aft. 1741

  2. Elizabeth Elliott: Birth: ABT 1738 in Charleston Co., S.C.. Death: 17 Feb 1771 in Charleston Co., S.C.

  3. Barnard Elliott: Birth: 11 Nov 1740 in Charleston Co., S.C.. Death: 25 Oct 1778 in Battle of Ft. Moultrie,Sullivan's Island, Charleston Co., S.C.

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a. Note:   . (2) "The Descendants of John Rivers and Ann Newman of Bermuda," by Joseph L. Rivers (Self-pub., Charleston, SC, 2006) p.234, 245. (3) "Some South Carolina Families," by Joseph L. Rivers (Self-pub., Charleston, SC, 2005). Charleston, SC Public Library. Cites: (a) Col. Isaac Hayne's Records of births, marriages and deaths, "South Carolina Historical Soc. Magazine," Vol. X, XI, XII. (b) PC Bk 1751-1754, p.366. ! Birth: (1) d/o Marthurine BOISJARD/Susannah BOUQUET. (3) d/o Mathurine BOISJARD/Mrs. Susannah GUERIN. (1) Feb 1716/7. (3) Feb 1717. Marriage to Barnard ELLIOTT: (1,2,3) Death: (2,3) 26 Sep 1768.
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