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  1. John Bennett: Birth: 14 May 1626 in Overbury, Worcestershire, England. Death: 22 Sep 1691 in Stonington, New London Co., CT

  2. Samuel Bennett: Birth: 1628 in Weymour, Dorset, England. Death: 4 Sep 1684 in East Greenwich, Kent Co., R.I.

  3. Priscilla Bennett: Birth: 5 Oct 1631 in Weymouth, Dorset, England. Death: 20 Oct 1663 in Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA

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a. Note:   Edward Bennett is the 10th great grandfather of Robert Lee Ruth. NOTE: Information enterd by Robert "Bob" Ruth in January 2014. The following information was obtained mostly from internet site "". I have not been able to obtain "factual" information on Edward Bennett. The information condict itself and is very confusing. Example: Edward Bennet came to America in 1635 on the ship "James". It then states he became a freeman in 1636 after seven years residence. Records then states "Edward Bennett had a muster, in England, of his servants on Febuary 7, 1619, prior to sailing in 1621." If the 1621 date is correct then either the immigration date of 1635 is incorrect, plus the statement that he was made a freman in 1636 after "SEVEN YEARS" in America. Again confusing! So for (Jan 2014) I have not located any factual records on this subject. I think the immigration date of 26 May 1635 is probably correct!! The following is what I downloaded from "" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Born by 1615, based on date of freemenship. Came to Plymouth Colony in 1635. First settled in Weymouth MA; moved to Rehoboth in 1643. Died after 4 Jun 1645. Immigrated to America 26 May 1635 on the ship "James" with wife & 4 children. "Edward Bennett sailed from Weymouth, England to Weymouth, MA with his wife and 4 children in 1635. There he took up as he was entitled to thirty-six acres of public land. He was made a freeman in 1635. After a residence there for seven years he became an original proprietor in the company that founded Rehoboth, to which place he removed in 1643 with a certain Rev. Newman. He died at Rehoboth in 1645, an original proprietor wealthy, and was buried in Proprietor's cemetery. --Isabel (Bennett) Ridell Edward Bennett...was Purser of the ship Mary Rose, which was accidentally blown up in Boston Hoston Harbor in 1648." --"The Bennett Family 1628-1910." " it is claimed by historians that Samuel was the son of Edward. But Edward's children being born in England, it is a hard matter to get their records. The records show however, that Mr. Edward Bennett had a muster of his servants on Febuary 7, 1619, prior to sailing in 1621. ...Rev. George S. Bennett of Boston, who has made a thorough search of the old records, states that Samuel was the son of Edward, who came from Weymouth, England, and settled in Weymouth, Mass., and was there made a Freeman in 1636, after seven years' residence. He also states that the children of Edward were Samuel, John, Priscilla, Edmond, and Richard." --"The Bennett Family 1628-1910." "BENNETT FAMILY. "Mihi Consulit Deus." Such is the motto of that branch of the Bennett family under consideration here; "a very ancient family of which a pedigree of thirteen descendants is recorded in the "College of Arms," says Burke; and a family, according to accepted authority "of the order of decent gentry," who were descended from two brothers of Berkshire who migrated to London toward the close of the sixteenth century. The Immigrant ancestor of the family in America was Edward Bennett, of Wiltshire, England, who was one of the first colonists of Weymouth, in New England; Freeman there in 1636, and one of the founders of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, where he died 1646." --Billy Walker e-mail. MEANING OF THE SURNAME Bennett is a contraction or corruption of Benedict, from the Latin "Benedictus" meaning "blessed." WARNING: The direct ancestral relationship of Edward and Elizabeth has not been confirmed. Notes on this website are authored by Larry Overmire, unless noted otherwise. Permission of the author is required to reproduce elsewhere. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.