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Marriage: Children:
  1. William R. Alawine: Birth: 1820 in Ga. Death: ABT 1855 in Yazoo Co., Ms

  2. Elizabeth Alewine: Birth: ABT 1831 in Ga.

  3. Margaret Jane Alewine: Birth: 17 Aug 1835 in Ga. Death: 27 Dec 1911

  4. Sarah F. Alewine: Birth: 1838 in Al.

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a. Note:   er 2, 1752. Around 1839 the name Alawine showed up in church records in Alabama. Ever since then the descendants of this one ancestor, be it a mistake or on purpose have been called Alawine." - Submitter: Michelle Patterson After his father died (about 1810) Elijah moved to Jasper County, Georgia, with his older brother David and younger brothers, Daniel and Reubin. REPRINT of OFFICIAL REGISTER of LAND LOTTERY OF GEORGIA 1827 13th DAY'S DRAWING-March 21 NEWTON. page 38 Fortunate Drawers: Elijah Alewine, Captains District: Trammells Number: 36 District: 16 County: Lee County In 1830 he was living in Talbot County, Georgia, and by 1839 had moved to Fayette County, Alabama. It was on church records in Fayette County that his name first appears with the spelling "Alawine". since that time, he and his descendants have been Alawines. The family moved from Fayette County to Mississippi in 1842, settling first in Leake County, then Yazoo County, and finally in Attala County. - Kathy Allison Attala County 1870 Mortality Schedule: ALAWINE E. ATTALA CO. MS Age: 79 M Death month: SEP Born: SC Cause: DEBILITY Occupation FARMER [RichardsWm.ged]
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