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Elizabeth Alewine: Birth: ABT 1831 in Ga.
Emma Daniel Alewine: Birth: 1 Jun 1872.
Ephraim Alewine: Birth: ABT 1797.
George B. Alewine: Birth: ABT 1840.
George Alewine: Birth: ABT 1795.
George Alewine: Birth: 1753.
George Alewine: Birth: 1760 in Newberry Co., S.C.. Death: in Lexington Co., S.C.
George Alewine: Birth: ABT 1787. Death: AFT 1860
Henry Alewine: Birth: ABT 1792. Death: ABT 1830
Isaac Alewine: Birth: ABT 1794 in Newberry Co., S.C.. Death: 11 Apr 1876
Jacob Alewine: Birth: 26 Dec 1808 in Abbeville, S.C..
Jacob Alewine: Birth: 1776 in Newberry Co., S.C.. Death: AFT 1840 in Marshall Co., AL
James Alewine: Birth: ABT 1802.
James Alewine: Birth: 1748.
Jane Alewine: Birth: ABT 1798. Death: Sep 1874
John Andrew Jackson Alewine: Birth: Jun 1831.
John George "The Immigrant" Alewine: Birth: 1710 in Alsace, France. Death: 1768 in S.C.
John Alewine: Birth: 1783 in Newberry Co., S.C.. Death: BEF 1860
John Alewine: Birth: 1762 in Newberry Co., S.C..
Joseph Alewine: Birth: ABT 1788.
Joseph Alewine: Birth: ABT 1837.
Kate Alewine: Birth: 1825.
Katherine Alewine: Birth: 24 Mar 1761 in Newberry Co., S.C.. Death: 23 Mar 1847 in Newberry Co., S.C.
Margaret E. Alewine: Birth: ABT 1810 in Newberry Co., S.C.. Death: 19 May 1874
Margaret Jane Alewine: Birth: 17 Aug 1835 in Ga. Death: 27 Dec 1911
Mary L. Alewine: Birth: ABT 1850.
Mary Alewine: Birth: 1743.
Mary Alewine: Birth: ABT 1797 in Newberry Co., S.C..
Michael Alewine: Birth: 8 Jul 1811. Death: 1845
Michael Alewine: Birth: 1777 in Newberry Co., S.C.. Death: ABT 1815
Michael Alewine: Birth: 1738 in Alsace, France. Death: 1780
Millie Alewine: Birth: ABT 1815.
Milly Alewine: Birth: ABT 1798.
Nancy Alewine: Birth: ABT 1796 in Newberry Co., S.C..
Nancy Alewine: Birth: ABT 1810.
Nancy Alewine: Birth: 18 Sep 1829. Death: 19 May 1896 in Cleburne Co., AL
Philip Alewine: Birth: ABT 1798 in Newberry Co., S.C..
Rebecca Alewine: Birth: ABT 1805 in Newberry Co., S.C..
Rueben Alewine: Birth: 20 Oct 1805 in Newberry Co., S.C.. Death: 14 Aug 1893 in Cleburne Co., AL
Sarah Catherine Alewine: Birth: 1833 in Ga. Death: in Cleburne Co., AL
Sarah F. Alewine: Birth: 1838 in Al.
Sarah Alewine: Birth: ABT 1806. Death: in Ga
Susannah Alewine: Birth: ABT 1808 in Newberry Co., S.C..
Tamsie Parm Alewine: Birth: Jan 1823 in Ga. Death: 1908 in Searight, Crenshaw Co., AL
Thomas Alewine: Birth: 1774 in Newberry Co., S.C.. Death: 1856
Washington Alewine: Birth: ABT 1830.
William H. Alewine: Birth: 9 Oct 1815. Death: 4 Apr 1884 in Laurens Co., S.C.
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David Alexander: Birth: 1 Jan 1839 in Cobb Co., Ga. Death: 7 Mar 1888 in Colbert Co., AL
Elijah A. Alexander: Birth: 26 May 1848 in McNutt's Creek, Clarke Co., Ga. Death: 29 Jun 1929 in Pontotoc Co., Ms
Eliza Annette Alexander: Birth: 1853 in Clarke Co., Ga.
Elizabeth Alexander: Birth: 1836 in Cobb Co., Ga. Death: AFT 1910 in Cullman Co., AL
Henry L. Alexander: Birth: 1845 in Clarke Co., Ga.
John Harris Alexander: Birth: 7 Sep 1828 in Cobb Co., Ga. Death: 13 Nov 1913 in Cobb Co., Ga
Mary Francis Alexander: Birth: 25 Jun 1835 in Cobb Co., Ga. Death: 23 May 1921 in Cobb Co., Ga
Nancy Alexander: Birth: 5 Mar 1843 in Clarke Co., Ga. Death: 6 Jul 1882
Sarah T. Alexander: Birth: 14 Jan 1833 in Cobb Co., Ga. Death: 23 May 1904 in Cobb Co., Ga
Smith Alexander: Birth: 1809 in oglethorpe Co., Ga. Death: ABT 1870 in Marietta,Ga
Thomas Tucker Alexander: Birth: 7 Jul 1850 in Clarke Co., Ga. Death: 2 Jan 1929 in Marietta, Cobb Co., Ga
William A. Alexander: Birth: ABT 1840 in Clarke Co., Ga.
Gauthild Algautsdtr: Birth: 0664 in Gotland, Sweden.
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Godfrey Allemania: Birth: ABT 0617. Death: AFT 0708
Lendisius Allemania: Birth: ABT 0620 in F├ęcamp, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France. Death: 0680
Theutbold Allemania: Birth: 0679. Death: 0727
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Yngvi Alreksson: Birth: 0466 in Uppsala, Sweden.
John Alston: Birth: 26 Feb 1792 in Halifax Co., N.C.. Death: Oct 1843 in Halifax Co., N.C.
Warin Herr von Altdorf: Birth: ABT 0700.
Mary Ann Amick: Birth: 10 Mar 1797 in Lexington, S.C.. Death: 14 Apr 1909
Martha Anderson: Death: BEF 1820
Permina Anderson: Birth: 1804.
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Susan Angell: Birth: 1754 in Nottoway, Va. Death: 1831 in Nottoway, Va
Geoffrey I Grisegonnelle Anjou: Birth: ABT 0940 in Anjou, France.
Ingjald "Ill-Ruler" Anundsson: Birth: 0660 in Uppsala, Sweden. Death: 0710 in Roening, Sweden
Llewelyn ap Iorwerth: Birth: 1173 in Aberffraw Castle, Caernarvonshire, Wales. Death: 11 Apr 1240 in Abbey of Aberconwy, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Dafydd Ap Llewelyn: Birth: 1208 in Lord, Denbighshire, Wales. Death: 25 Feb 1246
Gruffudd ap Llewelyn: Birth: 1199. Death: 1244
Tegwared ap Llewelyn: Birth: 1210.
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Martha Ann Applewhite: Birth: 16 Oct 1819 in Clarke Co., Ga. Death: 1 May 1880 in Elba, Coffee Co., AL
William Aquitaine: Birth: ABT 0915. Death: 3 Apr 0963
Conrad I Graf Von Argengau: Birth: ABT 0800 in Burgundy, Marne, Pays De La Loire, France. Death: 21 Sep 0862
Ulrich I Graf Von Argengau: Birth: ABT 0770 in Argengau, Switzerland. Death: BEF 0824
Welf Graf von Argengau: Birth: 0816. Death: 23 Apr 0861
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Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
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Thomas Arundel: Birth: in Trerise, Cornwall, England. Death: 24 Jun 1443 in Hinton St. George, Somersetshire, England
Finn Asgard: Birth: 0130 in Asgard, Asia or East Europe Byzantium. Death: 0220 in Asia, Ghowr, Afghanistan
Flocwald Asgard: Birth: 0100 in Asgard, Asia or Eastern Europe. Death: 0179 in Minor, Yakutia, Russia
Freothalaf Asgard: Birth: 0168 in Asgard, Asia or East Europe Byzantium.
Frithuwulf Asgard: Birth: 0146 in East Europe.
Odin (Woden) Asgard: Birth: 0215 in Denmark. Death: in Lake Malaren, Uppsala, Sweden

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