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Marriage: Children:
  1. James William Leckenby: Birth: 17 May 1873/1874 in Hamburg, Fremont, Iowa. Death: 26 Oct 1956 in Nebraska City, Otoe, Nebraska

  2. Sarah Nellie Leckenby: Birth: Feb 1875/1876 in , Fremont, Iowa. Death: 8/9 Nov 1910 in Hamburg, Fremont, Iowa

  3. Joseph Edward Leckenby: Birth: 15 Mar 1878 in , Atchison, Missouri. Death: 30 Aug 1960 in Hamburg, Fremont, Iowa

  4. Leroy Leckenby: Birth: 1879 in , , Missouri. Death: in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska

  5. Alice Emily Leckenby: Birth: 31 Mar 1880/1881 in Hamburg, Fremont, Iowa. Death: 15 Oct 1932 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska

  6. Lennie Mae Leckenby: Birth: 21 May 1883 in Rockport, Atchison, Missouri. Death: 25 Jun 1978 in Deshler, Thayer, Nebraska

  7. George Peter Leckenby: Birth: 21 Jul 1884/1885 in Hamburg, Fremont, Iowa or , , Missouri. Death: 28 Apr 1953 in Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado

  8. Glenn Allen Leckenby: Birth: 25 Jul 1893 in Hamburg, Fremont, Iowa. Death: 10 Feb 1962 in Ava, Douglas, Missouri

a. Note:   ANCESRY.COM Galpha Cox, According to Galpha, Brith was 1851 in Missouri. Steve Larsen .Birth was 9 Sep 1852 in Michigan Middle Name E. Death 8 Jun 1928 in Colorado Springs, Colo. Thomas Skinner Kinsmen: Todd Skinner Birth 9 Sep 1852 in Michigan. D 11 Jun 1928 Colorado Springs, Colorado Evergreen Cemetery Lot 43 BLk 110 Occupation Farmer Million-Ware Ancestry (Million_Forney) Terry Million Birth 9 Sep 1852 in Missouri Death agree's with Skinner. Bob's Mother's Ancestors (busey Ancestors) George Edward Birth Sep 1850 in Weston, Platte, Missouri. BURIAL: Furnal home Swan's in Colorado Springs, Colorado Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado CENSUS: 1880 For Polk, Atchison, Missouri, George is listed as age 29. He is laboring and his birthplace is Missouri. His parents were born in New York. Have 4 children 1900 living in Hamburg, Franklin Twp, Fremont, Iowa. Born Sept 1850 in MO. His name is listed as Charles not George. George & Josephine had 9 children, 7 are living. Leroy has to be dead by 1900 and one more child that died by 1900. 1892 Farmars Directory, Fremont County, Iowa (farmers of Iowa, a list of farmers of each county with post office, page 1686-1687 I found Geo. Leckenby in Haburg Iowa. 1910 George, Age 55 Married 36 years, Parents unkown, living in Franklin TWP, Fremont, Iowa, has 9 children 7 are living. Have a grand daughter living with him. Kitora, her mother is Alda. 1915 George Lackenby age 64, Birth place Missouri, Father Birth place, France, Mothers, unknowen, Living Hamburg, Fremont, Iowa, years in Iowa 40. 1920 George is 69 Birth place is Missouri Living in Hamburg,Fremont,Iowa on Monroe street. Father's birth place is France and Mothers is United States They owen their home. CHURCH: Member of the RLDS Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Family Search IGI: George Edward Leckenby, Bapatism, 6 mar 2004 SLOUI (has father as George and birth year as 1850) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Family Search IGI George Edward B 6 Mar 2004, E 24 Apr 2005 This person has George cather as a George Leckenby, with brothers and sister. Charles, Mariah, Clara, Eliza. At this point in time, I am not able to contact this family with George DEATH: Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado, Headstone and cemetery recoreds OBITUARY: for George E Lackenby, Colorado Springs Gazette Sunday June 10, 1928 for George E Lacemby, Colorado Springs Gazette Monday, June 11, 1928 (Rev. J.D. Curtis officiating, He is a Rev. for the RLDS Church.) NOTES: Different spellings I found for last name are: Leckendy, Lechonbee, Lecqunby, Leckqwnby, Lechenby, Lackenby, Leckenble, Leckenbee, Lockendy, Henckenby, Leckinby. Address in Colorado Springs Colorado 1024 South Royer Street Farmers Directory, Fremont County Iowa 1892 has , Lackenby, Geo living in Hamburg. There is two family in which George Could fit in. One is in Missouri and the other is in Nebraska. First family, In 1850 Census Preston Township, Platte Missouri is the following James Leckenby age 30 Estimated birth year, 1815,Blacksmith, born in NY Martha age 24 Estimated birth year,1825 born in NY William age 5 estimated birth year 1844 born in Missouri John age 2 estimated birth year 1847 born in MIssouri George age 1 estimated birth year 1848 born in Missouri In 1860 Census there is a family as follows. Nebraska City, Otoe, NE James Leckenby age 52, Blacksmith born in England Margaret T age 28 born in Tenn William N age 12 Born in MO George E age 10 Born in MO Anne E age 5 Born in MO Alvin age 4 Born in MO Adaline M age 1 Born in NE 1865 Census in Nebraska City Percinct, Otoe, Nebraska George Clinton age 45 born in VT Margaret, age 34 born in TENN Ann E Sackenby Age 9 born in Mo Alvin Sackenby age 7 born in MO Ada Sackenby age 5 born in MO Alice Sackenby age 3 born in NE From the State Historical Society of Nebraska ,The Otoe County Pioneers 978.276 D15 Part 6 L-MA it reads: James Leckenby, James Leckenby was born in England about 1807 or 1808 and was a blacksmith by trade. He had very little property in 1860, a blacksmith shop valued at about $100.00, his tools, two horses and a milk cow. Margaret Leckenby, his wife, was 28 years of age in 1860 and a native of Tennessee. She was evidently his second wife and the two older children, William and George age 13 and 10 years respectivley, both born in Missouri, were evidently children of his first wife. Itis noticcable that in 1865, after James Leckenby had died and his wife had remarried, neither of these sons were living with the family although the other children were. The other children named in 1860 were Anna, Alvin and Adaline, aged 5, 4, and 1, the first two born in Missouri, the youngest in Nebraska. The census of 1865 also name Alice Leckenby, then 3 years old, also a native of Nebraska. All these children were living in December 1868 when they were named as heirs of James Leckenby. Mr. Leckenby came to Nebraska City not later than the spring of 1859. In March 1860 he was doing a rushing business shoeing mules. Of course, he would be doing a good business with the freighters preparing to leave for the west and with heavy western imnigration then passing through Nebraska City. His shop was destroyed in the great fire in May 1860, but he rebuilt it at once and was redy for business within a few days. in January 1862 ne joined the Union League at Nebraska City and took the oath of allegiance. Between that time and March 1865 he died and his wife married, secondly George Clinton, a farmer living in Nebraska City precinct. They were living in this precinet as late as Sptember 1867 and probably in Decembder 1868. A. Federal Census, 1860, Otoe Co., Family #133 B. Territorial Census, 1865, Nebraska City Pct., Nebraska and Midwewt Genealogical Record, XIX p.27 C. Nebraska City News, 1868, Dec 4, P 3. D. Nebraska City News, 1859, July 16, P 2: 1860, mar 10, Pe E. Nearly every issue of the peoples Press in the Spring of 1860 gives by name and former residence long lists of imnigratns, we passed through Nebraska City. F. Nebraska City News, 1860, May 19 Page 1; P 3 People Press, 1860, may 16 P 1. G Nebraska City News, 1862 jan 4 P 2 H. Territorial Census, 1865 Supra., Nebraska City News, 1868 Dec 4 P 3. The book also reads: W Leckenby W. Leckenby joined the Union League at Nebraska City in January 1862. He may have been William H. Leckenby, the son of James Leckenby at that time about 15 years of age; and any rate, he was probably a relative in some degree.--Nebraska City News, 1662, Jan 4, P2. I find that Addie Leckenby was married to John O Reilly on 16th of Jan 1877 in Omaha, Douglas, NE Parents are James Leckenby and Margaret Clinton and Annie E Leckenby was married to Louis S. lathrop the 10th of August 1876 in Omaha, Douglas, NE parents are James Leckenby and Margaret Boyd Found Alice M. Leckenby, age 21, 9 months 18 days, Nativity of US, single living at 1646 Farnam, Omaha, Douglas, NE. Cause of Death Consumption Date of eath March 4, 1884. Former Residence was Glenwood, Mills, Iowa. Date of Interment, 6 mar 1844 Place of Interment was Glenwood. (I have checked the Glenwood Cemetery for her and they do not have her listed) In the American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI) I Find Clinton, Margaret (Leckenby) Volume 31 page 18, 25, Nov, 1931, 2581: Clinton, Leckenby, George Clinton was born abut 1823 in New York State. When he enlisted in the Civil war, was living near Nebraska City Neb., and gave his age as 38 years. He married in Nebraska, I believe, after the war, Margaret Lekcenby, who was born at Platte City, Mo. George Clinton died in 1871 or 1878, leaving four small children: his widow died soon after. The children (Charles, Addie, Jesse, Fred) were placed in different families and do not know abut their ancestors. I would like to know where George Clinton was born and who were his parents. Did he descend from the Dewitt Clinton Familes? M.R.E. I have not found where James is burried, There is a Mrs. Leckenby date of burial 12/19/1877 in Wyuka Cemetery in Nebraska City. This could be Margaret, Not been able to find a obituary for Mrs. Leckenby. I have not been able to find where John, William or Alvin have gone. The second family is as follows: 1850 census the city of Weston, Plattte, MO George Leckenby ate 45 Blacksmith, born in England Mariah age 33 born in New York Charles age 16 born in MO Edward age 11 born in MO Mariah age 8 born in MO Clara age 6 born in MO Elisa age 1 born in MO John Small age 16 appeintes born in France Philip Moses age 29 blacksmith born in PA 1870 census George leckenby age 51, Blacksmith born in in England Maria age 43 born in Vermont Edgar age 21 blacksmith born in MO Maria age 16 born in MO Clara age 15 born in MO Ida age 10 born in MO Sherman, John age 23 born in Canada. In the 1870 Census George's son Charles is listed above him with his own family. I found a George E Lekcneby buried at Leavenworth National Cemetery D 01/26/1904\3 Plot: 16 u 16 Bur 01/26/1903 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.