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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Kellenberger: Birth: BEF 12 APR 1767 in Goshenhoppen, Berks, PA.

  2. Adam Kellenberger: Birth: 18 AUG 1768 in York, PA. Death: 17 MAR 1815 in Adams, PA

  3. Michael Kellenberger: Birth: ABT 1769 in PA. Death: AFT 1810 in Frederick, VA

  4. George Kellenberger: Birth: 15 JUN 1771 in Georgetown, DC. Death: 24 AUG 1835 in Alton, IL

  5. Magdalena Kellenberger: Birth: ABT 1773 in PA.

  6. Jacob Kellenberger: Birth: ABT 1775.

  7. Catharina Kellenberger: Birth: ABT 1780 in PA.

  8. Peter Kellenberger: Birth: ABT 1785 in PA or MD.

  9. Mary Kellenberger: Birth: 1787 in PA or MD.

  10. Sarah Kellenberger: Birth: ABT 1790 in PA or MD.

  11. John Kellenberger: Birth: 16 FEB 1800 in Conewago Chapel, Adams, PA.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Joseph Kellenbarger: Birth: 12 AUG 1782 in PA. Death: 02 FEB 1872 in Cambria, Wayne, IA

1. Title:   Michael Kellenberger AFTs
2. Title:   Dick Sell, Author E-mail: [email protected]
3. Title:   The Goshenhoppen Registers 1741-1819
Author:   Compiler: American Catholic Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Publication:   reprint as 1 Volume; Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore, 1984, Original Date, 1886-1950
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a. Note:   t seems evident that there is not a connection (by spelling variation) to the Kellenbergers. Here are some bits about early Clattenburgs: Abbreviations Used: BELL ------ Extraction from Dr Bell's Notes BL ---- ----- Baptist Church, Lunenburg CEM -- ---- Cemetery Listings CTWP -------Chester Township Books DEED ------ Extraction from Deed or Land Paper DRL ---- --- Dutch Reformed Church, Lunenburg E ----------- Event (Birth, Christening, Death, Marriage) FAM ------- Family Bible or Knowledge GER --------Extraction from German Parish Records IGI ----------International Genealogical Index LA ----------Anglican Congregation, Lunenburg LCO ------- Lunenburg County Records LL ---------- Lunenburg Lutheran Congregation MBA ------- Mahone Bay Anglican ML --------- Methodist Church, Lunenburg MLP -------- Methodist Church, Liverpool, NS OLMC ------Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC Church P & P ------- Planters & Pioneers Book PANS ------- Provincial Archives of Nova Scotia PDA----------Port Dufferin Anglican Church PL ----------- Presbyterian Church, Lunenburg PND--------- Presbyterian Church, New Dublin PROB ------- Extraction from Probate Record PRUC ------- Petite Riviere United Church SGAH ------- St George's Anglican Church, Halifax SJAL -------- St John's Anglican Church, Lunenburg SMBA ------- St Margaret's Bay Anglican SPAH ------- St Paul's Anglican Church, Halifax SRCE ------- Source of Information SSAC ------- St Stephen's Anglican Church, Chester TALP -------- Trinity Anglican Church, Liverpool, NS WILL -------- Extraction from a Will ZLL ---------- Zion Lutheran Church, Lunenburg w ------------- Widow, Widower, Wife "CLATTENBERG","Ann Barbara","B","1754-10-27","1754-11-04","SJAL","Peter & Anna Margaret",, "CLATTENBERG","Ann Barbara","M","1773-11-02",,"ZLL","Bourgoyne, David",,"d/Peter" "CLATTENBERG","Ann Barbara Mary","B","1769 abt","1769-07-16","SJAL","Peter & Anna Margaret",, "CLATTENBERG","Ann Eliz","B","1794-11-30","1794-12-10","ZLL","Jacob & Maria Eva Meder",,"Joh & Anna Eliz Moter" "CLATTENBERG","Ann Margaret","B","1782-04-27","1782-05-20","ZLL","Peter & Maria Cath Schmidt",, "CLATTENBERG","Ann Mary","B","1789-01-09","1789-07-04","ZLL","Peter & Maria Cath Schmidt",,"Jacob Rafuse & Anna Margaret" "CLATTENBERG","Ann Mary","M","1779-03-02",,"ZLL","Jacob Becker Gunner in Regt",,"d/Peter" "CLATTENBERG","Ann Sybilla","B","1790-12-02","1791-06-13","ZLL","Peter & Maria Cath Schmidt",,"Fred Conrad & Anna Sybilla" "CLATTENBERG","Barbara Eliz","M","1788-12-30",,"SJAL","Boutelier, George",, "CLATTENBERG","Cath Eliz","B","1772 abt","1772-09-13","DRL","Peter & Anna Maria",,"Wit:Henry Sauler & Cath Boehner" "CLATTENBERG","Cath Eliz","B","1793-10-23","1793-12-01","ZLL","Peter & Maria Cath Schmidt",,"Jacob & Anna Margaret Rafuse" "CLATTENBERG","Cath Eliz","M","1791-05-03",,"ZLL","Rafuse, Eberhardt",,"d/Peter, s.Johannes" "CLATTENBERG","Cath Margaret","B","1752 abt","1752-10-02","SPAH","Peter & Anna Margaret Wagner",, "CLATTENBERG","Cath Margaret","M","1773-01-12",,"ZLL","Seiler, Heinrich",,"d/Peter" "CLATTENBERG","Charlotte","B","1797-08-23","1797-10-01","ZLL","Jacob & Maria Eva Mader",, "CLATTENBERG","David","B","1785-02-25","1785-03-28","ZLL","Peter & Maria Cath Schmidt",,"David Bourgoyne & Barb Clattenberg" "CLATTENBERG","David","D","1785-04-10",,"ZLL","s/Peter","1m 16d","Lunenburg" "CLATTENBERG","Fred","B","1789-02-09","1789-02-20","ZLL","Jacob & Maria Eva Meder",,"Fred Heison & Cath Barbara" "CLATTENBERG","Jacob","B","1761 abt","1761-02-11","SJAL","Peter & Anna Maria",, "CLATTENBERG","Jacob","B","1781-02-28","1781-03-04","ZLL","Peter & Maria Cath",,"Jacob Schmidt & Anna Margaret Emeno" "CLATTENBERG","Jacob","M","1783-12-26",,"ZLL","Meder, Marie Eva",,"s/Peter" "CLATTENBERG","John","B","1785-03-02","1785-03-08","ZLL","Jacob & Maria Eva Meder",,"Joh Moser & Maria Sus Clattenberg" "CLATTENBERG","John","B","1795-12-17","1798-11-14","MLP","Peter & Cath",, "CLATTENBERG","John","D","1785-03-20",,"ZLL","s/Jacob","18d","Lunenburg" "CLATTENBERG","John","M","1752 bef",,"BELL","Margaret",, "CLATTENBERG","Magdalene Salome","B","1766 abt","1766-03-24","SJAL","Peter & Anna Maria",, "CLATTENBERG","Magdalene Sarah","M","1785-10-11",,"ZLL","Brand, Philip s/Jacob",,"d/Peter" "CLATTENBERG","Mary Barbara","B","1791-09-10","1791-09-25","ZLL","Jacob & Maria Eva Meder",,"David Bourgoyne & Anna Barbara" "CLATTENBERG","Mary Cath","B","1786-05-24","1786-06-10","ZLL","Peter & Maria Cath Schmidt",,"Jacob Rafuse & Anna Margaret" "CLATTENBERG","Peter","B","1758 abt","1758-10-16","SJAL","Peter & Anna Margaret",, "CLATTENBERG","Peter","D","1788-01-14",,"ZLL","Anna Margaret Chris Wagner","57y 6m", "CLATTENBERG","Peter","M","1751-09-03",,"SPAH","Anna Margaret Wagner",, "CLATTENBERG","Peter","M","1780-04-20",,"ZLL","Schmidt, Maria Cath",,"s/Peter" "CLATTENBERG","Philip","B","1786-05-06","1786-05-21","ZLL","Jacob & Maria Eva Meder",,"Phil Conrad & Magdalene Salome" "CLATTENBERG","Sally","B","1798-06-10","1798-11-14","MLP","Peter & Cath",, "CLATTENBERG","Susanna Eliz","B","1756 abt","1756-11-06","SJAL","Peter & Anna Maria",, "CLATTENBERG","Susanna Eliz","M","1774-09-11",,"ZLL","Halter, Richard s/Anton",,"d/Peter"
Note:   From the extensive family information available about the Clattenburgs, i
b. Note:   e had a this his mother's or his stepfather's name? RJ
Note:   Note: George's name comes from his confirmaton record which confirmed h
c. Note:   e. See for a full explanation, including the locating of George Adam's father and grandfather in Heiligcreuzsteinach, of the Lower Palatinate. RJ.
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