Descendant Register, Generation No. 1

Arnegunde Thuringian de Ingonde (Person Not Viewable, Person Not Viewable, Person Not Viewable) died 13 Aug 587. She married Clotaire I of the Franks, son of Clovis I "The Great" /of the Franks/ and CLotilda. He died 23 Nov 561.

Children of Arnegunde Thuringian /de Ingonde/ and Clotaire I /of the Franks/ are:
  1. Person Not Viewable .

Descendant Register, Generation No. 2

Person Not Viewable . He/She married Ansbertus of Moselle, son of Ferreolus /of Moselle/ and Dode. He died 570.

Children of Person Not Viewable and Ansbertus /of Moselle/ are:
  1. Arnoldus Merovingdied 601.

Descendant Register, Generation No. 3

Arnoldus Merovingdied 601. He married Ada of Swabia. She died 636.

Children of Arnoldus /Meroving/ and Ada /of Swabia/ are:
  1. Arnolph of Heristal was born 13 Aug 582, and died 18 Jul 640.

Descendant Register, Generation No. 4

Arnolph of Heristal was born 13 Aug 582, and died 18 Jul 640. He married Doda of Savoy or Heristal, daughter of Itta and Pepin I "The Elder" /of Landen/.

Children of Arnolph /of Heristal/ and Doda /of Savoy or Heristal/ are:
  1. Ansegisel of Laondied 685.

Descendant Register, Generation No. 5

Ansegisel of Laondied 685. He married Begga of Landen, daughter of pepin I "The Elder" /of Landen/ and Itta. She died 698.

Children of Ansegisel /of Laon/ and Begga /of Landen/ are:
  1. Pepin d'Heristaldied 16 Dec 714.

Descendant Register, Generation No. 6

Pepin d'Heristaldied 16 Dec 714. He married Alpaide of Austrasia, daughter of Dodo. She died aft 715. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.