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Marriage: Children:
  1. Benjamin William HART: Birth: 1855 in Latrobe,,Tasmania,Australia. Death: 1904

  2. Alice Martha HART: Birth: 1858 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 1 Apr 1907 in Launceston,,Tasmania,Australia

  3. Tasman HART: Birth: 18 Apr 1860 in Latrobe,,Tasmania,Australia. Death: 1905

  4. Annie Rogers HART: Birth: 1863 in Latrobe,,Tasmania,Australia. Death: 1888 in Latrobe,,Tasmania,Australia

  5. Douglas Anthony HART: Birth: 16 Dec 1868 in Latrobe,,Tasmania,Australia. Death: 1946

  6. Charles Anthony HART: Birth: 4 Nov 1873 in Latrobe,,Tasmania,Australia. Death: 21 May 1953

1. Title:   Tasmanian Pioneer BDM Index 1803-1899
Page:   marriage
Author:   Registrar General of Birth,Deaths & Marriage

a. Note:   It was said Anthony was trained as a carpenter but Percy (Mac) HART stated that he was unable to find any reference to where Anthony worked his trade, Anthony HART is shown as being a GROCER situated in Wellington St, Launceston in 1884. [] Martha ROGERS does not appear to be shown in the Tasmanian Archive records ? the way Anthony does. ... Anthony also is shown on the letter of administration with regards to probate granted to Anne SHERLOCK (nee: HART) of estate of John Henry SHERLOCK; The letter set out written & binding obligation of administration made to the Court it was signed by Ann SHERLOCK of Launceston in Tasmania (Widow), William HART of Launceston (Ironmonger) & Anthony HART of Launceston (Grocer). ... Percy (Mac) HART in his book states he thinks Anthony was the happy-go-lucky one of the family from a photo that he (Percy) had of Anthony. ...
b. Note:   HI7531
Note:   (Research):Reg Found this page on Ancestry. The Church was taken out by the Luftwaffe in WW2. Regards John London, England, Births and Baptisms, 1813-1906 <> about Anthony Hart ntblName: Anthony Hart Record Type: Baptism Date:13 Nov 1831 Father's Name: William Doubliday Hart Mother's Name: Ann Hart Parish: Saint Mary, Haggerston Borough: Hackney County: Middlesex John was then able to send following copy of register: Anthony's Baptism Solmnization record: District of St Mary's Haggeston in County of Middlesex: Page 27 item no. 211 Baptism of Anthony Parents Names: William Doubleday & Ann HART, Baptised: 1831 November 13 No. 211. Abode is difficult to read but could be 11 Packer Street, (could be in Hackney or Haggerston, Middlesex ?), Williams Ocupation: Tinman, in the By whom the performed seems to 20 February 1831 hand written, under which is signature. Information gained from register and on Anthony's Tombstone would suggest Anthony may have been born after July 1829 Iit appears) as he is shown as being 81at time of passing away. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.