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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Robert HART: Birth: 31 May 1860 in Deloraine,Tasmania (Tasp 168342).

  2. Nathaniel HART: Birth: 20 Sep 1861 in Deloraine Tasmania. Death: 8 Sep 1939

  3. Ralph William HART: Birth: 2 Mar 1863 in Deloraine,,Tasmania,Australia. Death: 8 Mar 1924 in Deloraine,,Tasmania,Australia

  4. Lewis Walter HART: Birth: 7 Aug 1864 in Deloraine Tasmania. Death: 28 Mar 1949

  5. Edward Henry HART: Birth: 7 Jan 1867 in Deloraine Tasmania.

  6. Alice Bertha HART: Birth: 4 Sep 1868 in Deloraine Tasmania. Death: 20 Mar 1958

  7. Helena HART: Birth: 11 Aug 1870 in Deloraine,,Tasmania,Australia. Death: 28 Sep 1870 in Deloraine,,Tasmania,Australia

  8. Lucy Maude HART: Birth: 7 Mar 1872 in Deloraine Tasmania (Tasp 168339).

  9. Alfred Ernest HART: Birth: 15 Jul 1875 in Deloraine Tasmania. Death: 11 Aug 1875 in Deloraine Tasmania

a. Note:   Settled in Deloraine area of Tasmania & established the 'Deloraine Supply Company', at a date not yet researched. The late Oscar HART told Percy (Mac) that his grandfather became engaged in financing grain shipments to the Californian gold fields in partnership with a ship owner/captain, who finally cleared out taking all the money with him and that was when William had come to rescue and this may be when Deloraine Supply Co. bacame part of W. Hart & Sons, although it continued to be managed by John and some of his sons including John Robert and Lewis Walter. John took part in municipal and church affairs in the district, and for a time was a member of the House of Assembly for the district.
b. Note:   HI7030
Note:   (Research):Tasmanian Archive records show John born 1826, London, England, Tasp 185372 below; Colonial Tasmanian Family Links Detail HART, JOHN, Male, Birth by 1826 - ENGLAND [AO] Marriage/Relationship: 1859 - DELORAINE,Tasmania (POOLE, MARY ANN [AO] Death: 1896 - DELORAINE, TASMANIA [AO] [AO] indicates data added, and verified from other records, by the Archives Office. Children: 168342 HART JOHN ROBERT 1860 168343 HART NATHANIEL 1861 168344 HART RALPH WILLIAM 1863 168345 HART LEWIS WALTER 1864 168341 HART EDWARD HENRY 1867 168346 HART ALICE BERTHA 1868 168338 HART HELENA 1870 168339 HART LUCY MAUD 1872 168340 HART ALFRED ERNEST 1875 --- Another researcher shows: John HART c:24 Jun 1827 St Sepulchre, London, England, but Percy HART in HART Book shows 1826, need documentry evidence before finalize record, I find it a little strange that a year would pass before christening ?. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.