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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Ann HART: Birth: 21 Dec 1848 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 1904

  2. William HART: Birth: 27 Aug 1850 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 27 Feb 1878

  3. Elizabeth Maria HART: Birth: 16 Oct 1852 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 1886 in Pernicious Anemia

  4. John Henry HART: Birth: 8 Feb 1855 in Launceston, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 30 Dec 1917 in Richmond, , Tasmania, Australia

  5. Sarah HART: Birth: 7 Mar 1857 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 22 Aug 1860 in Launceston, , Tasmania, Australia

  6. Christina HART: Birth: 6 Dec 1858 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 24 Sep 1905 in Colombo,,Ceylon

  7. Frank Percy HART: Birth: 22 Aug 1860 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 27 Oct 1945 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia

  8. Arthur HART: Birth: 1862 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 16 Jul 1934

  9. Alfred Taylor HART: Birth: 23 Jul 1864 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 4 Jul 1908

  10. Evelyn HART: Birth: 1865 in Archives Office Of Tasmania. Death: 1910

  11. Leonard HART: Birth: 10 Aug 1867 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 29 Jan 1868 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia

1. Title:   Tasmanian Pioneer BDM Index 1803-1899
Page:   1290/1847
Author:   Registrar General of Birth,Deaths & Marriage
2. Title:   Tasmanian Archives
Page:   marriage
3. Title:   Tasmanian Pioneer BDM Index 1803-1899
Page:   707/1884
Author:   Registrar General of Birth,Deaths & Marriage

a. Note:   Reg Sherlock contacted the Paterson Street Church, Launceston on May 2007 and was provided much assistance; William HART was born in London in 1825, the son of William Doubleday Hart, an ironmonger, and Anne formerly Green, also of London. William and his two brothers John and Anthony immigrated to Van Diemen's Land with parents William and Ann HART (nee: GREEN) on board the 'Helen Mather' arriving in 1833. William was educated in Launceston, [believed to have been educated in Mr Duncan McCraig's school in Cameron Street, Hobart the reasoning is Anthony was educated there so it is only natural to perhaps assumed that his brothers William & John may also have been educated there]. The HART family also attended the Methodist Church where William along with his brothers and sisters became members of the Sunday school in Margaret Street. William graduated through the ranks of monitor and teacher until the Paterson Street Bible Class was placed in his care. He continued in this capacity until 1856 when he was elected superintendent of the Margaret Street Sunday School, William worked very hard for the school and within a few years a new larger building was required. Williams father had established a prosperous ironmongery business in Charles Street and young William entered his father's business which was subsequently known as W. Hart & Sons, Williams other brothers later joined the firm. In November 1847 he married Mary HUSSEY and together had six sons and five daughters, Mary passed away in 1883 and the next year William married Emma NOBLE, a widow formerly KEAM. William was elected an alderman in 1856 when Launceston formed its first council or corporation and was chosen mayor in 1863, 1864 and 1868 later becoming involved in State politics and in 1876 was elected to the House of Assembly, representing Central Launceston, and in 1886 became a member of the Legislative Council. Outside politics he took an active interest in the development of the Tasmanian mining industry, and with W. D. Grubb'" purchased the famous Tasmanian Gold Mine at Beaconsfield and was chairman of the Board of Directors. He was also interested in several other mining ventures. Through his mining interests he became very rich, but saw that his philanthropic duty to those less fortunate than himself lay not only with the church but through the Launceston Benevolent Society, the Prisoners' Aid Society, the Launceston Girls' Industrial School, the Launceston Girls' Home and as a Justice of the Peace. --- Proof of family connections are further established in Court documents: William HART appears in the letter of administration after probate was granted to Ann SHERLOCK (nee: HART) of the estate of John Henry SHERLOCK; the letter set out a written & binding obligation of administration made to the Court, it was signed by Ann SHERLOCK of Launceston in Tasmania (Widow), William HART of Launceston (Ironmonger) & Anthony HART of Launceston (Grocer). [William is shown as an Ironmonger and research to date has shown with very high satisfaction that these people were definitely Anne's brothers William and Anthony, William later becoming Hon William HART ]. --- In his will the Hon William left a considerable income to each of his children in trust for his grandchildren who would then inherit the principle. Because Maria died before her father this trust was automatically transferred to her children Elvine & Lillian for the benefit of their children, thus the estate of Hon William could not be finally wound up till after the death of the last of these, that being Lillian in 1973. --- Percy (Mac) HART in his book, (Reg Sherlock has a copy), Percy states only 2 of Williams 6 sisters, (Ann and Jane Elizabeth) married due to the fact the others passed away young or in early childbirth, Percy also states that another girl was still unaccounted for ?. This child however may we believe can be accounted for and is in fact shown on the gravestone of William Doubleday HART ?. --- In the material provided by the Paterson Street Church it is stated that 5th John Henry was the fifth (5th) child of William & Mary, this brings up a question that is as yet unanswered, if we show John Henry as the fourth yet in fact he was the fifth who was the other child ?, the only way this can possibly be answered with any certainty is by obtaining a certified death certificate of William and possibly of Mary which may contain all the details of thier children ?.
b. Note:   HI6926
Note:   (Research):Tasmanian Archive - Colonial Tasmanian Family Links - records show: HART, WILLIAM Gender: Male Marriage/Relationship: 1847 - LAUNCESTON,Tasmania HUSSEY, MARY [AO], [AO] indicates data added, and verified from other records, by the Archives Office Death: FAMILY INFORMATION Parents:156251 GREEN ANN 181240 HART WILLIAM DOUBLEDAY 1801 Children: 168103 HART MARY ANN 1848 168102 HART WILLIAM 1850 168107 HART ELIZABETH MARIA 1852 168097 HART JOHN HENRY 1855 168101 HART SARAH 1857 168100 HART CHRISTINA 1858 168098 HART FRANK PERCY 1860 168099 HART ARTHUR 1862 168105 HART ALFRED TAYLOR 1864 168104 HART EVELINE 1865 168106 HART M 1867 -- Note: Williams birth year not shown in the above record but is in second record showing second marriage which also shows Emma's previous married name of NOBLE, a bit of digging resolves that her Maiden name was KEAM and as such I have recorded that within my recording of these details, Second record at Tasmanian Archives: HART, WILLIAM, Male, birth 1825, Marriage/Relationship: 1884 - LAUNCESTON,Tasmania NOBLE, EMMA Death: --- Another researcher shows: William HART chr:24 Apr 1825 St Sepulchre, London, England --- Community History secondary files: Personal 'H' (Queen Victoria Museum-Launceston Tasmania) Page 9 HON. WILLIAM HART. AN HISTORICAL SKETCH. OF THE BUSINESS: Historical records in connection with old. established commercial houses are always interesting, as they reveal their rise and progress, accompanied by State advancement, taking their start from small beginnings, and gradually expanding to such a degree that they become an enterprise of considerable magnitude necessitating the employment of a large amount of capital with corresponding financial responsibility. The business of Messrs. V. Hart and Sons may be dated back to the Thirties of last century, when the father of the late Hon. William Hart, on his arrival from the Old Country, started business in Brisbane St. Launceston. At that time the greater part of the present city was virgin bush and the difficulties of transport experienced by the early pioneers were much in evidence. The usual voyage from England occupied six months, which meant a delay in obtaining supplies for the replenishment of stocks. The late Mr. Hart succeeded his father in business and in 1846 established an Ironmongery and Tinsmithing business in Charles St. opposite the present auction mart of Messrs. W. T. Bell and Company in a small building, a print of which is still in the hands of the firm. In those years business was carried on almost incessantly from morning till night, covering a period. of from 12 to 14 hours. The eight hours system had not yet dawned on the horizon of the worker, and holidays were almost unknown - a vast contrast with the existing conditions of to-day. With the advancement of the town., the corresponding increase of business necessitated removal after a few years to more convenient premises, and the purchase was affected of the "Plough Inn", situated in Charles St. formerly kept by a Mr Lawson. This was one of the principal hotels in the days when Page' s Coaches were the connecting link for passengers between Launceston and Hobart and when bush-ranging was rife in this state then known as Van Diemen's Lands "The Plough" was the meeting place of many strange characters, who gathered to discuss the stirring events of that period. Amongst tile habituļæ½s of this hostelery, the most notable were several "old-timers" who rejoiced in such appellations as "London Pill" "Dodger the Cab-man" "Billy Waterloo" etc. men who were always in the 1rno' when anything was to eventuate of an exciting character. This building adjoins the block on which the present new structure stands Page 10. Hon WILLIAM HART. and being large and commodious, was more suited to the requirements of the increasing trade. Mr. Frank Hart, a few years previously (1855) became associated with his brother in partnership and business was carried on under the title of W and F. Hart. These premises were considerably altered to meet the expanding trade, and large store accommodating provided to carry the necessary stocks to keep pace with the rapid strides the city was making, through the prosperity of mining and agricultural enterprises. Early in the history of the business branches were opened at Campbelltown and Deloraine, and these flourished for many years being surrounded by districts rich in pastoral and agricultural products, as the result of the enterprise of the early settlers in those portions of the State. After a most successful run of business covering a number of years Mr. Frank Hart retired from the partnership in 1875 and Mr. William Hart Junior joined his father the denomination of the firm then being J. Hart and Son. This association, unfortunately, did not last long, as in January 1878 a serious illness overtook the junior partner, which cost him his life, and thus a most promising career sadly terminated at an early age. His death proved a severe blow to his father in the management of the business. This blank was subsequently filled when Messrs. John Henry and Frank Percy Hart were admitted as members of the firm, and business was carried on as W Hart and Sons. A few years later Mr. William Hart, whose public duties preyed heavily upon him having filled the position of Alderman, Mayor and successively member of both Houses of Parliament, retired from the business leaving his two above mentioned sons in sole management, the title of the firm being unaltered. It was soon discovered that the premises occupied were inadequate for the volume of business that was flowing in, the expansion of the city and the general prosperity of the North of the State creating a demand that made further alteration necessary, so premises at the corner of Charles and York Sts. having been purchased some years previously, it was decided to erect a larger and more up-to-date building in order to the more convenient transaction of business. Page II. HON. WILLIAM HART. plans were prepared, the old buildings removed, and a substantial pile erected in due course. The present structure is an imposing building of three stores, with a capacious cellar, and is of modern archectural design, affording all the facilities for the effective and convenient transaction of business. The ground floor has a space of 126 by 50 feet, and an hydraulic lift conveys goods to the upper storeys and with the whole premises being lighted by electricity. The stock is large and varied character, combining requisites for agriculture, mining and dairying industries, and all supplies needed in the line to furnish cottages or mansions. The founder of the present firm, the Hon. William Hart M.H.A. died on the 7th. February 1904, at the advanced age of 79 years after a lengthy and honorable career of the strictest commercial interests leaving a name to be revered by all who had the privilege of knowing him. One striking feature in relation to the establishment is that quite a number of the employees have been associated with the firm during periods ranging from 20 to 50 years, in itself an eloquent testimony to the character of the relationships existing between employer and employed. In the year 1910 another change in the personnel of the firm took place. After a long partnership Mr. Percy Hart retired from the business disposing of his interest to Mr. John Hart, who effected considerable changes by the admission of several members of the staff into partnership, the title of the firm remained unaltered. Prior to relinquishing his connection with the firm on the October 1910, Mr. Percy Hart was made the recipient of a beautiful illuminated and framed address signed by every member of the staff, expressive of the very high esteem in which he is held by them, coupled with the wish that he might, in his retirement, enjoy many years of happiness and prosperity. Through the unfortunate death of Mr. J. H. Hart the principal of the firm, which occurred on the 30th. December 1917, a sad loss occurred in the continuity of the original membership. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.