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Marriage: Children:
  1. Alice Ann RICHARDSON: Birth: 1894 in Seacombe,Cheshire.

  2. Ivy Lucy RICHARDSON: Birth: 1 Feb 1895 in Poulton-Cum-Seacombe,Cheshire.

  3. John William Eccles RICHARDSON: Birth: 25 Jul 1896 in Poulton-Cum-Seacombe,Cheshire.

  4. Gertrude Alma RICHARDSON: Birth: Jan 1899 in Poulton-Cum-Seacombe,Cheshire. Death: 10 Mar 1900 in Hoylake,Cheshire

  5. Samuel James RICHARDSON: Birth: Feb 1900 in Poulton-Cum-Seacombe,Cheshire. Death: 20 Jun 1900 in Poulton-Cum-Seacombe,Cheshire

  6. Samuel Carl RICHARDSON: Birth: 24 Oct 1902 in Poulton-Cum-Seacombe,Cheshire. Death: 9 Jan 1977 in Hoylake,Cheshire

1. Title:   Wendy Hughes/Andrew Smith/John Gordon

a. Note:   DI5770
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