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Marriage: Children:
  1. Nola McDONALD: Birth: 28 Apr 1886 in Latrobe,,Tasmania,Australia.

  2. Vera McDONALD: Birth: 19 Apr 1888 in Launceston,,Tasmania,Australia.

  3. Gilbert Hart McDONALD: Birth: 15 Apr 1890 in Launceston,,Tasmania,Australia.

  4. Annie (Nancy) Hart McDONALD: Birth: Abt Jul 1893 in Archives Office Of Tasmania. Death: 1 Apr 1907

  5. Anthony Turner McDONALD: Birth: 1 Jun 1898 in Launceston,,Tasmania,Australia. Death: 1 Apr 1907

  6. Willis Hart McDONALD: Birth: 1 Jun 1898 in Launceston,,Tasmania,Australia. Death: 1 Apr 1907

1. Title:   Archives Office of Tasmania
Page:   birth
Author:   Tasmanian Government
2. Title:   Tasmanian Pioneer BDM Index 1803-1899
Page:   marriage
Author:   Registrar General of Birth,Deaths & Marriage

a. Note:   NI4392
Note:   it is known John was 51 at time he died but still have no other details, even gravestone shows only name and age ?. John's will is no 2585 Ref AD961/1/10 1907
b. Note:   HI4392
Note:   (Research):There is a birth registered inTasmanian Pioneer Inxed (BDM): McDONALD John Turner, birth, father: John, mother: PAGE Ann, on: 7/1/1856 (7 Jan 1856), registered : Launceston, regno: 588/1856. This fits well in regards to Johns' age compared to hat of Alice --- in my records I had "John McDONALD and DARCY" as parents; Received email from Alexandra DIXON a subscriber to From: Alexandra Dixon, To: Reg SHERLOCK, Subject: John McDonald Hi Reg, I noticed that you have a John Turner McDonald in your tree son of John McDonald and Anne Darcy. I just thought I would let you know that we think this is a mistake in the Tasmanian Archives and it should be John Turner McDonald son of John McDonald and Anne Corry. On investigation this would correctly connect you to the Hart family. The Anne Darcy McDonalds are my family and we do not connect to the Hart family (that we know of). Your John Turner McDonald was born in 1856 and drowned in a tragic boat accident along with some of his children. I have the exact info if you were interested. Kind Regards Alexandra Dixon --- Colonial Tasmanian Family Links Detail HART, ALICE MARTHA and MCDONALD JOHN TURNER FAMILY INFORMATION Children (births) : 382586 MCDONALD NOLA 1886, 382676 MCDONALD VERA 1888, 382158 MCDONALD GILBERT HART 1890, 381862 MCDONALD ANNIE HART 1893, 381865 MCDONALD ANTHONY TURNER 1898, 382727 MCDONALD WILLIS HART 1898. ---- Copy of an email from Kate WHITE (via Ancestry site) Hi Reg, Thanks so much for your reply. I have found a fascinating link online which I think will interest you. It has photos and stories of some of your family. Sadly I do not think we are related but I will be happy to share any info with you that I come across in my search of the McDonald family. The link is: Additionally if you look through the early editions of the Hobart Mercury Newspaper there is quite a lot of information regarding the "Alice Disaster" in April 1907 where Alice and John McDonald and their three children were killed. Good luck! Warm regards Kate ---
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