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Ann DOUBLEDAY: Birth: Abt 29 Aug 1780 in Asfordby,Leicestershire. Death: 11 Jul 1825
Elizabeth DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 1750 in Asfordby,Leicestershire,England.
Franks DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 26 Jan 1788 in Asfordby,Leicestershire,England.
Franks DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 1747 in Asfordby,Leicestershire,England.
George DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 2 Jul 1804 in Asfordby,Leicestershire,England.
Henry DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 25 Feb 1799 in Asfordby,Leicestershire,England.
James DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 8 Jan 1795 in Asfordby,Leicestershire.
Johann DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 7 May 1789 in Asfordby,Leicestershire,England. Death: 6 Oct 1793
Johanna DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 1754 in Asfordby,Leicestershire,England. Death: 17 Nov 1762
John DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 1751 in Asfordby,Leicestershire,England.
John DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 25 Sep 1792 in Asfordby,Leicestershire,England.
Joseph DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 3 Sep 1802 in Asfordby,Leicestershire,England.
Mary DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 4 Apr 1785.
Mary DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 1758 in Asfordby,Leicestershire,England.
Richard DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 11 Jan 1794 in Asfordby,Leicestershire,England.
Thomas DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 1791.
Thomas DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 1756 in Asfordby,Leicestershire,England.
William DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 14 Oct 1797 in Asfordby,Leicestershire.
William DOUBLEDAY: Birth: 17 Dec 1800 in Asfordby,Leicestershire,England.
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Goodman DOULBEN: Birth: 1806 in Llanynys,Vale Of Clwyd,Denbigh,Wales.
Ishmael DOULBEN: Birth: 1816 in Llangynhafal,Denbigh,Wales.
Jane DOULBEN: Birth: 11 Jun 1820 in Llangynhafal,Denbigh,Wales. Death: Abt 1902
John DOULBEN: Birth: Abt 1771 in Llanynys,Vale Of Clwyd,Denbigh,Wales. Death: 15 Nov 1850 in Llangynhafal,Denbigh,Wales
John DOULBEN: Birth: 1801 in Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr,Denbigh,Wales.
Robert DOULBEN: Birth: 1808 in Llanynys,Vale Of Clwyd,Denbigh,Wales.
Stephen DOULBEN: Birth: 7 May 1813 in Llangynhafal,Denbigh,Wales.
William DOULBEN: Birth: 15 Jan 1804 in Llanychan,Denbigh,Wales.
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Maria Maud DOWMAN: Birth: 1883 in Poplar,,,England. Death: 1955 in Ilford,Essex,,England
Eleanor DOWNES: Birth: Abt 1858 in Marylebone,England.
Inez Agnes DOWNES: Birth: 1917. Death: 2 Aug 1969 in Parramatta, , New South Wales, Australia
Nellie Florence DOWNES: Birth: 1855 in Queen Charlottes Hosp. Marylebone Rd. Marylebone London..
Rebecca DOWNES: Birth: 24 Nov 1794 in England. Death: 8 Jul 1880 in Australia
William Charles John Gray DOWNES: Birth: Abt 1824 in Marylebone London.
William Henry Thomas DOWNES: Birth: 1854 in 38 Upper Charlton St. Marylebone,England.
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Mary DOWNEY: Birth: 1855 in Horsham Victoria. Death: 1947 in Windsor
Bridget DOYLE: Birth: 1833.
Catherine DOYLE: Birth: 1830.
Clarence DOYLE: Birth: 8 Apr 1895. Death: in Carmen,Manitoba
Elizabeth DOYLE: Birth: 1838.
Esther DOYLE: Birth: 1841.
John DOYLE: Birth: 1844.
Margaret DOYLE: Birth: 1834.
Mary DOYLE: Birth: 1841.
Patrick DOYLE: Birth: 1831.
Thomas DOYLE: Birth: 1811 in Bidston, , Cheshire, England. Death: 1843
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Ada DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1866 in Badsworth/Hensall,Yorkshire.
Albert DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1861 in Badsworth/Hensall,Yorkshire.
Annie DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1859 in Kirk Smeaton,Yorkshire.
Annie DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1888 in Batley,Yorkshire.
Benjamin DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1864 in Badsworth/Hensall,Yorkshire.
Catherine Ann DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1868 in Sandle,W.Bretton,Yorkshire.
Edith DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1896 in Batley,Yorks.
Edna DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1884 in Batley,Yorks.
Emily DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1883 in Batley,Yorkshire.
Esther DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1900 in Batley,Yorkshire.
Ethel DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1895 in Leeds.
Florence DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1897 in Leeds.
Florence DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1898 in Morley,Yorkshire.
Fred T DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1876 in Batley,Yorkshire.
George A DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1890 in Batley,Yorkshire.
Gladys DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1899 in Wortley,Leeds.
Herbert DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1899 in Batley,Yorkshire.
John Thomas DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1885 in Batley,Yorkshire.
John William DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1886 in Batley,Yorks.
John DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1870 in Sandle,W.Bretton,Yorkshire.
John DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1831 in Smeaton,Yorkshire. Death: Abt 1900
Mary DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1882 in Batley,Yorks.
Wilfred DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1889 in Batley,Yorks.
William Henry DRANSFIELD: Birth: 1857 in Kirk Smeaton,Yorks.
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Anne DRAYTON: Birth: 19 Oct 1834 in Shalfleet,Isle Of Wight,,. Death: Abt 1876 in Shalfleet,Isle Of Wight,,
James DRAYTON: Birth: 12 Jan 1768 in Ryde,Isle Of Wight. Death: in Isle Of Wight,,Hampshire,England
John DRAYTON: Birth: Abt 1787 in Calbourne,Isle Of Wight,Hampshire,England. Death: Abt 1839 in Calbourne,Isle Of Wight,Hampshire,England
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Alfred DRINKWATER: Birth: 1840 in Cheshire.
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