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Marriage: Children:
  1. William John SHERLOCK: Birth: 1 Mar 1856 in Tasmania. Death: 20 Jun 1932 in Miranda,Sutherland,New South Wales,Australia

  2. Alice Ann SHERLOCK: Birth: 10 Feb 1858 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 1 Apr 1859 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia

  3. Arthur Henry SHERLOCK: Birth: 10 Jan 1860 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 11 Jan 1860 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia

  4. Ada Mary SHERLOCK: Birth: 26 Dec 1860 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 27 Jul 1947 in Johannesburg,,Gauteng,South Africa

  5. Name Not Recorded SHERLOCK: Birth: 14 Dec 1863 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 14 Dec 1863 in Latrobe,,Tasmania,Australia

  6. Frederick Charles SHERLOCK: Birth: 1864. Death: 10 Oct 1873 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia

  7. Sarah Elizabeth SHERLOCK: Birth: 13 Jan 1866 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 6 Jul 1943

  8. Tasman Hart SHERLOCK: Birth: 2 Jan 1869 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 29 Jun 1944 in Orange,,New South Wales

  9. Herbert Edward SHERLOCK: Birth: 23 Sep 1870 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 7 Sep 1945 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia

  10. Charles Berresford SHERLOCK: Birth: 7 Dec 1875 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 13 Oct 1915 in Alexandria (Chatby),,AL Iskandariyah,Egypt

  11. Kate Rebecca SHERLOCK: Birth: 7 Dec 1875 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 29 Nov 1879 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia

1. Title:   Reg Sherlock
Page:   family
2. Title:   Tasmanian Pioneer BDM Index 1803-1899
Page:   Deaths
Author:   Registrar General of Birth,Deaths & Marriage
3. Title:   Tasmanian Archives
Page:   marriage

a. Note:   HI4261
Note:   (Research):25 Feb 1840 Mary Ann SHERLOCK (nee: FRENCH) passed away. 22 August 1841 - The Tasmanian Index of Departures 1817 -1867 shows: SHERLOCK Mr, passanger, ship 'Henry', departed George Town, bound Port Phillip, ollowing is recorded in remarks 'Accompanied by family, six children'. (At this time John Henry would have been about 18 years of age, wouldimagine perhaps he was still in apprenticeship, indentureship in respect of his trade ?. Where did John Henry live between 1841 and 1855 ?, (a period of 14 years), remembering John was about 32 by time he and Ann married in 1855.) The family must have been in contact or else how was cotact made when Samuel passd on ?. 22 Oct 1851 Shipping records show: Sherlock John, travelled Steerage on "City of Melbourne" departing 22 Oct 1851 from Launceston bound for Melbourne, ship to Colony "Shamrock", shown as being "Free", POL220/1 P 454. Was this our John Henry travelling to Victoria ?. 23 July 1852 Victorian Shipping record show a John SKURLOCK travelled from Victoria to Tasmania, it is very possibly a spelling error when record entry made ?: John Skurlock 23 July 1852 Melbourne From Tasmania on "Shamrock" Passenger Reel 4-4 Section POL 20/9/3 Frame 44 SLTX/AO/EP 138. Was this John Henry returning to Tasmania from Melbourne in 1852 ?. If the girls did returned to Tasmania in 1852 with John where did they live ?. If the girls did in fact return to Tasmania in 1852 surely they would have been at the wedding of their brother John to Ann HART when they married in 1855 ?. 9 March 1853 Mr John SHERLOCK travelled from Launceston on "City of Sydney" bound for "Portland Bay" hie ship to Colony was " Shamrock" he is shown as bein "Free". 28 Feb 1854 A Mrs Ann SHERLOCK travelled from Launceston to Melbourne on the "Lady Bird" in the company of Miss H SHERLOCK both travelled Cabin class. --- Shipping records should show when Johns sisters travelled back to Tasmania ?. Question ?: 1/ Who did John live with for the 11 years (1841-1852) before going to Victoria in 1852. 2/ The research results of Mary LOWE leads to belief that at least 2 of his sisters went back to Tasmania with him after Samuel passed away ?. 3/ Did John also travel back and forwards between Tasmania and Victoria in the period between 1841 and 1852 ?. 4/ Why did John prefer to stay in Tasmania ?, was it for his love of Ann ?. Okay so now it's your turn, please let Reg know what you think ?, or have you solved this quandary and sadly not yet shared it with others yet ?, go on email Reg at or why should he be the only one going nuts trying to solve all this and other questions. ===
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