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Elsie May CROCKER: Birth: 1860. Death: 1961
Ellen CROFT: Birth: 1818 in Neston,Cheshire. Death: Abt 1890
Margaret CROFT: Birth: Abt 1874.
William CROFT: Birth: Abt 1881.
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Alice CROFTS: Birth: 1875 in Abbotsley,Cambs.
Alice CROFTS: Birth: Abt 1863 in Gt.Meols,Cheshire.
Ann CROFTS: Birth: 5 Jul 1829 in Hoylake,Cheshire. Death: 22 Jul 1898
Daniel CROFTS: Birth: 1827 in Wirral,Cheshire. Death: 23 Sep 1909 in Wirral,Cheshire
Elizabeth CROFTS: Birth: Abt 1870 in Gt.Meols,Cheshire.
James CROFTS: Birth: 1863 in Abbotsley,Cambs.
Jane CROFTS: Birth: 1870 in Abbotsley,Cambs.
Jane CROFTS: Birth: 1 Jan 1872 in Hoylake,Cheshire. Death: 17 May 1906 in Hoylake,Cheshire
John CROFTS: Birth: 9 Aug 1775 in West Kirby,Cheshire.
John CROFTS: Birth: Abt 1805.
Louise CROFTS: Birth: 1879 in Abbotsley,Cambs.
Margaret CROFTS: Birth: 1869 in Gt.Meols,Cheshire.
Mary Ann CROFTS: Birth: Jan 1861 in Abbotsley,Cambs.
Naomi CROFTS: Birth: 1873 in Abbotsley,Cambs.
Rosa CROFTS: Birth: 28 Jun 1871 in Abbotsley, , Huntingdonshire, England. Death: Abt 1961 in Bedford,,Bedfordshire,England
Susan CROFTS: Birth: 1866 in Abbotsley,Cambs.
Thomas CROFTS: Birth: 1877 in Abbotsley,Cambs.
Thomas CROFTS: Birth: 1865 in Gt.Meols,Cheshire.
William CROFTS: Birth: 1836 in Abbotsley,Cambs.
William CROFTS: Birth: 1867 in Gt.Meols,Cheshire.
Caroline Laura CROMPTON: Birth: 1854 in Miners Rest,,Victoria,Australia. Death: 1930 in ,,Victoria,Australia
Charles Walter CROMPTON: Birth: 1850 in ,,South Australia,Australia. Death: 1929
Elizabeth Milner CROMPTON: Birth: 30 Jun 1847 in Longford, , Tasmania, Australia.
Frances Emily CROMPTON: Birth: 1852 in ,,Victoria,Australia. Death: 1923 in ,,Victoria,Australia
Madelena Louisa CROMPTON: Birth: 6 Jul 1845 in Longford, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 1924 in Ballarat,,Victoria,Australia
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Gertrude Heywood CROOK: Birth: 16 May 1881.
Ada CROSS: Birth: 1891 in Wallasey,Cheshire.
Alice CROSS: Birth: 1861 in Wallasey,Cheshire.
Alison CROSS: Birth: 28 Nov 1898 in Winnipeg,Manitoba.
Alonzo James CROSS: Birth: 6 Feb 1886 in Montreal,Quebec. Death: Jan 1959
Ann CROSS: Birth: 1875 in Montreal,PQ,Canada. Death: 24 Aug 1947 in Rhiwlas,North Wales
Ann CROSS: Birth: 1844 in Neston,Cheshire.
Annie Mary CROSS: Birth: 5 Mar 1869 in Winnipeg,Manitoba.
Arthur J CROSS: Birth: 1888 in Wallasey,Cheshire.
Catherine Ann Birtles CROSS: Birth: 25 Jun 1865 in Tranmere,Cheshire.
Celia Mary CROSS: Birth: 19 Dec 1877 in Montreal,Quebec. Death: 27 Apr 1961 in Winnipeg,Manitoba
Charles Augustus CROSS: Birth: 17 Aug 1881 in Montreal,Quebec. Death: Aug 1950 in Winnipeg,Manitoba
Charlotte CROSS: Birth: 26 Dec 1866 in Wallasey,Cheshire.
Daniel CROSS: Birth: Abt 1882 in Tranmere,Cheshire.
Dorothy Bell CROSS: Birth: 11 Jul 1913 in Souris,Manitoba. Death: 26 Dec 1994 in Thunder Bay,Ontario
Dorothy Ward CROSS: Birth: 1891 in Seacombe,Cheshire.
Edith Maud CROSS: Birth: 1898 in Seacombe,Cheshire.
Edith CROSS: Birth: 1886 in New Brighton,Cheshire.
Eleanor CROSS: Birth: 1 Feb 1876 in Montreal,Quebec.
Elizabeth CROSS: Birth: 1880 in New Brighton,Cheshire.
Elizabeth CROSS: Birth: 1819 in Liverpool. Death: 1895 in Wallasey,Cheshire
Ellen Jones CROSS: Birth: 1845 in New Brighton,Cheshire.
Ellen CROSS: Birth: 1867 in Seacombe,Cheshire. Death: 1947 in Tuckahoe,New York
Ellen CROSS: Birth: 1885 in New Brighton,Cheshire.
Ethel CROSS: Birth: 1895 in Wallasey,Cheshire.
Florence May CROSS: Birth: 1893 in New Brighton,Cheshire.
Frederick Arthur CROSS: Birth: 13 Jun 1882 in Seacombe,Cheshire. Death: 12 Dec 1954 in Vancouver,B.C,Canada
Frederick George CROSS: Birth: 26 Jun 1906 in Brandon,Manitoba. Death: 20 Jan 1980 in New Westminister,B.C.
George Ernest CROSS: Birth: 14 Jul 1884 in Montreal,Quebec. Death: 30 Aug 1953 in Manitoba
George CROSS: Birth: 1858 in Wallasey,Cheshire.
George CROSS: Birth: 1896 in Wallasey,Cheshire.
George CROSS: Birth: 1869 in Seacombe,Cheshire. Death: 1874 in Wallasey,Cheshire
George CROSS: Birth: 1882 in New Brighton,Cheshire.
George CROSS: Birth: 5 Aug 1874 in Wallasey,Cheshire.
George CROSS: Birth: 1 Dec 1831.
George CROSS: Birth: 2 Aug 1840.
Gordon Frost CROSS: Birth: 17 Oct 1893 in Montreal,Quebec.
Harold CROSS: Birth: 20 Apr 1900 in Winnipeg,Manitoba.
Harriet Birtle CROSS: Birth: 1873 in Tranmere,Cheshire.
Hazel Inez Marion CROSS: Birth: 9 Jun 1899 in Winnipeg,Manitoba. Death: 20 Apr 1920 in Winnipeg,Manitoba
Hazel CROSS: Birth: 30 Jan 1912 in England. Death: 14 Jan 1989
Henry CROSS: Birth: 1897 in New Brighton,Cheshire.
Hilda CROSS: Birth: 1893 in Wallasey,Cheshire.
Isabella CROSS: Birth: 1899 in Wallasey,Cheshire.
James Arthur CROSS: Birth: 3 Mar 1839. Death: Mar 1885 in Wallasey,Cheshire
James Frost CROSS: Birth: 29 Nov 1871 in Tranmere,Cheshire. Death: 10 Mar 1942 in Winnipeg
James Henry CROSS: Birth: 1887 in Seacombe,Cheshire. Death: 1917
James William CROSS: Birth: 1 Apr 1872 in Montreal,Quebec.
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