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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Anne YOUL: Birth: 10 Dec 1852. Death: 24 Feb 1939

  2. Emma YOUL: Birth: 25 Apr 1854. Death: 16 May 1896

  3. Elizabeth YOUL: Birth: 18 Mar 1856. Death: 15 Apr 1942

  4. Emilly YOUL: Birth: 10 Dec 1857.

  5. Clara YOUL: Birth: 1859.

  6. William John YOUL: Birth: 11 Oct 1861. Death: 22 Jan 1942

  7. Louisa YOUL: Birth: 21 Sep 1863. Death: 27 Jan 1951

  8. Herbert Edwin YOUL: Birth: 31 Jul 1865.

  9. Henry Walter YOUL: Birth: 26 Sep 1867.

  10. Not Recorded YOUL: Birth: 26 Sep 1867.

  11. John Richard YOUL: Birth: 2 Jun 1870. Death: 25 May 1935

a. Note:   HI24661
Note:   (Research):If you do a search for marriage of William YOUL to Emma MADDEN you will not find one, note that MADDEN and MADDERS are very similair and a badly written N could be taken for RS ?, 1) It seems there is a marriage of Emma GOODWIN to William MADDERS on the 24th July 1848, Emma was 23 years old and William was 33, the marriage was registered at Morven, regno: 2158/1848, 2) When the birth of Mary Anne YOUL is registered the mothers surname has been recorded it would appear not as her maiden name but her previous married name MADDEN instead of MADDERS ?, 3) birth of daughter Mary Ann or Mary Anne: Youl Mary Anne, birth, father: William, mother: MADDEN Emma, 10/12/1852, sex: F, registered: Morven, regno: 812/1853. 4) then you will find a marriage between: William YOUL to Emma MADDERS on 28th September 1865 registered at Fingal, regno: 71/1865, oh look a match in the name MADDERS in both marriage registrations, the one EMMA GOODWIN to WILLIAM MADDERS and the one Emma MADDERS to William YOUL. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.