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Marriage: Children:
  1. William HART: Birth: 25 Apr 1825 in London,England. Death: 7 Feb 1904 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia

  2. John HART: Birth: 1826 in London,England. Death: 8 Sep 1896 in Deloraine,,Tasmania,Australia

  3. Frank HART: Birth: 2 Jan 1833 in Hobart,Tasmania (Tasp 185439). Death: 1907 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia

  4. Ann HART: Birth: 1834 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 10 Oct 1920 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia

  5. Sarah HART: Birth: 1836 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 9 Nov 1865 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia

  6. Mary HART: Birth: 26 Aug 1838 in Latrobe,,Tasmania,Australia. Death: 12 Jan 1854 in Age 16,Launceston,Tasmania

  7. Jane Elizabeth HART: Birth: 1 Feb 1841 in Latrobe,,Tasmania,Australia. Death: 26 Jan 1916

  8. Frederick HART: Birth: 5 Mar 1843 in Latrobe,,Tasmania,Australia. Death: 26 Jun 1907 in Hobart,Tasmania

  9. Alice HART: Birth: 21 Oct 1844 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia. Death: 10 Jun 1868 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia

  10. Henry HART: Birth: 5 Feb 1847 in Latrobe,,Tasmania,Australia. Death: 4 Feb 1904

  11. Anthony HART: Death: 9 Jun 1911 in Launcestown, , Tasmania, Australia

1. Title:   Digital images.
Page:   "St Sepulchre marriage register," marriage HART-GREEN
Author:   St Sepulchre (London, England)
Text:   Reg Found this - sadly page is missing on Ancestry so can not find extra information such as trade, date of birth and home address. The Church was taken out by the Luftwaffe in WW2. I will ask Ancestry for a copy - or wait until I next visit the Guildhall Library Regards John London, England, Births and Baptisms, 1813-1906 <> about Anthony Hart ntblName:Anthony Hartntbl Record Type:Baptism ntbl Date:13 Nov 1831ntbl Father's Name:William Doubliday Hartntbl Mother's Name:Ann Hartntbl Parish:Saint Mary, Haggerston ntbl Borough:Hackney ntbl County:Middlesex

a. Note:   It is unknown (yet) where William trained to be a Tinman. William, Ann and family are believed to have lived on St Johns Street in 1827, which is close to where Ann GREEN's father John is shown as living in census, Pewter Platter Alley, Clerkenwell. Willliam Doubleday and Ann HART along with sons William (b:1825), John (b: 1826) and Anthony (b: 1831) came to Van Diemans Land (Tasmania) from England on the Brig "HELEN MARR" 225 tons, 20 passengers, 13 crew, leaving mid 1932, the voyage to Van Diemans Land, Australia, took 7 and a half mths arriving Hobarton, Van Dieman Land on 14 Jan 1833. On arrival in Van Diemen's Land they went straight from Hobarton to Launceston probably by road, although the ship did call at Launceston later to complete loading for London. William & Ann had Eight (8) more children, (2 boys & 6 girls) in Van Diemans Land (Tasmania). W and F HART are shown as having a GENERAL IRONMONGERS business in Charles St, Launceston in 1884.
b. Note:   HI1203
Note:   (Research):William Doubleday and Ann HART's sons William and John were baptised at St Sepulchres Church in London, but no record yet found re: younger brother Anthony, on 24th Sept 2009 John WOODCOCK wrote and enclosed proof that Anthony HART was in fact baptized in St Mary's Haggerston. It is unknown where in England that William served his time as a tinsmith (Tinman), that is his training, apprenticeship, trade,. W and F HART are shown as having a GENERAL IRONMONGERS business in Charles St, Launceston in 1884, because of the year it is yet to be confirmed but it is believed the W refers to William (1825) and the F refers to Frank (1833), BUT more research needs to be done as it could well be that this is the original name and it could have well been William Doubleday HART and his brother Franks ?,. for research information etc.. please go to === EMAIL Copy From : JOHN WOODCOCK Sent : Tuesday, 20 February 2007 6:41:19 PM To : Reg SHERLOCK Subject : Emailing: 1841 census John Green - son tinplate worker Attachment : 1841censusJohnGreen-sontinplateworker.jpg (0.48 MB), 1851CensusJohnGreemBowlingGreenLane.jpg (0.50 MB), 1851CensusJohnGreenb1772.jpg (0.68 MB), PewterPlatterInn.jpg (0.22 MB) Reg Very quick - just guessed Ann's Dad is John - a name that appears twice on Wedding entry and that he would have been around 30 at that time of daughters birth. So typed in John Green born 1870 - not very scientific but interesting. 1841 census shows a John Green surrounded by tin plate workers living in Pewter Platter Alley, Clerkenwell - NB William Doubleday Hart lived on St Johns Street - a few feet away in 1827. Did he marry a fellow worker's daughter? NB 1841 census ages rounded to every 5 years. 1851 shows another (or the same) John Green living in Westminster - in his 80's - about 3 miles away - a Tin man and Brazier The 1851 Bowling Green Lane is around the corner but is an annuitant - so unlikely. Off to work John WOODCOCK. === Visit for all sorts of good info.
c. Note:   NF388
Note:   Note from John WOODGATE: Found the microfiche copy for St Sepulchre - Certificate dated 6th June 1824. Two witnesses: 1) ? Green - unreadable writing - so said librarian, 2) Green, ? were these Greens father and brother or father and mother of bride ?. Lots of Greens married and baptised at the Church etc... A search of Church Parishes shows that St Sepulchre, may have been known as St Sepulchre Newgate with a notation that parish was partly in Middlesex and partly in London ?. ( is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.