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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sarah ECCLES: Birth: 1835 in West Kirby,Cheshire.

  2. Elizabeth ECCLES: Birth: 1837 in West Kirby,Cheshire.

  3. Mary ECCLES: Birth: 1840 in West Kirby,Cheshire.

  4. John ECCLES: Birth: 1844 in West Kirby,Cheshire.

  5. Alice ECCLES: Birth: 1848 in West Kirby,Cheshire.

  6. Ellen ECCLES: Birth: 1850 in West Kirby,Cheshire.

  7. Robert Thomas ECCLES: Birth: 1857 in Hoylake,Cheshire.

  8. Harriet ECCLES: Birth: 1860 in Hoylake,Cheshire.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth ECCLES: Birth: 1838 in West Kirby,Cheshire.

  2. Mary ECCLES: Birth: 1842 in West Kirby,Cheshire.

  3. John ECCLES: Birth: 7 Jan 1844 in Hoylake,(West Kirby),Cheshire. Death: 29 Jun 1894 in Hoylake,Cheshire

  4. Alice ECCLES: Birth: 2 Apr 1848 in West Kirby,Cheshire.

  5. Ellen ECCLES: Birth: 6 Oct 1850 in West Kirby,Cheshire.

  6. Robert Thomas ECCLES: Birth: 20 May 1857 in Hoose,Cheshire.

  7. Harriet ECCLES: Birth: 1860 in Hoose,Cheshire. Death: 1862 in Hoose,Cheshire

1. Title:   Wendy Hughes/Andrew Smith/Dorothy Avery/William Hughes Cheshire Parish Register Project
Publication:   Parochial Registers and Records Measure of 1978, at the Cheshire Record Office, Duke Street, Chester
Source:   S241
2. Source:   S854

a. Note:   NI11792
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