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Mary Ashburn: Birth: 12 Sep 1829 in Tennessee. Death: 19 Dec 1864
Mary Ashburn: Birth: Abt 1860 in Kansas.
Myrtle Delilah Ashburn: Birth: 18 Mar 1886. Death: 10 Jul 1962 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States
Nancy Elvaria Ashburn: Birth: 17 Jan 1883 in Des Moines, Iowa.
Opal Ashburn: Birth: Abt 1900.
Robert A. Ashburn: Birth: 15 May 1891 in Nebraska.
Robert Anderson Ashburn: Birth: 9 Aug 1859 in Illinois. Death: 16 Mar 1916 in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska
Robert B. E. Ashburn: Birth: 1842 in Fayette County, Illinois.
Robert Ashburn: Birth: 1814 in Overton County, Tennessee.
Robert Ashburn: Birth: 1834 in Illinois.
Samantha Ashburn: Birth: Abt 1851.
Samuel Ashburn: Birth: 1812.
Sarah A. Ashburn: Birth: Abt 1849 in Illinois. Death: 1887 in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska
Sophia J. Ashburn: Birth: 1846 in Illinois.
Tressa Ashburn: Birth: 18 Feb 1893 in Nebraska.
Victorine Nellie Ashburn: Birth: 2 Aug 1859.
William Ashburn: Birth: Abt 1805 in Tennessee.
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John 1St Lord Of Ashburnham: Birth: 15 Jan 1656. Death: 21 Jan 1710
William Ashburnham: Death: 1665
Ann E. Ashby: Birth: 1855 in KY. Death: 9 Jun 1862
Arther Ashby: Birth: Abt 1865.
Arthur M. Ashby: Birth: Oct 1875 in KY.
Basil J. Ashby: Birth: 1895.
Benjamin Franklin Ashby: Birth: 23 Jun 1839 in KY. Death: 8 Dec 1925 in Onton, Webster Co., KY
Berdie Ashby: Birth: 1893.
Bertha Ashby: Birth: 1877.
Cashus J. Ashby: Birth: Aug 1875 in Webster Co., KY. Death: 1935 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., IN
Charles H. Ashby: Birth: Abt 1853 in KY.
Charlotte Videau Ashby: Birth: 1784.
Claudia Ashby: Birth: 1884.
Cloe Evelyn Ashby: Birth: Jun 1899 in Webster Co., KY.
Columbus A. Ashby: Birth: Abt 1850 in Hopkins Co., KY.
Cornelius Ashby: Birth: Dec 1853 in KY. Death: Mar 1913
Cynthia Isabelle Ashby: Birth: Abt 1854 in KY.
Daniel Ashby: Birth: Abt 1866 in KY.
David Wesley Ashby: Birth: 7 Jan 1851 in KY. Death: 25 Jun 1923 in Jackson Co., IL
Edgar Leland Ashby: Birth: 1887.
Elbridge Ashby: Birth: Mar 1867 in KY.
Elizabeth Ann Ashby: Birth: Abt 1844 in KY.
Elizabeth Ella Ashby: Birth: 1 Nov 1861 in KY. Death: 15 Mar 1909
Enoch Ashby: Birth: Abt 1823 in KY.
Erastus Elliot Ashby: Birth: 26 Dec 1878 in Webster Co., KY.
Everett H. Ashby: Birth: Nov 1891 in KY.
Frances Wilma Ashby: Birth: Abt 1858. Death: 7 Aug 1874
Francis Asbury Ashby: Birth: Abt 1840 in KY.
Francis M. Ashby: Birth: 1865.
George T. Ashby: Birth: Abt 1865.
Georgia D. "Nola" Ashby: Birth: Abt 1875. Death: 10 Dec 1957
Harry G. Ashby: Birth: 1889.
Henry Lewis Ashby: Birth: Sep 1855 in KY. Death: 29 Sep 1916
Henry Ashby: Birth: 13 Oct 1782 in Davies Co., KY. Death: 27 Feb 1848 in Onton, Webster Co., KY
Henry Ashby: Birth: Abt 1833 in KY.
Indiana Ashby: Birth: Sep 1863.
James H. Ashby: Birth: 12 Dec 1851 in KY. Death: 26 Sep 1940 in Henderson Co., KY
James S. Ashby: Birth: Abt 1845 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.
James Ashby: Birth: Abt 1790.
Jane Ashby: Birth: Abt 1818. Death: 18 Mar 1846
Jesse Ashby: Birth: Abt 1859 in KY.
Jesse Ashby: Birth: Abt 1826 in KY. Death: Aft 1870
John Mc Ashby: Birth: Abt 1864.
Jonathan Ashby: Birth: 10 Sep 1821 in Hopkins Co., KY. Death: 5 Mar 1888 in Hamilton Co., IL
Julia Ann Ashby: Birth: Feb 1825 in KY.
Kertis Ashby: Birth: May 1884 in KY.
Lelia Ashby: Birth: Jan 1875 in KY.
Lillian Earnestine Ashby: Birth: 30 Jun 1935. Death: 18 Aug 1985 in Henderson , Henderson Co., KY
Louetta Ashby: Birth: Abt 1874 in KY.
Lucy E. Ashby: Birth: 21 Nov 1860 in KY. Death: 2 Mar 1888
Lydia Ashby: Birth: 1882.
Marty B. Ashby: Birth: Abt 1861.
Mary Ann Ashby: Birth: 22 Feb 1866 in Webster Co., KY. Death: 25 Nov 1921 in Onton, Webster Co., KY
Mary Elder Ashby: Birth: 3 Jul 1818 in Hopkins Co., KY. Death: 20 Jun 1902 in Hamilton Co., IL
Mary F. Ashby: Birth: Abt 1856 in KY.
Mary F. Ashby: Birth: Abt 1848 in KY.
Mary Ashby: Birth: 1858 in KY.
Nancy A. E. Ashby: Birth: Abt 1859 in KY.
Nancy Jane Ashby: Birth: 1855 in KY. Death: 1931
Nancy Ashby: Birth: Abt 1861.
Nancy Ashby: Birth: Abt 1869 in KY.
Nellie Ashby: Birth: 1885.
Noble Mounts Ashby: Birth: 30 Aug 1847 in Hopkins Co., KY. Death: 12 Jun 1919 in Petersburg, Webster Co., KY
Noble Washington Ashby: Birth: 22 Feb 1882 in Petersburg, Webster Co., KY. Death: 14 Oct 1958 in Sebree, Webster Co., KY
Onie Ashby: Birth: Oct 1886 in KY.
Otis Ashby: Birth: Sep 1879 in KY.
Ottis C. Ashby: Birth: Abt 1873.
Paul E. Ashby: Birth: Aug 1892 in KY.
Peter Ashby: Birth: 5 Sep 1830 in Onton Cem, Onton, Webster Co., KY. Death: 15 May 1902 in Onton Cem, Onton, Webster Co., KY
Roger Eakins Ashby: Birth: 10 Jul 1889 in KY. Death: 18 Apr 1938
Roger Ellis Ashby: Birth: 18 Jun 1925 in KY. Death: 25 Nov 1987 in Henderson , Henderson Co., KY
Ruth C. "Rachel" Ashby: Birth: Abt 1855 in KY.
S. Gertude Ashby: Birth: Abt 1853 in KY.
Sarah E. Ashby: Birth: Abt 1857 in KY.
Susan A. Ashby: Birth: Abt 1858 in KY.
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