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Marriage: Children:
  1. Lydia Jackson Elder: Birth: 8 Jan 1783 in Virginia, USA.

  2. Robert B Elder: Birth: 29 Dec 1783 in Virginia, USA.

  3. Cynthia Elder: Birth: 17 Feb 1786 in Virginia, USA.

  4. William Newman Elder: Birth: 1 Nov 1788 in Virginia, USA.

  5. Violetta E Elder: Birth: 23 Mar 1791 in Dawson, Georgia, USA.

  6. Edward Anderson Elder: Birth: 28 Dec 1794 in Greensborough, Greene County, Georgia. Death: 14 Jan 1891 in Jasper, Georgia, USA

  7. Herbert Blackstone Elder: Birth: 2 Oct 1796 in Dawson, Georgia, USA.

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