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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ingram Percy: Birth: Abt 1234.

  2. Henry II De Percy: Birth: 1235 in Alnwick, Northamptonshire, England. Death: 29 Aug 1268 in Salley Abbey, Northum, England

  3. William Percy: Birth: Abt 1236.

  4. Walter Percy: Birth: Abt 1237.

  5. Alan Percy: Birth: Abt 1240.

  6. Jocelin Percy: Birth: Abt 1242.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Anastasia De Percy: Birth: 1220 in Topcliffe, Yorks, England.

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Note:   6th Baron. WILLIAM DE PERCY, son and heir of Henry DE PERCY, by his wife, Isabel DE BRUS, a minor at his father's death, was in the custody of William Briwere from 3 April 1200. He was still under age at Trinity Term 1212, but attained full age before Trinity Term 1214. He inherited the honor of Petworth, which had been held by his father, but he obtained possession of a moiety only of the Percy barony, approximately the moiety held by Maud, Countess of Warwick, the moiety held by Agnes his grandmother passing to his uncle Richard. In 1214 he proceeded to Poitou on the King's service, and in 1221 served with the Knig, at Biham. In 1224 he was excused scutage for the army of Cymru for his good servlce; and was granted a market at his manor of Spofforth until the King attained full age. He served in the King's French expedition in I230. In 1241 he was one of four commissioners to survey the Royal castles in Yorks, and was summoned to Chester for military service. He confirmed his ancestors' gifts to Fountains, Sallay, and Durford Abbeys; and was a benefactor of Coverham Abbey, Stainfield, Healaugh Park, and Shulbrede Priories, and Sandown Hospital. He married, 1stly, Joan, one of the 5 daughters of his gmacrchan Sir William BRIWERE, by his wife, Beatrice DE VALLE, and sister of William Briwere the younger, of whose inheritance her 5 daughters by William de Percy were among the coheirs. She died before 12 June 1233, and was buried at Sandown Hospital, Surrey. He married, 2ndly, Ellen, daughter of Ingram DE BALLIOL, by his wife, the daughter and heir of Walter DE BERKELEY, of Red Castle, co. Forfar, Chamberlain of Scotland. She brought in marriage Dalton (Percy), co. Durham. He died, before 28 July and was probably buried at Sallay Abbey. His widow, whose dower was ordered to be assigned 19 August and 29 October 1245, died shortly before 22 November 1281. [Complete Peerage X:452-5] __________ William de Percy; attained his majority some time between mid-1212 and mid-1214; was with Henry III at the taking of William de Forz, titular Count of Aumale's castle of Biham in Lincs 1221 (Aumale being another of the 25 magnates charged with ensuring that the Magna Carta was observed but who was now seen as in rebellion against royal authority rather than in understandable opposition to despotism, as had been the case when John was still on the throne five years earlier); married 1st Joan (died by 12 June 1233), daughter of Sir William Briwere or Brewer, his guardian when a minor; married 2nd Ellen (who brought him as dowry Dalton, Co Durham, in consequence called Dalton Percy (it is now in Cleveland), and died a short while before 22 Nov 1281), daughter of Ingram de Balliol by a daughter and heir of Walter de Berkeley, Chamberlain of Scotland, and died just before 28 July 1245. [Burke's Peerage] --------------- William de Percy, Lord of Topcliffe, co. York. [Ancestral Roots] --------------- William de Percy came into full possession of all those rights and properties which had been usurped at the decease of his mother but did not live long to enjoy them, for he d. in 1245, and was s. by his son (by his 2nd wife, Elena, dau. of Ingelram de Baliol, by whom he obtained in dower Dalton, afterwards Dalton Percy, in the bishopric of Durham), Henry de Percy. [Sir Bernard Burke, Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct Peerages, Burke's Peerage, Ltd., London, 1883, p. 423, Percy, Barons Percy, Earls of Northumberland, &c.] RESEARCH NOTES: Lord of Topcliffe, co York [Ref: Weis AR7 #161] inherited 1/2 of Barony of Topcliffe from great aunt [Ref: Sanders Baronies p148] inherited 1/2 of Barony of Topcliffe from uncle [Ref: Sanders Baronies p148] Knight, 6th Baron Percy [Ref: Holloway WENTWORTH p21] 1233: was granted custody of his five daughters. they divided 1/5 of the Barony of Horsley between them [Ref: Sanders Baronies p123] 1233: fined 500m for custody of the girls [Ref: Sanders Baronies p123(4)]
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