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  1. Chariveus Of Laon: Birth: Abt 660. Death: Abt 692

  2. Chrotgar Of Mans: Birth: Abt 665. Death: Aft 723

  3. Lambertus Of Hesbaye: Birth: 670 in Schwaben, Germany, Medieval States. Death: 741

  4. Willigarde Of Bavaria: Birth: Abt 670.

  5. Chrotbert Bishop Of Worms: Death: Aft 715

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Note:   BIBLIOGRAPHY: Settipani, Christian, Ancestors of Charlemagne Addenda to Addenda, 31 Jan 2000. Available at (use French version for 2000 Addenda). Settipani, Christian, Ancestors of Charlemagne Addenda, 1990. Originally published in Heraldique et Genealogie, 1990. Available at
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