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Bernard VII Of Anduze: Death: 1223
Bertrand Of Anduze: Death: Abt 1169
Fredelon Of Anduze: Birth: Abt 915. Death: Aft 957
Fredelon Of Anduze: Birth: Abt 860. Death: Abt 914
Raymond I Of Anduze: Death: Aft 1078
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Rorgo Of Angles: Death: Aft 1172
William Of Angles: Death: Aft 1144
Alduin I Of Angouleme: Birth: Abt 865. Death: 27 Mar 916
Alduin II Of Angouleme: Death: Bef 1 May 1032
Almodis Of Angouleme: Death: Aft 1191
Aunulf Of Angouleme: Death: Aft 575
Charles Of Angouleme: Birth: 1460. Death: 1496 in Chatuau-Neuf-Sur-Charente
Humberge Of Angouleme: Death: Bef 1071
John Of Angouleme: Birth: 1399. Death: 30 Apr 1467
Margaret Of Angouleme: Birth: 11 Apr 1492. Death: 21 Dec 1549
Matilda Tailifer Of Angouleme: Birth: 1159. Death: Aft 29 Aug 1233
Palatina De Troyes Of Angouleme: Birth: 547 in Troyes, Aube, Champagne, France.
Senegonde Of Angouleme: Birth: Abt 860.
Turpion Of Angouleme: Birth: Abt 805.
Vulgrin I Of Angouleme: Birth: Abt 825. Death: 3 May 886
William V Of Angouleme: Death: 1188
Beatrix Of Angus: Birth: Abt 1174 in Forfar, Angushire, Scotland. Death: Aft 1243
Maud Of Angus: Death: 1261
Agnes Of Anhalt: Death: 1352
Albrecht I Of Anhalt: Death: Abt 17 Aug 1316
Bernhard I Of Anhalt: Death: Aft 1286
Bernhard II Of Anhalt: Death: Aft 26 Dec 1323
Bernhard III Of Anhalt: Death: 20 Aug 1348
Hedwig Of Anhalt: Death: 21 Dec 1259
Heinrich I Of Anhalt: Death: Abt 8 May 1251
Heinrich The Fette Of Anhalt: Birth: 1215. Death: Bef 28 Sep 1266
Jutta Of Anhalt: Death: Aft 14 May 1277
Katharina Of Anhalt: Death: 30 Jan 1390
Siegfried I Of Anhalt: Death: Aft 25 Mar 1298
Sophia Of Anhalt: Death: Aft 20 May 1322
Sophia Of Anhalt: Death: 18 Dec 1362
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Anna Of Anhalt-Zerbst: Death: 10 Oct 1526
Person Not Viewable
John Of Anjou And Maine: Birth: Sep 1219. Death: 1232
Ermengard Of Anjou: Birth: 1073 in Anjou, Isere, Rhone-Alpes, France. Death: 1 Jun 1146 in Dijon, C´┐Żote-D'or, Bourgogne, France
Ermengarde Of Anjou: Birth: 1018 in Anjou/Pays-DE-La-Loire, France. Death: 21 Mar 1076 in Fleurey-Sur-Ouche
Foulques Of Anjou: Birth: 1059 in Anjou/Pays-DE-La-Loire, France. Death: 1143 in Jerusalem, Holy Land
Fulk III The Black Of Anjou: Birth: 970. Death: 21 Jun 1040 in Metz
Geoffrey II Martel Of Anjou: Birth: 14 Oct 1006. Death: 14 Nov 1066
Geoffrey III Of Anjou: Birth: Abt 1035. Death: Abt 1097 in Sable
Geoffrey IV Of Anjou: Birth: Abt 1073. Death: 19 May 1106 in Cande
Gottfried Of Anjou: Death: Bef 987
Ingelger Of Anjou: Birth: Abt 845 in Orleans, Loiret, Orleanais/Centre, France. Death: 888 in St Martin, Tours, Indre-Et-Loire, Touraine/Centre, France
Isabella Of Anjou: Birth: 1172 in Japhe, Anjou, France. Death: Aug 1205
Jolande Of Anjou: Birth: 2 Nov 1428 in Nancy. Death: 23 Feb 1483
Margaret Of Anjou: Birth: 23 Mar 1429 in Pont-A-Mousson, Lorraine. Death: 25 Aug 1482 in Chateau DE Dampierre
Maurice Of Anjou: Birth: Abt 978. Death: 1012
Sibylla Of Anjou: Birth: 1112. Death: 1165 in Abbey, St. Lazarus, Bethlehem
Person Not Viewable
Helie Of Anjou, Count Of Maine: Death: 15 Jan 1151
Charles I Of Anjou, Count Of Provence: Birth: Abt 21 Mar 1226 in France. Death: 7 Jan 1285 in Foggia
Charles Robert Of Anjou, King Of Hungary: Birth: 1288. Death: 16 Jul 1342 in Visegrad
Philip Of Anjou, Prince Of Sicily: Birth: 1256. Death: 1 Jan 1277
Guillermo Of Ansona: Death: Aft 1057
Person Not Viewable
Alisia Of Antioch: Death: 1235
Bohemond I Of Antioch: Birth: Abt 1052. Death: 8 Mar 1111 in Canossa, Italy
Bohemond II Of Antioch: Birth: 1107. Death: Feb 1131 in Sicily
Bohemond III Of Antioch: Death: Abt 20 Mar 1201
Bohemond IV Of Antioch: Death: Mar 1233
Bohemond V Of Antioch: Death: Jan 1252
Constance Guiscard Of Antioch: Birth: 1127 in Judea, Holy Land. Death: 1164 in Judea, Holy Land
Friedrich Of Antioch: Death: 1256 in Foggia
Marguerite Of Antioch: Birth: Bef 1244. Death: 30 Jan 1308 in Cypres
Marie Of Antioch: Birth: 1215.
Person Not Viewable
Corrado Of Antioch, Count Of Loreto: Death: Aft 1301
Maria Of Antioch, Regent Of Byzantine: Birth: 1145. Death: 27 Aug 1182
Henry Of Antioch, Regent Of Jerusalem: Death: Abt 18 Jun 1276
Hugues IV Of Antoing And Epiney: Death: 1312
Alard II Of Antoing And Epinoy: Death: Aft 1177
Alard III Of Antoing And Epinoy: Death: Bef 1222
Hugues I Of Antoing And Epinoy: Death: Aft 1196
Hugues II Of Antoing And Epinoy: Birth: 1204. Death: Abt 1270
Hugues III Of Antoing And Epinoy: Death: Abt 1310
Philippe Of Antoing: Death: Bef 1255
Vivien Of Antoing: Birth: Abt 845. Death: Aft 898
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Tetradius Of Apamaea, Proconsul Of Treves: Death: Aft 386
Guillaume Of Apt: Death: Aft 1041
Humbert Of Apt: Death: Aft 1009
Inauris Of Apt: Death: Aft 1078
Robert Guiscard Of Apulia And Of Calabr: Birth: Abt 1022 in Hauteville Le Guichard. Death: 17 Jul 1085 in Cabo Ateras Isla DE Cefalonia
Bohemond Of Apulia: Birth: 1182. Death: 1182
Drogo Of Apulia: Death: 10 Aug 1051

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