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Gaucher IV Of Salins: Death: Abt 3 Aug 1219
Humbert II Of Salins: Birth: Abt 950. Death: Bef 1028
Wandelmode Of Salins: Death: Aft 967
Person Not Viewable
Leonia Of Salisbury: Death: 13 Jul Abt 1214
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Verde Of Salizzole: Death: 25 Dec 1306 in Verona
Friedrich II Of Salm And Vianden: Death: Aft 1187
Elisabeth Of Salm: Death: Aft 1200
Henry I Of Salm: Death: Aft 1170
Herman I Of Salm: Death: 28 Sep 1088 in Metz
Herman II Of Salm: Death: 20 Feb 1136
Wilhelm II Der Sanfte Of Salm: Death: Bef 1290
Person Not Viewable
Riccaire Of Salornay: Death: Aft 1091
Filippo Of Saluzzo: Death: 1324
Marchesa Of Saluzzo: Death: Aft 1320
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Guillaume Du Principat Of San Nicandro: Death: Aft 1104
Person Not Viewable
Leszek Of Sandomir And Krakau: Birth: Abt 1186. Death: 23 Nov 1227
Berengar Of Sangerhausen: Birth: Abt 1045. Death: Abt 13 Jun 1100
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Konrad Of Sannegg: Death: Bef 22 Nov 1255
Giovanna Of Sanserverino: Death: Aft 1393
Antonio Of Sanserverino, Count Of Marsico: Death: 1384
Guillaume Of Sant-Bris: Death: 1249
Person Not Viewable
(Unk) Of Saudon: Death: Aft 1203
Yves The Franc Of Saulges: Death: 1223
Eudes Of Saulx And Vantoux: Death: Bef 1197
(Unk) Of Saulx: Death: Abt 1152
Dameron Of Saulx: Death: Aft 1233
Ebles Of Saulx: Death: Aft 1135
Gui Of Saulx: Death: Aft 1086
Guy II Of Saulx: Death: Aft 1179
Bermond Of Sauve: Death: 1054 in Rome
Pierre Bermond VI Of Sauve: Death: Abt Dec 1215 in Rome
Adeliade Of Savona: Death: 16 Apr 1118
Adelaide Of Savoy: Death: 1090
Agnes Of Savoy: Death: 4 Oct 1322
Agnes Of Savoy: Birth: Abt 1105. Death: 1183
Agnes Of Savoy: Death: Bef 1172
Aimon Of Savoy: Death: 1242
Aimon Of Savoy: Birth: 15 Dec 1291. Death: 22 Jun 1343
Alix-Elsa Of Savoy
Amadeus I Of Savoy: Death: Abt 1051
Amadeus II Of Savoy: Birth: 1046. Death: 26 Jan 1080
Amadeus III Of Savoy: Birth: Abt 1092. Death: 30 Aug 1148 in Nicosia, Cyprus
Amadeus IV Of Savoy: Birth: 1197. Death: 11 Jun 1253
Amadeus V Of Savoy: Birth: 4 Sep 1249. Death: 16 Oct 1323
Amadeus VI Of Savoy: Birth: 4 Jan 1334. Death: 1 Mar 1383 in San Stefano
Amadeus VII Of Savoy: Birth: Abt 7 Feb 1360. Death: 1 Nov 1391
Amadeus VIII Of Savoy: Birth: 4 Sep 1383 in Chambbery, Savoie, Rhone-Alpes, France. Death: 7 Jan 1451 in Geneva
Auxilia Of Savoy: Death: Aft 1094
Beatrice Of Savoy: Death: 23 Feb 1292
Beatrice Of Savoy: Birth: 1223 in Chamb´┐Żery, Savoie, Rhone-Alpes, France. Death: 10 May Before 1259 in Saluzzo, Cuneo, Piemonte, Italy
Beatrix Of Savoy: Birth: Abt 1237. Death: 21 Apr 1310
Blanche Maria Of Savoy: Birth: Abt 1331. Death: 31 Dec 1387
Boniface Of Savoy: Birth: 1 Dec 1244. Death: 7 Jun 1263
Edward Of Savoy: Birth: 8 Feb 1284. Death: 4 Nov 1329
Eleanor Of Savoy: Death: 24 Aug 1296
Humbert I Of Savoy: Birth: Abt 990. Death: 1 Jul Abt 1047
Humbert III Of Savoy: Birth: 4 Aug 1136 in Aveillant. Death: 4 Mar 1189 in Cypress
Humbert Of Savoy: Birth: 1198. Death: 1223 in Hungary
Joan Of Savoy: Birth: Abt 1310. Death: 29 Jun 1344 in Chatueau DE Vicennes
Katherine Of Savoy: Death: 30 Sep 1336 in Rheinfelden
Katherine Of Savoy: Death: 18 Jul 1388
Louis Of Savoy: Birth: Abt 1290. Death: 1350
Louise Of Savoy: Birth: 11 Sep 1476 in Pont DE L'ain. Death: 22 Sep 1531 in Grez-En-Gatinais
Margaret Of Savoy: Death: 1254
Marguerite Of Savoy: Birth: 1439. Death: 9 Mar 1483
Maria Of Savoy: Birth: 1411. Death: 1469
Marie Of Savoy: Birth: 20 Mar 1448. Death: 1475
Mathilde Of Savoy: Death: 14 May 1438 in Germersheim
Maud Of Savoy: Birth: Abt 1125. Death: 4 Dec 1157 in Corinbra
Otto Of Savoy: Birth: 1002 in Geneva, Switzerland. Death: 1 Mar 1060 in Savoie, Rhone-Alpes, France
Peter I Of Savoy: Death: 9 Aug 1078
Peter II Of Savoy: Birth: 1203. Death: 17 May 1268
Philip I Of Savoy: Birth: 5 Feb 1438. Death: 7 Nov 1497
Philip I Of Savoy: Birth: 1207. Death: 16 Aug 1285 in Roussillon, Vaucluse, Provence-Alpes-Cote D'azur, France
Reynold Of Savoy: Death: Aft 1150
Sophia Of Savoy: Death: 3 Dec 1202
Thomas I Of Savoy: Birth: 20 May 1177. Death: 1 Mar 1233
Person Not Viewable
Ludwig I Of Savoy, Baron Of Vaud: Birth: Oct 1250. Death: Aft 10 Jan 1302
Thomas II Of Savoy, Count Of Hainault: Birth: 1199. Death: 7 Feb 1258-1209
Philip Of Savoy, Count Of Piedmont, Count Of Al: Birth: 1278. Death: 25 Sep 1334
Jakob Of Savoy, Count Of Romont: Death: 1486
Wulfrida (Wulfthryth of Saxe Wessex: Birth: 832 in England.
Bernard II Of Saxe-Lauenburg: Birth: Abt 1390. Death: 16 Jul 1463
Dorothea Of Saxe-Lauenburg: Birth: 9 Jul 1511. Death: 7 Oct 1571 in Sonderburg
Eric V Of Saxe-Lauenburg: Death: 1435
Sophia Of Saxe-Lauenburg: Death: 9 Sep 1473
Albert II Of Saxe-Wittenburg: Death: 25 Aug 1298
Person Not Viewable

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