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Marriage: Children:
  1. Joan De Percy: Birth: Abt 1415 in Warkworth, Northumberland, England.

  2. Eleanor De Percy: Birth: Abt 1415 in Leconfield, Yorkshire, England.

  3. Henry De Percy: Birth: 25 Jul 1421 in Leconfield, Yorkshire, England. Death: 29 Mar 1461 in Towtown England,

  4. Thomas Percy: Birth: 29 Nov 1422 in Leconfield, Yorkshire, England. Death: 10 Jul 1460 in Battle Of Northhampton,

  5. Katherine De Percy: Birth: 18 May 1423 in Leckonsfield. Death: 1504 in Denbighshire, Wales

  6. George Percy: Birth: 24 Jul 1424. Death: 1474

  7. Ralph De Percy: Birth: 11 Aug 1425 in Leconfield, Yorkshire, England. Death: 25 Apr 1464 in Hedgeley Moor, Northumberland

  8. Elizabeth De Percy: Birth: 1426 in Alnwick, Northumberland, England.

  9. Richard Percy: Birth: Abt 1426. Death: 1461

  10. William Percy: Birth: 7 Apr 1428.

  11. Ann Percy: Birth: Abt 1436. Death: 5 Jul 1522

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a. Note:   Warden Of The East March And Constable Of England RESTORED TO THE FORFEITED EARLDOM AS 2ND EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND; FOUGHT AT THE BATTLE OF AGINCOURT; MADE LORD HIGH CONSTABLE OF ENGLAND BY HENRY VI; SLAIN IN BATTLE; HAD A TOTAL OF 9 SONS AND 3 DAUGHTERS Earl of Northumberland killed in battle The complete Peerage, V, pp715-6 RESEARCH NOTES: 1st Earl of Northumberland, of Earldom cr 1416 [Ref: CP IX p715] Earl of Northumberland [Ref: Weis AR7 #3, Weis AR7 #19, CP II p427] 5th Lord Percy, of Barony cr 1299 [Ref: CP X p464] Warden of the Marches of Scotland [Ref: Weis AR7 #3, Weis AR7 #19] K.G. [Ref: Weis AR7 #19] Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland, so created 16 March1415/6, with the same remainder as his grandfather; born 3 Feb1392/3, had his grandfather's estates restored to him and wasknighted; on military service in Normandy 1416 and 1417, Wardenof the East March 1417, Member of Council of Regency on death ofHenry V, commissioner to negotiate peace with the Scots Fewb1423/4 and 1452, Jt commissioner to monitor violations of trucewith Scots 1433, Constable of England May-Sep 1450; married ashort while after Oct 1414, as her 2nd husband, LadyAlianore/Eleanor Nevill(e), daughter of Ralph, 1st Earl ofWestmorland of the 1397 creation, and was killed fighting onHenry VI's side at the Battle of St Albans against the Yorkists22 May 1455. [Burke's Peerage] ------------------------------------------ Sir Henry de Percy KG, b. 3 Feb 1392/3, slain at St Albans 22May 1455; 2nd Earl of Northumberland; 1408 KB; 1400 Warden ofthe Marches of Scotland; m. shortly after Oct 1414 Eleanor deNeville. [Magna Charta Sureties] ------------------------------------------ Henry de Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland, who m. Lady EleanorNevil, dau. of Ralph, 1st Earl of Westmoreland, and Joan deBeaufort, dau. of John of Gaunt, and aunt of King Henry V. Ofthis nobleman and his countess, and their issue, the followingaccount is given in a very curious MS preserved in the BritishMuseum, and there said to be extracted Ex Registro Monasterij deWhitbye; -- 'Henry Percy, the son of Sir Henry Percy that wasslayne at Shrewsbury, and of Elizabeth, the dau. of the Erle ofMarche, after the death of his father and graunsyre, was exiledinto Scotland, in the time of King Henry V; by the labour ofJohanne, the Countess of Westmerland (whose dau., Alianor, hehad wedded in coming into England), he recovered the king'sgrace and the county of Northumberland, so was the 2nd Earl ofNorthumberland. And of this Alianor, his wife, he begat IXsonnes and III daughters, whose names be Johanne, that is buriedat Whitbye; Thomas (created) Lord Egremont; Katheyne Grey, ofRuthyn (wife of Edmund, Lord Grey, afterwards Earl of Kent); SirRaffe Percy; William Percy, a byshopp; Richard Percy; John, thatdyed without issue; another John (called by Vincent, in his MSBaronage in the Heralds' office, John Percy, senior, ofWarkworth); George Percy, clerk; Henry, that dyed without issue;besides the eldest sonne and successor, Henry, 3rd Erle ofNorthumberland.' His lordship, who was at the battle ofAgincourt, was made lord high constable by King Henry VI, andfell at St. Alban's, 23 May, 1455, fighting under the banner ofthat monarch, and was s. by his eldest surviving son, HenryPercy, 3rd earl. [Sir Bernard Burke, Dormant, Abeyant,Forfeited, and Extinct Peerages, Burke's Peerage, Ltd., London,1883, p. 424, Percy, Barons Percy, Earls of Northumberland, &c.]
b. Note:   BI5851
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: [Ref: Weis AR7 #19, Weis AR7 #3] 3.II 1392/3 [Ref: ES III.4 #712], parents: [Ref: Weis AR7 #19]
c. Note:   DI5851
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: [Ref: CP II p427 (with corr in XIV p124), ES III.4 #712, Weis AR7 #19, Weis AR7 #3], place: [Ref: ES III.4 #712, Weis AR7 #19, Weis AR7 #3]
d. Note:   NF22867
Note:   _FREL Natural _MREL Natural _FREL Natural _MREL Natural _FREL Natural _MREL Natural _FREL Natural _MREL Natural _FREL Natural _MREL Natural _FREL Natural _MREL Natural _FREL Natural _MREL Natural _FREL Natural _MREL Natural _FREL Natural _MREL Natural _FREL Natural _MREL Natural TITL audley.FTW REPO CALN MEDI Other DATA TEXT Date of Import: Jan 11, 1999 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.