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a. Note:   Name: Margaret I de LORRAINE Comtesse Flanders, Countess of Vermandois Surname: Lorraine Given Name: Margaret I de NSFX: Comtesse Flanders, Countess of Vermandois Sex: F Birth: 1137 in of Flanders,of Lorraine,France Death: 15 Nov 1194 Reference Number: Foster,New _UID: 8D03198BD7F7DE43AE2A70CDBDC8A481E26E Note: Dau. of Theodore, Count of Flanders by Sibyl d'Anjou; wife of Baldwin V, Count of Hainault; mother of Baldwin VI, Count of Hainault and Flanders/Emperor of Constantinople as Baldwin IX. [Ped. of Charlemagne, Vol. I, p. 277] FOSTER, NEWLIN LINE Dau. of Thierry of Lorraine, Count of Flanders, and Sibylle d'Anjou; m. Baudouin V, Count of Hainault & Namur; mother of Isabelle. [Charlemagne & Others, Chart 2921b] Dau. of Thierry of Alsace, Count of Flanders, and Sibyl of Anjou; m. Baldwin V, Count of Hainault. [WFT Vol 4 Ped 2769] !TITLE: Countess of VERMANDOIS Comtesse de Flandre; dau. of Sybil d'Anjou and Thierry III de Lorraine, Comte de Flandre; m. Baudouin V le Couregeaux, Comte de Hainaut; moterh of Isabelle de Hainaut who m. Philippe II Auguste Capet, roi de France. [[email protected]] 1 2 3 Change Date: 19 Mar 2003 at 17:13:02 Father: Dietrich de Lorraine ALSACE Count of Flanders b: ABT 1099/1100 in Alsace,Lorraine,France Mother: Sybil de ANJOU Countess Flanders b: ABT 1112/1116 in Jerusalem,Palestine Marriage 1 Baldwin V de HAINAULT Count of Flanders b: ABT 1150 in of Hainault,and Hennegau,of Flanders,France Married: ABT 1169 Children Isabella of HAINAULT b: Apr 1170 in Hainault, Flanders Baldwin VI de HAINAULT Emperor of Constantinople b: Jul 1171 in Valenciennes Philip of HAINAULT b: 1174 in Hainaut, Belgium Yolande de HAINAULT Countess of Flanders b: ABT 1175 in of Hainault,Flanders Henry of FLANDERS Emperor b: 1176 in Flanders, Belgium Marriage 2 Raoul II VERMANDOIS b: ABT 1135 in Vermandois, Normandy, France Sources: Title: Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants, Vol. I Author: von Redlich, Marcellus Donald Alexander R. Publication: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1986 Page: p. 277 Repository: Name: Denver Public Library Title: Charlemagne, Alfred the Great and Other Ancestors Author: Mitchell, James T. Publication: 1991 Page: Chart 2921b Repository: Name: Cheryl Varner Library Title: World Family Tree Volume 4, pre-1600 to present Author: Family Tree Maker Publication: Broderbund Software, Inc., 1996 Page: Ped 2769 From 'Glick/Foster Ancestry' at is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.