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Note:   Cadwaladr ap Gruffydd (c.1096 - 1172) was the third son of Gruffydd ap Cyn an, King of Gwynedd and younger brother of Owain Gwynedd. Cadwallon and later Cadwaladr led the forces of Gwynedd against the Norma ns and against other Welsh princes with great success. Cadwallon died in 1 132 but Owain and Cadwaladr, in alliance with Gruffydd ap Rhys of Deheubar th won a major victory over the Normans at Crug Mawr near Cardigan in 11 36 and annexed Ceredigion to their father's realm. In 1143 Owain Gwynedd's brother Cadwaladr, who held lands in Meirionnydd a nd Ceredigion was implicated in the murder of Anarawd ap Gruffydd of Deheu barth. Owain responded by sending Hywel to strip him of his lands in the n orth of Ceredigion, which he did, capturing and burning the castle of Aber ystwyth in the process. In 1147 Hywel and his brother Cynan drove Cadwala dr out of Meirionnydd, taking his castle at Cynfael by storm. Cadwaladr had seven sons with three different wives. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Great Ness, the Shropshire fief conferred by Henry II on John le Strang e, lies eight miles to the north-west of Shrewsbury, a little to the nor th of the road to Oswestry, which is overlooked by the red sandstone roc ks of Ness cliff. The fief had originally been given by Henry to Cadwalla der, brother of Owen Gwynedd, Prince of North Wales from 1137 to 1169. Cad wallader, who was married to a sister of Gilbert, Earl of Clare, having qu arrelled with his brother and been deprived of his lands in Wales, had tak en refuge in England; the King made use of him when he invaded Wales, a nd the Shropshire Pipe Rolls show that in 1156 and 1157 the Welsh prince e njoyed possession of the manor of Ness. The campaign ended in a pacificati on with Owen Gwynedd, who restored his brother again to favour and the pos session of his lands in Wales; there was, consequently, no longer any nece ssity for Cadwallader to accept the bounty of the English king, who resum ed possession of Ness, and in the Pipe Roll for 1158 Cadwallader's name di sappears. (Le Strange Records, page 32)
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Note:   Sources for this Information: brother: Owain Gwynedd [Ref: Paul Reed SGM 10/20/1999-234108]
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