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Clovis I (Chlodovech) Of France: Birth: 466 in Rheims, Marne, Loire-Atlantique, France. Death: 27 Nov 511 in Church Of St Pierre, Paris, France
Ermentrude Of France: Birth: Abt 908 in Paris, Seine, �Ile-DE-France, France. Death: Aft 934
Eudes Of France: Birth: Abt 855 in Paris, �Ile-DE-France, France.
Henriette Marie Of France: Birth: 1609. Death: 1669
Isabel Of France: Birth: Mar 1225. Death: 23 Feb 1270
Isabella Of France: Birth: 9 Nov 1387 in Louvre, Paris. Death: 13 Sep 1409 in Blois
Jeanne Of France: Birth: 24 Jan 1391 in Meulen. Death: 27 Sep 1433 in Vannes
Jeanne Of France: Birth: Abt 1 May 1308. Death: Abt 10 Aug 1347
Margarite Of France: Birth: Abt 1255. Death: 1271
Marguerite Of France: Birth: 1158. Death: 1198 in Acre
Mary Of France: Birth: 1198. Death: 15 Aug 1224
Michele Of France: Birth: 11 Jan 1395 in Paris. Death: 8 Jul 1422 in Ghent
Oueteria Of France: Birth: 504 in Moselle, Lorraine, France.
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Fastrade Of Francien: Death: 10 Aug 794
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Conrad III Of Franconia And Carinthia: Death: 12 Dec 1011
Conrad Of Franconia, Holy Roman Emperor: Birth: 12 Feb 1074. Death: 27 Jul 1101
Conrad I Of Franconia, King Of Germany: Death: 23 Dec 918
Eberhard Of Franks: Death: 23 Oct 939 in Andernach
Egon II Of Freiburg: Death: 24 Dec After 1317
Sophie Of Freiburg: Death: Aft 29 Mar 1335
Alice Of Freteval: Death: Aft 18 Jun 1257
Nivelon I Of Freteval: Death: Aft 1050
Nivelon II Of Freteval: Death: Aft 1129
Ursion I Of Freteval: Death: Abt 1186
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Judith Of Friaul: Death: Aft 864
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Mathilde Of Friesland: Birth: Aft 1025. Death: Bef 1044
Rudolf Of Friesland: Death: Aft 1040
Acca Of Frioul: Birth: Abt 595.
Grasulf I Of Frioul: Death: Aft 581
Tassilon Of Frioul: Death: 625
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Adalhard Of Friuli: Death: Aft 1 Aug 874
Bertha Of Friuli: Death: Aft 952
Eberhard II Of Friuli: Birth: 800 in Friuli, Italia. Death: 16 Dec 866 in Italy
Gisela Of Friuli: Death: Aft Apr 863
Gisele Of Friuli: Birth: Abt 880. Death: 13 Jun 910
Helwise Of Friuli: Death: Aft 895
Ingeltrud Of Friuli: Birth: Abt 837. Death: Aft 3 Apr 870
Judith Of Friuli: Birth: Abt 805 in Italy. Death: 863
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Herman II Of Froburg: Death: Bef 1213
Hermann III Of Froburg: Death: Bef Feb 1237
Richenza Of Froburg: Death: Aft 1267
Sophie Of Froburg: Death: 30 Nov After 1291
Volmar I Of Froburg: Death: Aft 1078
Volmar II Of Froburg: Death: Aft 1175
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Eudues Of Frolois: Death: Bef 1239
Jean Of Frolois: Death: Abt 1300
Milon Of Frolois: Death: 1258
Nova Of Frolois: Death: Aft 1154
Pons Of Frolois: Death: 1219 in Damiette
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Agnes Of Frolois, Dame Of Vezinnes: Death: 1334
Uta Of Frontenhausen: Death: Abt 13 Jan 1254
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Margareta Of Furstenburg: Death: 1296
Johann Tristan Of Gaesbeck And Heristall: Death: Abt 8 Feb 1309
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Johanna Of Gaesbeek: Death: Abt 1 Apr 1291
Freula Of Galice: Birth: Abt 791. Death: 867
Alicia Of Galloway: Birth: Abt 1217 in Altyre, Morayshire, Scotland. Death: Aft 1280
Christian Of Galloway: Birth: 0002. Death: Bef 29 Jul 1246
Devorgilla Of Galloway: Birth: Abt 1219 in Fotheringhay Castle, Galloway, Scotland. Death: Abt 1289 in Kemston, Bedfordshire, England
Devorguille Of Galloway: Death: Aft 1241
Eve Of Galloway: Death: Aft 1197
Fergus Of Galloway: Death: 12 May 1166 in Holyrood Abbey
Gilbert Of Galloway: Death: 1 Jan 1185
Helen Of Galloway: Birth: 1208 in Galloway, Scotland. Death: Aft 21 Nov 1245
Roland Of Galloway: Birth: Abt 1164 in Galloway, Perth, Scotland. Death: 19 Dec 1200 in Northampton, England
Thomas Of Galloway: Birth: Abt 1190 in Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland. Death: 1231
Uchtred Of Galloway: Death: 22 Sep 1174 in Loch Fergus
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Patrick Of Galloway, Earl Of Atholl: Death: 1242 in Haddington
Ulrich II Of Gammertinge And Achalm: Death: 12 Jun Abt 1144 in Zweifalten
Udilhild Of Gammertinge: Death: 26 Oct After 1191 in Ottobeuren
Ulrich I Of Gammertinge: Death: 18 Sep Abt 1110
Ulrich III Of Gammertinge: Death: Abt 1185
Adelheid Of Gammertingen: Death: 10 Mar After 1208
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Adam Of Garlande: Death: Bef 1115
Alix Of Garlande: Death: 3 Mar
Guillaume III Of Garlande: Death: Bef 1200
Isabel Of Garlande: Death: 7 Jan Abt 1249
Marie Of Garlande: Death: Abt May 1249
Robert Of Garlande: Death: Aft 1237
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