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Theodegotho (Ostogotho) (Ariadne) Of The Ostrogoths: Birth: 478 in Ravenna, Italy.
Totila Of The Ostrogoths: Birth: 534 in Italy. Death: 552
Person Not Viewable
Gueagon of the Saxons: Birth: 300.
Waegdaeg of the Saxons: Birth: 270.
Caratene Of The Suevics: Birth: 448 in Bourgogne, France. Death: 506 in Bourgogne, France
Ricimer (Nascien II) Of The Suevics: Birth: 434 in Spain. Death: 18 Aug 472
Basina of the Thuringians: Birth: 398 in Thuringia, Germany. Death: Abt 432
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Anthanagild Of The Visigoths: Death: 14 Mar 567
Brunhild Of The Visigoths: Birth: 537 in Austrasia. Death: 613
Clotilda Of The Visigoths: Birth: 497 in Rheims, Marne, Loire-Alantique, France. Death: 7 Jun 531 in En Route To Paris
Clotilde Of The Visigoths: Birth: 414.
Louis I Of The West: Birth: Aug 778 in Chasseneuil, Lot-Et-Garonne Near Poitiers, Aquitaine, France. Death: 20 Jun 840 in Ingelheim, , Hessen, Germany
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Agnes Of Thiern: Birth: Abt 1130.
Guillaume Of Thiern: Death: Bef 1075
Wandelmode Of Thiern: Death: Aft 1079
Beatrix Of Thiers-Chalon: Death: 7 Apr 1227
Agnes Of Thil: Death: 1236
Guillaume Of Thil: Death: 1247
Guillaume Of Thil: Death: Aft 1317
Guy Of Thil: Death: Aft 1216
Jean I Of Thil: Death: 1355
Marie Of Thil: Death: 4 Mar 1360
Otbert Of Thil: Death: Aft 1164
Ponce Of Thil: Death: Aft 1279
Audearde Of Thouars: Death: Aft 1030
Audearde Of Thouars: Death: Aft 7 Dec 1099
Catherine Of Thouars: Birth: Abt 1 Sep 1201. Death: Bef 1237
Marie Of Thour: Death: Aft 20 Mar 1241
Person Not Viewable
Mangold Of Thundorf: Death: Aft 1180
Person Not Viewable
Isenbard Of Thurgovie: Death: Aft 780
Judith Of Thuringe: Death: Aft 1174
Wigger I Of Thuringe: Death: 981
Person Not Viewable
Anna Of Thuringia: Birth: 1377. Death: 4 Jul 1395
Cunegunda Of Thuringia: Death: 1118
Elizabeth Of Thuringia: Birth: 22 Nov 1329. Death: 21 Apr 1375
Frederick The Crooked Of Thuringia: Birth: 9 May 1293. Death: 13 Jan 1315
Heinrich Raspe I Of Thuringia: Death: 1130
Heinrich Of Thuringia: Birth: 835. Death: 28 Aug 886 in Paris
Irmengard Of Thuringia: Death: Abt 1244
Jutta Of Thuringia: Death: Aft 6 Sep 1208
Jutta Of Thuringia: Death: 2 Apr After 1200
Louis Barbafus Of Thuringia: Birth: Abt 975. Death: 13 Jun 1080
Louis II Of Thuringia: Birth: Abt 1042. Death: Abt 6 May 1123 in Reinhardsbrunn
Wedelphus Of Thuringia: Birth: 365.
William II Of Thuringia: Death: 24 Dec 1003
Person Not Viewable
Tancred Of Tiberias: Death: 5 Dec 1112
Jeanne Of Tigny: Death: Aft 1392
Isabelle Of Tinteniac: Death: Aft 1370
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Adalbert II Of Tirol: Death: Abt 1125
Adelbert III Of Tirol: Death: 22 Jul 1253
Adelheid Of Tirol: Birth: Abt 1210. Death: 26 May 1279
Berthold I Of Tirol: Death: 7 Mar Abt 1180
Heinrich Of Tirol: Death: 14 Jun Abt 1190
David Igorjewitsch Of Tmurokan: Birth: Abt 1058. Death: 25 Dec 1112
Wladimir Rostislawitsch Of Tmutorokan And Przemysl: Death: 19 Mar 1124
Milo Of Toerre: Death: Aft 980
Rutger II Of Tomburg: Death: 2 May After 1075
Ernst I Of Tonna: Death: 29 Dec 1151
Helenburg Of Tonna: Death: Aft 1188
Mechtild Of Tonna: Death: Abt 1200
Lambert I Of Tonne And Berg: Death: 13 Oct 1149
Ermengarde Of Tonnerre: Death: Bef 1090
Hugh Of Tonnerre: Death: 3 Apr 1084
Milo Of Tonnerre: Birth: Abt 950. Death: Aft 1002
Milo Of Tonnerre: Death: Aft 1068
Renaud Of Tonnerre: Birth: Abt 980. Death: 16 Jul 1039
William Of Tonnerre: Death: Aft 1083
Person Not Viewable
Hamon-Aux-Dents Of Torigny: Death: 1045 in Val-Des-Duns
John Of Toron: Death: 27 Nov 1289
Humphrey II Of Toron, Constable Of Jerusalem: Death: 22 May 1179
Maria Of Torres: Death: Aft 1215
Person Not Viewable
Guiglielmo Of Torresana: Death: Aft 967
Otto Of Torresana: Death: Bef 991
Person Not Viewable
Agnes Of Toucy: Death: Aft 1161
Itier III Of Toucy: Death: 1147
Itier IV Of Toucy: Death: 1218 in Damiette
Jean Of Toucy: Death: 1250 in Egypt
Jeanne Of Toucy: Death: Bef Sep 1317
Narjod I Of Toucy: Death: Bef 1100
Narjod II Of Toucy: Death: 1192
Otho Of Toucy: Death: Aft 1228
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable

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