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Marriage: Children:
  1. Margery Wadham: Birth: Abt 1400 in Merefield (Marryfield), Somersetshire, England.

  2. William Wadham: Birth: Abt 1403 in Merefield, Somerset, England. Death: 1452

  3. John Wadham: Birth: Abt 1409 in Edge Barton Manor, Branscombe, Devon, England. Death: in Merifield Manor, Ilminster, Chard, Somerset, England

  4. Elizabeth Wadham: Birth: Abt 1428 in Merifield, Somerset, England.

  5. William Wadham: Birth: Abt 1430 in Merifield, Somerset, England. Death: in Catherstone, Dorset, England

1. Title:   The Phillips, Weber, Kirk, & Staggs families of the Pacific Northwest
Author:   Weber, Jim
2. Title:   Newell, Popper, Budinsky, Stanley, Guyon
Author:   Loren, J. K.

a. Note:   Tim Sandberg's Genealogy Database. Tim Sandburg: Brass at St. Mary's, Ilminster is William in full plate armour. It is unusual because it is the oldest such brass known. There is a copy of the same brass to the left of Henry VIII in the White tower of London. William was the Sheriff of Devon in (20 Hen VI) 1441. Prince "Worthies of Devon" p748. Wyndham p5. IPM from Lib: Exeter West Country Studies, chronicles his death and John as his heir. His age is given in his father's IPM at 21. It is said that Sir William built at Ilminster St. Mary's Church during the time of Henry VII. See Myths, Scenes and Worthies of Somerset p488-92.1441 Sheriff of Devon, proprietor Merifield Manor, near Ilminster, Somerset and Edge Barton, Branscombe, Devonshire, England Maloney, Hendrick & Others - J. H. Maloney is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.