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Marriage: Children:
  1. Thomas Swynford: Birth: Abt 1368. Death: 1432

  2. Thomas Swynford: Birth: Sep 1368 in Kettelthorpe, Lincolnshire, England. Death: 1432

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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Beaufort: Birth: 29 Jan 1374 in Beaufort, Maine-Et-Loire, Pays DE La Loire, France. Death: 16 Mar 1410 in Catherine-By-The-Tower Hospital, London, England

  2. Joan De Gaunt Plantagenet: Birth: 1375 in Beaufort Castle, Beaufort, Anjou, France. Death: 13 Nov 1440 in Howden, Yorkshire, England

  3. Henry De Beaufort, Bishop Of Winchester: Birth: Abt 1376 in Beaufort Castle, Anjou, France. Death: 11 Apr 1447 in Winchester, Hampshire, England

  4. Thomas Beaufort: Birth: 1387 in Chateau DE Beaufort, Meurthe-Et-Moselle, France. Death: 27 Dec 1426 in Greenwich Manor, East Greenwich, Kent, England

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a. Note:   Katherine of Hainault 4th wife of John Plantagenet of Gaunt.[MyTree.GED] Our Noble & Gentle Families of Royal Descent Together with Their Paternal Ancestry by Joseph Foster p 2 1883 Edition She was the sister-in-law to Geoffrey Chaucer, the poet. She became the mistress, and later third wife to John of Gaunt, brother of King Edward III. She and her sister were raised in France with their mother while their father was fighting for the English King. After the plague killed all the family but the two girls, they were brought to England. Katherine spent several years in a convent, regaining her health. She met and married Sir Hugh Swynford, and had two children with him. She was still married when she became mistress to John of Gaunt. RESEARCH NOTES: children of John of Gaunt born before marriage, but legitimated by the Parliament in Feb 1397. They were barred from succession to the throne by Henry IV [Ref: Paget HRHCharles p22] In 1396, John of Gaunt married Catherine Swynford, many years his mistress, and had his children by her, under the name of Beaufort, declared legitimate. # Note: See biography by S. Armitage-Smith (1904, repr. 1964); J. R. Hulbert, Chaucer's Official Life (1912, repr. 1970). Source: Holly Tamer of Updated November 2007
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Note:   Sources for this Information: date: first marriage of Katharine [Ref: Don Stone SGM 8/9/1998-123614, ES III.1 #157, Weis AR7 #1], names: [Ref: Moriarty Plantagenet p2, Paget HRHCharles p22], child: [Ref: Don Stone SGM 8/9/1998-123614]
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