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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Martin: Birth: 1806 in Halifax County, VA. Death: 1859 in Weakley County, TN

  2. Charlotte Martin: Birth: Abt 1810.

  3. Elizabeth W Martin: Birth: 1812 in VA,. Death: 1856 in TN,

  4. Abner Martin: Birth: 1812 in VA,. Death: Aft 1850 in TN,

  5. Lemuel F Martin: Birth: 1820 in VA,. Death: Aft 1850

  6. Charles Martin: Birth: 1822 in VA,. Death: Aft 1860

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a. Note:   Abner Martin? surety for Elizabeth, lived next door to Elizabeth in Gibson County, TN 1850 L. F. (Lemuel) Martin lived in same household as Elizabeth and Crawford along with an old Sipon woman in 1850 Gibson County. 6/10/99 -- Looking over 1850 census, the Francis Johnson living with Crawford, the name Johnson rung a bell, and when I looked it up, George's daughter (we think) Charlotte married a Johnson -- mystery solved?? Crawford acted as surety on a Charlotte W. Martin as well -- George's daughter maybe? Could this be pertinent?? Mrs. Elizabeth Stephens Cooper. DAR ID Number: 56738 Born in Weathersford, Texas. Descendant of Lieut. George Martin and of Elizabeth Marshall Martin. Daughter of Judge Isaac W. Stephens and Jannett Ann Martin, his wife. Granddaughter of John C. Martin and Mary Lititia Leonard, his wife. Gr-granddaughter of John Cattlet Martin and Mary Key, his wife. Gr-gr-granddaughter of George Martin and Alice Freeman, his wife. Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of Abram Martin and Elizabeth Marshall, his wife. Elizabeth Marshall Martin had seven sons in the field and all but one survived the partisan warfare. In her isolated home she was persecuted by the Tories and her bravery has placed her name among the heroines of the Revolution. She died in South Carolina at the age of ninety-six. Also No. 30649. George Martin (1754-1804) entered the army at the age of twenty-two as a private in his brother's command, 2nd South Carolina regiment; he rose to the rank of lieutenant. He was born in Caroline County, Va.; died in Edgefield County, S. C. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.