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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Blackshear: Birth: Abt 1758 in NC.

  2. Jacob Blackshear: Birth: Abt 1760 in Craven Co, NC. Death: 1840 in Stewart Co, GA

  3. Moses L. Blackshear: Birth: Abt 1761 in Jones, NC. Death: 27 Sep 1822 in Twiggs Co, GA

  4. Jesse Blackshear: Birth: Abt 1767 in Jones, NC. Death: Died: 26 Jul 1803 in Williamson, TN

  5. Agnes Blackshear: Birth: 1770.

  6. Alexander Blackshear: Birth: 4 Dec 1772 in Jones Co NC. Death: 30 Oct 1842 in Henry Co Ala

  7. Rebecca Blackshear: Birth: 1774.

  8. Susannah Blackshear: Birth: 1776.

  9. Nancy Blackshear: Birth: 1778.

  10. Elizabeth Blackshear: Birth: 1780.

  11. Temperance Blackshear: Birth: 1782. Death: 1860 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple

a. Note:   ELISHA STOUT BLACKSHEAR, b. Kent Co., Delaware, about 1736, son of Agnes and Alexander Blackshear. Lived in Craven and Jones Counties in N.C.D. Jones Co., d. 1810 in Jones County, N.C. Will filed there. Wife, SUSANNAH (probably Ward). Place and date of m. unknown, issue 11 in all, if the three main references are all included. Alexander is mentioned by one. James, Jesse, Moses and Jacob by two others, but only Moses and Jacob appear in the will of E. S. B. It is therefore assumed that the other sons got their inheritance (as did the older daus.) and struck out to find their fortunes in other parts. The issue is being numbered herein but no claim of accuracy is made. No. 1 Alexander, found in Laurens Co., Ga., with a Family, 1820 Census. No. 2 James, " Went over the Cumberland Mountains", no other trace. No. 3 Jesse, "Moved to Tenn., and had Ezekiel." See entry. No. 4 Moses, m. and moved to Twiggs Co., Ga. See entry. No. 5 Agnes, no trace. No. 6 Jacob m. Judith Moore. See entry. No. 7 Rebecca, no trace. No. 8 Susannah, no trace. No. 9 Nancy, no trace. No. 10 Elizabeth, m. James Huggins (before 1830). No. 11 Temperance, m. Elijah Koonce (before 1808). In the will of E. S. B. all of the daus. are mentioned, also three sons-in-law, but the identity of their wives is not clear. The sons in law were James Huggins, Samuel Westbrook, and Elijah Koonce. The last three daus. mentioned seem to have been unmarried at the time the Will was made. The parents of E. S. B. lived in Craven Co., Enoch Ward lived in the neighboring county, of Carteret; the last child mentioned in his will was "Susannah". (1750). In Ga. an Enoch Ward, (also mentioned in his father's will), is found to be neighbor to Jacob Blackshear, the youngest son of Susannah and Elisha Stout B. Jacob named a son Enoch, which name had not formerly been in the Blackshear Family. The grandson of Jacob married Caroline Ward, indicating that the Wards and the Blackshears continued to be neighbors in Ga. as well as in N.C. No marriage bonds have been found for either Susannah Ward or Elisha Stout Blackshear. Here follows some documentation arranged in chronological order.1764, Deed from Abraham Bailey of Onslow Co., 100 acres by estimation on south side of Tuckaho for 30 Pounds Proclamation money 6 Jan. 1764. Cit. Register of Deeds Craven Co. Book 11 p. 318. 1764, Grant No. 172 Surveyed by John Shepard 10 Aug., 1764. Chain Bearers Abraham Blackshear & Alexander Blackshear 48 acres on south side of Trent River Issued 9 Nov., 1764. Cit. Land Grand Office, Raleigh, N. C. Book 17 p. 113 (Craven Co.) 1766, Grant No. 132 Surveyed by Levin Lane 25 April, 1766. Chain Bearers Tobias Murry and Abraham Blackshear 100 acres on the south side of Trent River. Issued 26 Sept., 1766. Cit. L.G.O. Book 17 p. 298 (Craven Co.) 1766, Grant No. 133 for 100 acres on the south side of Trent River. Issued 26 Sept., 1766 Cit. L.G.O. Book 17 p. 298 (Craven Co.) 1767, Trespass Case ESB versus John Sanders Cit. Craven Co. Court "Minutes". 1767, Juror, Craven Co. 1767, Deed to John Fillyard 100 acres on the south side of Tuckahoe Creek for 80 pounds. Proclamation money 8 Feb.,1767. Cit. Register of Deeds, Craven Co., Court House, Newbern, N.C.Book 12-13 p. 97. 1767, Deed from Humphrey Wilks, 280 Acres by estimation on north side of Trent River for 85 Pounds Proclamation money 8 April, 1767. Cit. R of D. Craven Co. Book 14 p. 26. 1768, Grant No. 232 for 130 Acres on north side of Trent River. Issued 28 April, 1768 Cit. L.G.O. Book 23 p. 228. 1769, Grant No. 309 for 100 acres south side of Trent River Issued 5 May, 1769. Surveyer not named, Chain Bearers Titus ...?... & Robert King. Cit. L.G.O. Book 20 p. 473. 1769, Deed from Thomas Clifton Howe, Esq. of Claremont, Craven Co. 640 acres north side of Trent River -- tract was granted to Thomas Jones by Patent bearing date 17 April, 1729, assigned over to Walter Lane 15 Apr., 1730, and also further conveyed and confirmed from the said Jones to the said Lane by Deed bearing date 17 Apr., 1730 and registered in the Public Register of Craven Co., and from the said Walter Lane conveyed and confirmed unto Levin Lane by deed 2 Jan., 1756, from Lane to John Tutle by Deed 14 Dec., 1764, from Tutle to Howe by deed 15 Oct., 1765, Thomas Clifton Howe to Elisha Blackshear consideration 150 Pounds Proclamation money 12 May, 1769. Cit. R of D Craven Co. Book 16 p. 336 1770, Juror in Craven Co. 1772, Deed to James Singleton 100 Acres on south side of Trent River for 20 Pounds Proclamation Money 30 April, 1772. Cit. R of D Craven Co. Book 21 p. 79. 1774, Deed for south side of Trent River for 25 Pounds Proclamation Money 10 Nov., 1774. Cit. R of D Craven Co. Book 21 p. 187. 1778, Deed to Edward Brown 100 Acres on north side Trent River (Granted to Bejamin Messor by Patent 26, Sept. 1766) No consideration mentioned 9 Jan., 1778. Cit. R of D Craven Co. Book 23 p. 62. 1778, Deed to 25 acres Craven Co. 5 Dec., 1778 Cit. Number 214 p. 217. Cit. Vol. XXIV p. 872 Public Laws of 1777-78 Chapter LXXII. 1779, Grantee John Lavender 7 Jan., 1779 Cit. R of D Craven Co. Book 44 p. 1 1779, Grantor wm. Pollard 100 Acres between Joshuas Creek and Trent River. Consideration 45 Pounds 14 Dec., 1779. Cit. R of D Jones Co. Book C p. 53. 1779, Assessed for Taxes on 790 Acres of Land and 3 negroes. Cit. Jones Co. Tax Lists. 1782, Grant 118 plat calls for 14 acres surveyed 25 acres by Edward Whitty surveyor 2 May, 1782, Chain Bearers Moses Blackshear & Jesse Blackshear Grant issued 22 Oct., 1782 surveyed as 14 acres by Levin Lane 26 Apr., 1766 ...?... Gentry & James Mashburn Chain Bearers. 1785, 1 male 21 to 60 -- 2 males under 21 or over 60 -- 8 females any age 2 negroes Jones Co. N. C. Census (not Federal) Cit. Misclns Records Jones Co. in N. C. Archives at Raleigh. 1786, Deed to John Johnston 17 March, 1786. Cit. R of D Jones Co. Book 4 p. 601 1790, Witnessed Love and Affection Deed Agnes B to Jacob and Alexander B. 17 Sept., 1790 Cit. R of D. Jones Co. Book 1 p. 559. 1790, 2 males 16 or older -- 5 females -- 1 slave. Cit. Federal Census Jones Co., N. C. 1796, Deed with Moses to James Goodman 9 Jan., 1796, for 25 acres south side of Trent River, and 50 acres Patented by Moses B. 1 Nov., 1789, and 39 acres Patented by Moses B. 25 Jan., 1794, and 30 acres. Patented by Wm. Pollard 19 Aug., 1763, all for 125 Pounds Current Money. Cit. R of Deeds Jones Co. Book 2 p. 542. 1800, 1 male over 45 -- 1 female over 45 -- 3 females 16 to 26 -- 2 slaves. Cit. Federal Census Jones Co. 1803, Deed to Samuel Westbrook, (son-in-law), 31 March, 1803. Cit. R of D Jones Co., N. C. Book 3 p. 447. 1803, Deed to Edward Bryan, 3 June, 1803, 100 Acres on Cypress Creek. Cit. R of D. Jones Co. Book 3 p. 530. 1804, Deed to James Huggins, (son-in-law), 23 July, 1804, a tract on Trent River which was conveyed to Elisha Blackshear by Clifton Howe May, 1769.R of D Jones Co. Book 4 p. 12 1806, Deed to Elijah Koonce, (son-in-law), 14 Nov., 1806 150 acres on west side of "S" Creek whereon the said Blackshear now lives. Cit. R of D Jones Co. Book 4 p. 161. 1808, Will made 11 Dec., 1808, Probated Nov. Term 1810, names Wife, Susanna, Sons, Moses 7 Jacob, Dau. Rebecca, Susanna, Agnes, Mary, Elizabeth & Temperence -- Grand-Daus. Susanna Huggins & Mary Koonce. Sons-in-law -- James Huggins, Sam'l Westbrook & Elijah Koonce. Cit. Clerks Office, Jones Co. Courthouse Trenton, N. C. Will Book A p. 325.Son Alexander is said to have moved to Washington Co., Ga., before 1800. Son James is said to have moved "Over the Cumberland Mountains" around 1790. Son Jesse moved to Tenn. between 1795 & 1810 (Believed to have been the Dillahunty Party of 1795), two of his sons remained in N. C. until after 1810. Moses moved to Washington Co., Ga., before 1800, thence to Twiggs Co. after 1800. Jacob moved to Houston Co., Ga., after 1800. STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA : IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN JONES COUNTY I, Elisha S. Blacksher of the County and State aforesaid being rather infirm in body, but in perfect memory of mind, do make and ordain this to be my last will & testament in manner and form following. 1st. Imprimis, I lend to my wife Susanna Blacksher (during her life or widowhood) my black Horse called Jack and all my household & kitchen furniture (except two beds & furniture) also one third of all my corn, meat and other provisions. 2nd, I will & bequeath to my two sons Moses Blacksher & Jacob Blacksher all my wearing clothes only, they having had their proportionable part of my Estate. 3rd. My three daughters, Rebecca, Susanna & Agnes have received their proportionable of my Estate also. 4th. I give & bequeath to my daughter Nancy my negro man named Toney and my young horse called Ball, to her & her heirs and assigns for ever. 5th. I will & bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth all my sheep. 6th. I will & bequeath to my grand daughter Susanna Huggins my black horse called Pal, and one bed & furniture. 7th. I will to my grand daughter Nancy Koonce one bed and furniture. 8th. I give to my three sons in law, James Huggins, Samuel Westbrook & Elijah Koonce all my carpenter & plantation tools. 9th. I give & bequeath to my daughter Temperance all my stock of cattle and hogs and the other two thirds of my crop and provision with all other articles of my property not otherwise mentioned also all that I lent my wife at her decease, to her & her heirs and assigns for ever. 10. I will & bequeath to my three daughters, Elizabeth Nancy & Temperance to be equally divided between them after paying all my debts and necessary expenses all my money in hand and all thats due me on notes or accounts. And Last of all, I constitute make and ordain Benjamin Fordham Sen. & Samuel Westbrook my soul Executors to this my last Will and Testament, and uteraly disallow and revoke all and every other will in any will before named. Ratifying and confirming this to be my last Will and Testament, in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 11th of December 1808. ELISHA S. BLACKSHER (SEAL) Signed & pronounced by the said Elisha S. Blacksher in presence of us who in his presence and in presence of each other hereunto set and subscribe our names. Isaac Brown (SEAL) Samuel Westbrook (SEAL) Elijah Koonce (SEAL) STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA : COURT OF PLEAS & JONES COUNTY : QUARTER NOVEMBER TERM 1810 Then was the aforegoing last will & Testament of Elisha S. Blacksher, dec., duly proven in open court by the oath of Isaac Brown & Elijah Koonce two of the subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded at same time the executors therein named qualifying as such agreeable to law. Ordered that Letters Testamentary issue accordingly.a true copy from the original filed in the Clerks office of Jones County. Atest: H. BRYAN CSC On Record In Will Book A.Pages -- 325 & 326 Cit. Will of Alexander Blackshear, Also Ref "History and Genealogy of Jones County" " " Agnes Blackshear Federal Census Jones Co. N. C. 1790-1800 Alabama Family Records Family Chart by James Appleton Blackshear (1865-67 STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA JONES COUNTY OFFICE OF THE CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT I, Myrtie Beaman, Deputy, Clerk of the Superior Court of Jones County, State of North Carolina, which Court is a Court of Record, having an official seal, which is hereto affixed, do hereby certify the foregoing and attached (two (2) sheets) to be a true copy of Last Will and Testament of Elisha S. Blacksher as the same is taken from and compared with the original now on file in this office. 132 BLACKSHEAR FAMILY HISTORY In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the Superior Court of Jones County at my office in Trenton, North Carolina, this the 24th day of November, in the year of our Lord, 1952. Myrtie Beaman DEPUTY Clerk Superior Court is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. 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