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Otto I Of Dachau, Grub, And Valley: Death: 1 Aug After 1134
Ulrich III Of Daggendorf: Death: Abt 1170
Albrecht I Of Dagsburg: Death: 24 Aug 1098
Albrecht II Of Dagsburg: Death: 1212
Clementia Of Dagsburg: Death: Bef 1169
Heilwig Of Dagsburg: Birth: Abt 970. Death: 1046
Hugh VI Of Dagsburg: Death: Abt 1046
Hugo IX Of Dagsburg: Death: Aft 1137
Louis Of Dagsburg: Death: 980
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Hugo X Of Dagsburg, Moha, And Metz: Death: Aft 1178
Hugh III Of Dagsburg-Moha And Metz: Birth: Abt 1127. Death: 1180
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Rainald II Of Dalenbroich: Death: 17 Jan 1396
Lorarn Of Dalriada: Death: Abt 484
Hugh II Of Dammartin: Death: Abt 1100
Manasser Of Dammartin: Death: 15 Dec 1037 in Etain
Marie Of Dammartin: Death: Aft 1279
Phillipa Of Dammartin: Death: 14 Apr Abt 1278
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Jean II Of Dampierre And Saint-Dizier: Death: Bef 11 Nov 1307
Agnes Of Dampierre: Death: Aft 1292
Elisabeth Of Dampierre: Death: Aft 1228
Helvide Of Dampierre: Death: Aft 1224
Jean I Of Dampierre: Death: 1258
Jeanne Of Dampierre: Death: 2 Mar 1316
Marguerite Of Dampierre: Death: Aft 1315
Marie Of Dampierre: Death: Bef 1245
Person Not Viewable
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John I Of Dampierre, Count Of Namur: Birth: 1267. Death: 1 Feb 1331
Helisia Of Dampierre-Sur-Salon: Death: 1359
Jeanne Of Dargies: Birth: Bef 1274. Death: Aft 1348
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Adelheid Of Dassel: Death: 14 Sep 1263
Adolf Of Dassel: Death: Bef 1224
Heseke Of Dassel: Death: Aft 1220
Ludolf I Of Dassel: Death: 1167 in Italy
Reinold Of Dassel: Death: Aft 1127
Sophie Of Dassel: Death: Aft 1215
Garsia Of Dax: Birth: Abt 770. Death: 816
Rheingar of Deheubarth: Birth: 865 in Carmarthenshire, Wales.
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Adelheid Of Delmenhorst: Death: Bef 1424
James Of Delmenhorst: Birth: 24 Aug 1463. Death: Aft 1483
Moritz V Of Delmenhorst: Birth: 1428. Death: 9 Aug 1464
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Anna Of Denmark: Birth: 1574. Death: 1619
Bjorn Jarnside Of Denmark: Death: 1134
Elisabeth Of Denmark: Birth: 1524. Death: 1586
Elisabeth Of Denmark: Birth: 1485 in Nyborg. Death: 10 Jun 1555 in Coln An Der Spree
Gorm Del Gamel Of Denmark: Birth: 880 in Sjaelland Island, Denmark. Death: 936 in Jellinge, Vejle, Denmark
Gunhilda Cunigunda Of Denmark: Birth: Abt 1020. Death: 18 Jul 1038 in Italy
Henrik The Hinkende Of Denmark: Death: 4 Jun 1134
Ingeborg Of Denmark: Birth: 1244. Death: Abt 24 Mar 1287
Ingeborg Of Denmark: Birth: 1175. Death: 29 Jul 1236 in Corbeil
Ingeborg Of Denmark: Birth: 1 Apr 1347. Death: Bef 16 Jun 1370
Kanut Of Denmark: Birth: 1451. Death: 1455
Margaret Of Denmark: Birth: 23 Jun 1456 in K�benhavn, K�benhavn, Denmark. Death: 14 Jul 1486 in Stirling
Mathilde Of Denmark: Death: Abt 1299
Olaf Of Denmark: Birth: 29 Sep 1450. Death: 1451
Richiza Of Denmark: Death: 8 May 1220
Richsa Of Denmark: Death: Bef 27 Oct 1308
Sophia Of Denmark: Birth: Abt 1240. Death: Aft 1284
Sophia Of Denmark: Birth: 1217. Death: 2 Nov 1247 in Flensburg
Sophie Of Denmark: Birth: Abt 1159. Death: 1208
Waldemar Of Denmark: Birth: 1209. Death: 28 Nov 1231
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Charles The Good Of Denmark, Count Of Flanders: Birth: Abt 1084. Death: 2 Nov 1127 in Brugge
Eudes Le Roux Of Deols: Death: Aft 1045
Raoul II Of Deols: Death: 1012
Raoul V Thibault Of Deols: Death: Abt 1099 in Antiochos
Raoul Of Deols: Death: 1176
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Person Not Viewable
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Oleg Of Dessolians: Death: 977
Gonzalo Betolo Of Deza: Death: Aft 929
John Of Diepholz: Death: 1422
Rudolf Of Diepholz: Death: Bef 1304
Rudolph III Of Diepholz: Death: 1350
Hedwig Of Diepolz: Death: Aft 1298
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Saint Hedwig Of Diessen And Andechs: Birth: Abt 1176 in Castle Andechs, Andechs, Bavaria, Germany. Death: 14 Oct 1243 in Silesia, Poland
Adelheid Of Diessen: Death: 13 Jan Abt 1145
Adelheid Of Diessen: Death: Abt 1163
Arnolf I Of Diessen: Death: Abt 1095
Beatrix Of Diessen: Death: 24 Feb After 1070
Berthold I Of Diessen: Birth: Abt 1015. Death: Aft 1060
Frederick I Of Diessen: Death: Aft 1030

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