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  1. N ebi (Hnabi) D'alemania (Duke Of Alemania) Of Alemania: Birth: 690 in Swabia, Bavaria, Germany. Death: 736

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Note:   DUKE OF ALLEMANIA RESEARCH NOTES: Duke of Alamannia [Ref: Moriarty Plantagenet p8] There is some difficulty (noted by Eckhardt [K A Eckhardt *Merowingerblut I: Die Karolinger und ihre Frauen*(Witzenhausen, 1965)] p.62-64) with the name 'Huoching'. Strictly speaking, so goes his argument, 'Huoching' is not a personal name but a clan name like 'Agilolfing'. The personal name would be 'Hoc/Huoch'. Thegan or his source misread/misheard the original source and the line should have been reported thus: duke Gotfrid begat Nebi/Hnabi, Nebi Huoching begat Imma. On this account 'Huoching' properly refers to the clan name of the Alemannic ducal family. Thus according to Eckhardt Gotfrid would be g-grandfather of Hildegard instead of her g-g-grandfather. [Ref: Richard Borthwick SGM 4/12/1998-082251] BIBLIOGRAPHY: Borthwick, Richard, Merovingian ancestry of Hildegarde. Posting to soc.genealogy.medieval (email list GEN-MEDIEVAL) on 4/12/1998-082251. Subject: Re: Merovingian ancestry of Hildegarde?. Available at Author address: rgbor at cyllene dot uwa dot edu dot au. Moriarty, G Andrews, Plantagenet Ancestry of King Edward III And Queen Philippa. Salt Lake: Mormon Pioneer Genealogical Society, 1985. LDS Film#0441438. nypl#ARF-86-2555. Settipani, Christian, Ancestors of Charlemagne Addenda, 1990. Originally published in Heraldique et Genealogie, 1990. Available at Weis, Frederick Lewis, Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr, David Faris, Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists who came to America before 1700, 7th Edition, Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co, 1992.
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