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Marriage: Children:
  1. Beatrice Mainwaring: Birth: 1197. Death: Aft 1289

  2. Roger Mainwaring: Death: Bef 1244

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Note:   One half of the team of 'Lewis & Clark' that mapped out th
Note continued:   e Pacific Northwest.
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a. Note:   NI34913
Note:   Amicia De Meschines of Chester BIBLIOGRAPHY: Allen, Kay, MAINWARING. Posting to soc.genealogy.medieval (email list GEN-MEDIEVAL) on 9/30/1999-080815. Subject: Re: MAINWARING. Available at Author address: allenk at pacbell dot net. Cokayne, George Edward, Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain, and the United Kingdom, extant, extinct, or dormant. Gloucester: A Sutton, 1982. Reed, Paul C., Amicia, illegitimate daughter of Hugh, Earl of Chester. Posting to soc.genealogy.medieval (email list GEN-MEDIEVAL) on 10/7/1999-112524. Subject: Amicia, illegitimate daughter of Hugh, Earl of Chester. Available at Author address: reedpcgen at aol dot com. Roberts, Gary Boyd, Ancestors of American Presidents, First Authoritative Edition. Santa Clarita, CA: Carl Boyer, 1995. Watney, Vernon James, The Wallop Family and their Ancestry, Oxford:John Johnson, 1928. LDS Film#1696491 items 6-9. RESEARCH NOTES: Though Doug [Richardson]'s hypothesis that Amicia might have been daughter of Earl Hugh 'de Kevelioc' by a previous unknown marriage is technically possible, there are very good reasons for believing this is not the case, and that Amicia was illegitimate. Hugh, Earl of Chester, and Vicomte d'Avranches, was born in 1147. He married Bertrade de Montfort (a cousin of the King, who gave her away), daughter of Simon, Count d'Evreux, in 1169, when he would have hardly been twenty-two. He died in 1181, aged about 34, but she lived until 1227. They had one son and four daughters, the son being Ranulph de Blundeville, Earl of Chester and Lincoln, who married as his first wife Constance (widow of the King's son), daughter of Conan, Earl of Richmond and Duke of Bretagne (by his wife Margaret of Scotland). [The four daughters] married men of the highest rank in England--not just Earls, but many of the most powerful magnates of the realm. The Earldom of Chester itself was a powerful entity, in that it had been granted 'princely' authority that came with the Palatinate. NOW compare this with Amicia. She married, before 1181 [the year of her father's death], Ralph de Mainwaring [Mesnilwarin], a local Cheshire gentleman. Though he was justiciar of Chester for about ten years, he was not even one of the traditional hereditary barons of Cheshire. In an undated charter, Earl Hugh granted Ralph three knights' fees to be held by the service of two, in frank marriage [liberum maritagium] with his daughter Amicia [see William Beaumont, ed., _Tracts written in the controversy respecting the legitimacy of Amicia..._ (Chetham Society) 78-80:449-50; and Geoffrey Barraclough, ed., _Facsimiles.of Early Cheshire Charters_ (Oxford, 1957), 46]. Was this a reasonal marriage portion for the eldest/elder daughter of an Earl? There is a VAST difference between three knights' fees and an Earldom. There are other compelling reasons for believing Amicia was not a child by a first unknown wife of Earl Hugh. The most prominent of Cheshire chronicles [Richard Copley Christie, ed., _Annales Cestrienses, or, Chronicle of the Abbey of S. Werburg at Chester_ (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society) 14:xvii-xviii, 20-1, 24-5] records the birth of Earl Hugh in 1147, his marriage to Bertrade in 1169, his knighting, etc. It is highly doubtful that this chronicle, which focused on the family of their patron, the Earl of Chester, would have overlooked an earlier marriage, and that such a marriage would be overlooked in the Rolls Series as well. Also, the Earl and his wife Bertrade were mentioned in many charters. If the Earl had had a first marriage, it would be remarkable that there would be no charters involving her or that no charters should be granted for the good of her soul (among the souls of his ancestor, wife Bertrade, or others, as was typical). So, (1) taking the Earl's young age at time of marriage, (2) comparing the level of marriages of the Earl's known legitimate issue to Amicia's match with a local gentleman (not even a Cheshire Baron, let alone a peer), and (3) the omission of any mention of such a said previous marriage in chronicles, foundation charters and accounts, etc., I see little reason to hold that Amicia was the daughter of an unknown first marriage. Also, her marriage was granted during the Earl's lifetime. Had the Earl's only son died before the Earl's death (a scenario which not infrequently happened), Amicia would have been senior daughter and coheir of her father. Given this possibility it is even less likely the Earl would have married a legitimate daughter to Ralph and given them only three knights' fees in frank marriage! [Ref: Paul Reed SGM 10/7/1999-112524] ------------------ Amicia married Ralph Mainwaring. There has been much discussion about her, some claiming she was by a first wife and some that she was illegitimate. Sir Peter Leicester and Sir Thomas Mainwaring having many arguments over it. There are 14 books about it, and eventually the matter was referred to the judges. At an assize held at Chester in 1675 the controversy was decided with Thomas Mainwaring that she was legitimate. Of, Kevelioc, Merionethshire, Wales [Copy of william.FTW] [pre1900G.FTW] Provided by: Randy Winch <>[william.FTW] [pre1900G.FTW] Provided by: Randy Winch <> ---------- He also had an illegitimate daughter, Amice of Chester, who married Ralph de Mainwaring. (Wikipedia)
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