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Marriage: Children:
  1. Neustria : Birth: Abt 570.

  2. Merovech : Birth: Abt 600. Death: 604

  3. Dagobert I Austrasia: Birth: 603 in Austrasia. Death: 19 Jan 639 in Saint-Denis

  4. Charibert II Neustria: Birth: 604 in Neustria. Death: 8 Apr 632 in Blaye, Gironde, France

  5. (Unk Son) : Death: Aft 613

Marriage: Children:
  1. Person Not Viewable

  2. Chilperic : Death: 632

Marriage: Children:
  1. Oda Of The Franks : Birth: 626 in France.

  1. Emma De Neustria : Birth: 600 in Neustria, France. Death: 648

1. Title:   De La Pole
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Note:   [De La Pole.FTW]n the Wall." Franks: Ruled Neustria, 584-; Burgundy and Austrasia, 613-629. RC: Clothaire II, King of Neustria, 584; King of France, 613-628. Signed the "Perpetual Constituion," 614/615, an early Magna Carta. Wall: Clotair II, died 629.a and sole King of the Franks (617) In 615, he promulgated the Edict of Paris, a type of Magna Carta which reserved many rights to the Frankish nobles while it excluded Jews from all civil employment for the Crown. This effectively placed all literacy in the monarch under the clergy. In 617, he made the mayoralty of the palace a lifetime appointment. By these 2 actions, he lost his own legislative abilities and the great number of laws enacted in his reign were probably the result of the nobles' petitions which he had no authority not to heed. In 623, he abdicated the throne to his young son, Dagobert I. ------------- Clotaire II (584 -629 ), King of Neustria , and from 613 -629 King of all the Franks , was not yet born when his father, King Chilperic I died in 584. His mother, Queen Fredegonde , was regent until her death in 597 , at which time the thirteen year old Clotaire II began to rule for himself. As King, he continued his mother's feud with Queen Brunhilda of Austrasia with equal viciousness and bloodshed. In 613 Clotaire II became the first king of all the Franks since his grandfather Clotaire I died in 561 by ordering the murder of the infant Sigebert II , whom the aging Brunhilda had attempted to set on the thrones of Austrasia and Burgundia , causing a rebellion among the nobility. This led to the delivery of Brunhilda into Clotaire's hands, his thirst for vengeance leading to his formidable old aunt enduring the agony of the rack for three whole days, before suffering a horrific death, chained between four horses that were goaded in separate directions, eventually tearing her apart. In 615 , Clotaire II promulgated the Edict of Paris , a sort of Frankish Magna Carta that reserved many rights to the Frankish nobles while it excluded Jews from all civil employment for the Crown. The ban effectively placed all literacy in the Merovingian monarchy squarely under ecclesiastical control and also greatly pleased the nobles, from whose ranks the bishops were ordinarily exclusively drawn. In 623 he gave the kingdom of Austrasia to his young son Dagobert I . This was a political move as repayment for the support of Bishop Arnulf of Metz and Pepin I , Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia, the two leading Austrasian nobles, who were effectively granted semi-autonomy RESEARCH NOTES: King of Franks [Ref: ES I.1 #2, Houdry CharlAnc, Tapsell Dynasties p169] King of Soissons [Ref: Tapsell Dynasties p169] 584-629: King of Soissons [Ref: Tapsell Dynasties p169] 613-629: King of Franks [Ref: Houdry CharlAnc, ES I.1 #2] 613-629: sole King of Franks [Ref: Tapsell Dynasties p169] OR "LOTHAR""DE NEUSTRIA"; KING OF SOISSONS AND PARIS 584; SOLE KING 613; HAD AT LEAST 3 WIVES King of Newustria, KING OF SOISSONS, King of France Upon Clotaire's birth, his mother had his father assassinated and ruled Neustrie in his name. He became King of Soissons in 584, and was sole King of the Franks in 613. He had his aunt Brunehaut (sister of his father's second wife) killed. In the year 596, through his mother Fredegonde, Clotaire II's territories were extended in the East. In 599, King Theodebert II of Austrasia and King Thierry II of Burgundy joined forces to take revenge upon Clotaire II. The Army of Neustria is beatten and the entire valley of the Seine is devastated. As a result, Thierry II's territory increased by taking away from Clotaire II, the lands between the Seine and the Loire. Theodebert II takes the lands of the Duchy of Dentelin. In 604, the Mayor of the Palace, Bertaut arouses the subjects against the King of Burgundy and they call on Clotaire II for help. On Christmas Day, 604, Clotaire rushes to their aid and crosses the Seine and pushes all to way to Orleans. On his return, he encounters an Army of Bourgogne, and is defeated at Etampes at which battle Bertaut is killed. Because Theodebert had not intervened, actually he had made peace in Compiegne with Clotaire II, Thierry II took offense and the two brothers became less than thrilled with each other. Brunehaut, unhappy with Theodebert, names as next Mayor of the Palace a Gallo-Roman named Protadius. In 607, she pushed Thierry II to take up arms against his brother. During the battle, Protadius is killed and the two brothers make peace, humiliating their mother, Brunehaut. By 612, the brothers again were at war and Thierry II purchases Clotaire's neutrality by offering him the Duchy of Dentelin. In 613 Clotaire II invades Austrasia upon the death of Thierry II, kills two of Thierry's sons [the other two disappear] , and has Brunehaut killed after the lords of Burgundy seize her and give her to him. At her "trial" Clotaire II had accused Brunehaut of having caused the death of ten frankish Kings: 1. Sigebert her first spouse, who was assassinated [though through no fault of Brunehaut] ; 2. Merovee, the son of Chilperic I [who was actually assassinated on the orders of Fredegonde] ; 3. Chilperic [killed in 584, and through no part from Brunehaut] ; 4. Theodebert II 5. of his son Clotaire [it is possible that Brunehaut had Cloraire assassinated after he deserted her] ; 6. Merovee, son of Clotaire II [highly doubtful that Brunehaut had a part in this murder] ; 7. Thierry II and his three sons [Thierry died of dysentery, and 8-10. his three sons were massacred on the order of Clotaire II himself]. For 3 days, Clotaire II personally tortures Brunehaut, then he parades her tied cross-wise to the back of a camel in front of his entire assembled army. Finally, he had her hair, and limbs tied to a wild horse which was allowed to run within a confined space while being beaten, therebye causing every limb to be broken and shortly thereafter she died at age 60 to 65. At this time, Clotaire II becomes the only surviving descendant of the sons of Clovis. He governs the Frankish Kingdom from the Pyrenees to the Rhine and beyond all the way to the Elbe, and the germanic peoples must pay him tribute. However, his power is limitted as in each of the three ancient kingdoms [Austrasia, Neustria and Burgundy] the Major Domus [Mayor of the Palace] becomes progressively more important. Submitting to the pressure of these mayors, Clotaire, Clotaire II on 23 January 623 makes his son Dagobert, King of occidental Austrasia [West of the Vosges and the Ardennes] as well as of Aquitaine. Again under pressure, in 626, Clotaire gives Dagobert Gomatrude [his wife's sister] as spouse. Three days after the wedding, Dagobert claims all of Austrasia was his, but Clotaire keeps control over Provence and Aquitaine. Married before 603: Bertrude . Married before 604: Haldetrude ; Haldetrude was one of three wives. King of Soissons 584-613 & King of the Franks 613-629 - When his father, King Chilperic I of Soissons died in 584, Chlotar was not yet even born. Until 597, his kingdom was administered by his mother, Queen Fredegund, but when she died that year he bagan to rule for himself, now 13 years old. In 613, the Austrasian and Burgundian kings, Theudebert II and Theuderic II respectively, had died, and Queen Brunhild had placed the young Sigebert II on the throne of those two kingdoms. That year, the 29 year old Chlotar had Sigebert and Brunhild killed, and became the first king of all the Franks since his grandfather Chlotar I died in 561. In 615, Chlotar passed the Edict of Paris, a sort of French Magna Carta that greatly pleased the nobles across the kingdom. In 623, he gave the kingdom of Austrasia to his young son Dagobert I, which was a political move giving Pepin I, Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia, and Bishop Arnulf of Metz, the two leading Austrasian nobles, semi-autonomy for their loyalty to Chlotar. In 629, Chlotar died and Dagobert became sole king, moving his capital from Austrasia to Paris.
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Note:   Sources for this Information: date: [Ref: Houdry CharlAnc] 584 [Ref: ES I #1, ES I.1 #2, Settipani Capet #3], parents: [Ref: CMH p154, ES I #1, ES I.1 #2, Houdry CharlAnc, Settipani Capet #3, Settipani CharlAnc p107], father: [Ref: Tapsell Dynasties p169]
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Note:   Sources for this Information: date: 18.X 629/8.IV 630 [Ref: ES I.1 #2] 28 Sep 628 [Ref: Houdry CharlAnc] 629 [Ref: CMH p154, ES I #1, Settipani Capet #3, Tapsell Dynasties p169] mid-October 629, around 18th [Ref: Settipani CharlAnc p92]
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