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Sophia Of Kiev: Birth: Abt 1405. Death: 21 Sep 1461
Sviatopolk I Of Kiev: Birth: Abt 980. Death: Abt 1019
Sviatoslav II Of Kiev: Birth: 1027. Death: 27 Dec 1076
Swinislawa Of Kiev: Death: Abt 1155
Viacheslav Of Kiev: Death: 1057
Yaropolk I Of Kiev: Birth: Abt 945. Death: 980
Person Not Viewable
Of Kiev, Halicz, And Tschernigow: Birth: Abt 1225. Death: 1263
Mstislaw Michailowitsch Of Kiev, Halicz, And Tschernigow: Birth: Abt 1225. Death: 1263
Svyatoslav Of Kiev, Prince Of Drevlyans: Death: Abt 1016
Gleb Of Kiev, Prince Of Murom: Death: 5 Sep 1015
Vysheslav Of Kiev, Prince Of Novgorod: Birth: 0001. Death: 1010
Izyaslav Of Kiev, Prince Of Polotsk: Death: 1001
Sudislav Of Kiev, Prince Of Pskov: Death: 1063
Boris Of Kiev, Prince Of Rostov: Death: 24 Jul 1015
Person Not Viewable
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Eberhard III Of Kirchburg: Death: Bef 1283
Hartman I Of Kirchburg: Death: Aft 1122
Liukarde Of Kirchburg: Death: 24 May 1326
Person Not Viewable
Adolf I Of Kleve And Mark: Birth: 1334. Death: 7 Sep 1394 in Kleve
Adalheid Of Kleve: Death: Aft 26 Jul 1337
Adelheid Of Kleve: Death: Aft 1242
Agnes Of Kleve: Death: Bef 1 Aug 1285
Arnold III Of Kleve: Death: Bef 1200
Dietrich I Of Kleve: Death: Bef 7 Mar 1120
Dietrich VII Of Kleve: Birth: 1291. Death: 7 Jul 1347
Dietrich Of Kleve: Birth: Abt 1214. Death: 24 Mar 1245
Elizabeth Of Kleve: Death: 1347
Elizabeth Of Kleve: Birth: Abt 1378. Death: Aft 2 Jul 1430
Irmgard Of Kleve: Death: 6 Aug 1362
Jutta Of Kleve: Death: Aft 1292
Margareta Of Kleve: Death: Aft 18 Sep 1348
Mechtilda Of Kleve: Death: 1304
Mechtilde Of Kleve: Death: 21 Dec 1309
Otto I Of Kleve: Birth: Abt 1278. Death: 29 Sep 1310
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Katherine Of Klingen: Death: 1296
Walter III Of Klingen: Death: 1 Mar 1286
Gertrud Of Koburg: Death: Abt 1130
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
(Unk Dau) Of Kommagene: Birth: 0060.
Laodice Of Kommagene: Birth: 0070.
Person Not Viewable
Alverich I Of Konradsburg: Death: Aft 983
Egino II Of Konradsburg: Death: Aft 1021
Person Not Viewable
Petronella Of Kortrijk: Death: Aft 1214
Berthold I Of Krachgau: Death: Aft 1179
Ulric I Of Krain And Istria: Death: 6 Mar 1070
Richza Of Krautheim: Death: Aft 1262
Wolfrad Of Krautheim: Death: Aft 23 Jan 1234
Budiwoj Of Krumau: Death: Aft 1272
Kasimir Of Kujavia: Birth: Abt 1211. Death: 14 Dec 1267
Leszek III Of Kujavia: Birth: Abt 1240. Death: 30 Sep 1288
Vladislav IV Of Kujavia, King Of Poland: Birth: Abt 3 Mar 1260. Death: 2 Mar 1333
Conrad I Of Kujavia, Prince Of Mazovia: Birth: Abt 1187. Death: 31 Aug 1247
Elisabeth Of Kujawien: Death: Aft 22 Aug 1345
Jewfamija Of Kujawien: Death: 18 Mar 1308
Hermann Of Kuyc And Grave: Death: Aft 1167
Heinrich I Of Kuyc: Death: 1108
Adelheid Of Kyburg: Death: Aft 1258
Anna Of Kyburg: Death: 20 Nov After 1283
Hartman V Of Kyburg: Death: 3 Sep 1263
Mechtilde Of Kyburg: Death: Aft 1232
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Mathilde Wildgrafin Of Kyrburg: Death: Aft 1221
Person Not Viewable
Girard II Of La Forez And Rokars: Death: 5 Mar After 1050
William III Of La Forez: Death: Jun 1097 in Nicosa
Boso I Of La Marche And Perigord: Birth: Abt 920. Death: 968
Aldebert II Of La Marche: Death: Bef Feb 1168
Bernard I Of La Marche: Birth: Abt 988. Death: 1047
Boso II Of La Marche: Birth: Abt 955. Death: Abt 27 Dec 1003
Boso III Of La Marche: Death: 1091 in Calfolena
Boso IV Of La Marche: Death: 1128
Eudes Of La Marche: Birth: Abt 1035. Death: Aft 1088
Jean I Of La Marche: Birth: Abt 1344. Death: 11 Jun 1393 in Vendome
Odo Of La Marche: Death: 1135
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Aimon Of La Sarraz: Death: Bef 1269
Girard Of La Sarraz: Death: Abt Dec 1233
Jordane Of La Sarraz: Death: Aft 1288
Person Not Viewable
Perronelle Of La Tour Du Pin: Death: Aft 1086
Person Not Viewable
Albert I Of La Tour: Death: Bef 1202
Berlion Of La Tour: Death: Aft 1107
Berlion Of La Tour: Death: Aft 1083
Girold Of La Tour: Death: 22 Jan After 1130
Pellegrina Of Lacon: Death: Bef 1157
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable

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