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Marriage: Children:
  1. Henry Beaumont: Birth: 0001. Death: Aft 10 Aug 1441

  2. William Beaumont, Vicount Beaumont: Birth: Apr 1438 in Edenham, Co Lincoln. Death: 19 Dec 1507

  3. Joan Beaumont: Death: 5 Aug 1466

1. Title:   Complete Peerage of England Scotland Ireland Great Britain and the Uni ted Kingdom.
Page:   II:62
Author:   Cokayne, George E.
Publication:   Name: Sutton Publishing Ltd., Gloucestershire, 2000;
2. Title:   Burke's Peerage & Baronetage, 106th Ed.
Page:   228
Author:   Charles Mosely, Editor-in-Chief
Publication:   Name: 1999;

a. Note:   BIBLIOGRAPHY: Cokayne, George Edward, Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, GreatBritain, and the United Kingdom, extant, extinct, or dormant. Gloucester: ASutton, 1982. RESEARCH NOTES: 1st Vicount Beaumont, of Viscountcy cr 1440 [Ref: CP II p62]Viscount Beaumont [Ref: CP IX p607]6th Lord Beaumont, of Barony cr 1309 [Ref: CP II p62] son and heir of Henry Beaumont, 5th Lord Beaumont [Ref: CP II p62] K.B. [Ref: CP II p62] 1460: slain on the Lancastrian side at Northampton [Ref: CP IX p607, CP IIp62] Sources for this Information: date: age 4 in 1413, [Ref: CP II p62], parents: [Ref: CP II p62] Sources for this Information: date: [Ref: CP II p62] 1460 [Ref: CP II p65, CP IX p607], place: [Ref: CP IIp62]
b. Note:   BI29938
c. Note:   DI29938
d. Note:   NF77363
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: between 25 Jul 1425 and 3 Jul 1436 [Ref: CP II p62], child: [Ref: CP II p62(g), CP II p62]
e. Note:   NF2075
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