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Marriage: Children:
  1. John De La Pole, Earl Of Lincoln: Birth: Abt 1462. Death: 16 Jun 1487 in Stoke

  2. Edmund De La Pole, Duke Of Suffolk: Birth: Feb 1471. Death: 4 May 1513

  3. Humphrey De La Pole, Rector Of Levington: Birth: 1 Aug 1474. Death: Bef 15 Feb 1513

  4. William De La Pole: Birth: Abt 1478. Death: Abt Nov 1539 in Tower

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  6. Richard De La Pole, White Rose: Death: 24 Feb 1525 in Pavia

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  8. Edward De La Pole, Archdeacon Of Richmond: Death: Bef 8 Oct 1485

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  11. Elizabeth De La Pole: Death: Aft 31 Dec 1489

a. Note:   2ND DUKE OF SUFFOLK; KG; HAD 8 OTHER CHILDREN WITH ELIZABETH RESEARCH NOTES: 2nd Duke of Suffolk, of Dukedom cr 1448 [Ref: CP XII/1 p448] 2nd Duke of Suffolk [Ref: Paget HRHCharles p23] Duke of Suffolk [Ref: Louda RoyalFamEurope #6] 2nd Marquis of Suffolk, of Marquessate cr 1444 [Ref: CP XII/1 p448] 5th Earl of Suffolk, of Earldom cr 1385 [Ref: CP XII/1 p448] 3rd Lord De La Pole, of Barony cr 1366 [Ref: CP X p567] 1464: attainder of 1388 was reversed, whereby the Barony of De la Pole of 1366, and the Earldom of Suffolk of 1385 were revived [Ref: CP X p567]
b. Note:   BI27913
c. Note:   DI27913
d. Note:   NF9063
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: before 18 Aug 1450 [Ref: Paget HRHCharles p23] vor 18.VIII 1450 [Ref: ES III.1 #157], divorced: before 6 Mar 1452/3 [Ref: CP XII/1 p450 (with corr in XIV p602)], note: subsequently dissolved [Ref: Paget HRHCharles p23]
e. Note:   NF8851
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: 1460 [Ref: Louda RoyalFamEurope #6] before Oct 1460 [Ref: Paget HRHCharles p25] vor X 1460 [Ref: ES II #86], names: [Ref: CMH p892], child: [Ref: CP IX p220, CP XII/1 p304, Paget HRHCharles p25, Paget HRHCharles p377] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.