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Marriage: Children:
  1. Louis Capet: Birth: 3 Jul 1423 in Bishop's Palace, Bourges. Death: 30 Aug 1483 in Chateau, Plessis-Les-Tour

  2. Jean Capet: Birth: 1424 in Paris, �Ile-DE-France, France. Death: 1425 in Paris, �Ile-DE-France, France

  3. Radegonde Capet: Birth: 1428 in Paris, �Ile-DE-France, France. Death: 1444 in Paris, �Ile-DE-France, France

  4. Catharine Of France: Birth: 1428. Death: 13 Sep 1446 in Brussels

  5. Catherine Capet: Birth: 1430 in Paris, �Ile-DE-France, France. Death: 1446 in Paris, �Ile-DE-France, France

  6. Yolande Capet: Birth: 1434 in Paris, �Ile-DE-France, France. Death: 1478 in Chamb�ery, Savoie, France

  7. Madeline Valois: Birth: 1 Dec 1443 in Paris, �Ile-DE-France, France. Death: 24 Jan 1495 in Pamplona

  8. Iolande

a. Note:   NI24772
Note:   Mary, Maria, Marie "OF BAVARIA""OF ANJOU"
b. Note:   BI24772
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: [Ref: ES II #23, ES II #26] 1404 [Ref: Thompson CharlesII #215], parents: [Ref: ES II #26, Thompson CharlesII #215], father: [Ref: CMH p780, ES II #23]
c. Note:   DI24772
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: [Ref: ES II #23, ES II #26] 1463 [Ref: CMH p780, Thompson CharlesII #215], place: [Ref: ES II #23, ES II #26]
d. Note:   XI24772
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